Sunday, May 12, 2019

Black Hole Stakeout in the Tree Galaxy

Quote: "We bare our branches to support your call." Galaxy Tree Mum

At the Marin Circle Pokemon gym, the level 5 raid catch was dismal. Out of spite, the avatar of the day deleted the one that was caught to show defiance for interference with the other missed attempts.
I move around the circle to the Pokemon stops to do inventory and cleanup when the Dark One started to talk to me.

"So how does it feel to fail?"
"What do you mean?"
"Three were lost and you threw away your own. Hmm?"
"You will not figure it out, nor will you find me."
"Oh, I have a pretty good ideas where you are."

In the record, in my dreams, I staked out the black hole the Dark One leaves and enters.
The goal is to prevent the Dark one's events versus react to his events.
The picture's flames were from my body and within my view of the stakeout.

In the record, I have come to understand that our galaxy is a Tree galaxy. The cone of the black hole was made of tree circle that grew out of the original tree that was the black hole. I will be doing more on the lives of tree to help explain that trees have a soul.

To open the record I had to force his hand on my hand to open it. In the record, we all have to work together. It's an all or nothing affair.

2019 May 13 - it odd I used "will" when I know the record read "will not".  Very odd. grammar
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Friday, May 10, 2019

2019 March - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote, "We love Bart, but if he causes any mischief...just let is know." Bart's Mom

1st - Lady Liberty and her Human avatar ladies pay me a visit. In the record, the creators on Venus have a desire to help out.

2nd - The Atmospheric Layers State Maidens are here this week.

Worst tornado path in the last 30 years.

3rd - There were 23 tornado deaths in Alabama. In the record, several energy banks need to be setup in the south to lesson the need of powerful tornadoes.

4th - At work, the avatar of the day decide to fight back against the attacks, without help. In the record, the help would have come from having the light held off.

6th - Lots of attacks at work. Used timeline thread and needle to identify them.

8th - The 6.0 earthquake in the Philippines barely shook anything and no tsunami. In the record, Philippine golems, The Island Movers, had a 7.0 in December which was also quiet. The 7.5 in October harmed human and they are sorry about it.

9th - Coastal State maidens are here this week.

10th - As I come home from car raiding, I see two crow and a squirrel stand guard around the perimeter of the backyard. In the record, I was attacked in the digital world.  Expand: locked out, blocked out
- After the lockout of the raid, I hear a voice say, "We will look in to it." In the record, I finally meet the knights of Niantic. They are the guardians of the digital world off Pokemon.

15th - Again I challenged the guardians off the digital world to let the Pokemon decide if they want to be caught or not.

17th - Cyclone Idai harms many humans. There is nothing setup in Africa. No energy bank. Little training of the avatars. No avatar states or council. Just busy trying to secure our own lands.
- The golem race has a global network or states and council in place. In the record, I can scan global maps of the different networks to see how they are progressing.
- The volcanic lands fall into the golem states.

18th - Last day for Rayquazas and all 4 avatars that were raiding were kicked out. In the record, they are desperately trying to break in to the digital world. A world they can not enter.
- At the BAHVN meeting, I mentioned that ever human body with a soul has a voice. It is more important to be worried about your own voice.

22nd - Bart has a Mom.

27th - During the trip to Japan I plan on doing a text-chat journal for 10 folks who signed up. I plan to be honest to all of them about my avatar experience. Of the three groups, game, work and support, only the support group know of my avatar experience.

I always wanted folks to understand what they are drinking. There's a reason I only drink tap water and milk.

28th - I am off to Japan.
- On the plane I draw transport avatars of airplanes, energy pic of different drinks, cranberry bog avatars, and an oops on my part.

29th - I draw inactive zombie shoulder avatars and avatar tree saplings. The tree saplings will be it own post.

31st - Still in Japan, we were at a park with lots of cherry trees in bloom. I stared at an old cheery tree trunk and saw the tree avatar eyeing me. In the record, the more I looked at trees, the more I understood that they have their own soul and life cycle.

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