Saturday, December 8, 2018

Golem Council - Respect all Life on Earth

The adventures agree to assembly a round table to take control of their lives. 

 Quote: "Care and attention to all details is necessary for a successful event." Priscilla, Golem Mum

In early November, the air quality in the Bay Area was unbreathable. I hide inside and binge-watch both seasons of Log Horizon. The anime is about the humans being trapped inside a MMO game. The adventures, trapped humans, are unorganized, lost, and assume it's still a game. Then one person among the lost decided to create a council of adventures to regain hope for their race.

In the record, after the June 2016 meet up with the golems, the human harm decreased. Though, not all golems were thoughtful of the details. After the last event with many human causalities, it was decided to form a council for better planning.

In the record, as I binge-watched Log Horizon many different races also watched. They realized that without a planning council of their kind, they will continue to harm the human race, the very race they wish to join.

In the record, the female golems were the first to organize. Priscilla, is the current head of the golem council.

In the record, the golem council pulled off another stunner at New Caledonia. Working as a team, the golems, current avatars, reunited souls with shoulder avatars (a.k.a. spirits), and other support group had an event with no humans hurt. See the article below. 

Updated - 2018 December 23, changed show to anime
- 2019 February 2, Since my sighting of Bart, all the races have come to understand that the gray folks are humanoid. They have further incentive to save the human race.

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

2018 October - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 
Quote: "He may know most of it, but not quite." Bart

1st to 17th - The GBS are the avatars of the day. They are will be in me for the duration of the trip across country.

8th -  I am raiding Mewtwo out by the Veteran's Mermorial in St. Charles, MO. A young man with a brand new bike sat down by me and started to talk to me.
"I was kicked out of the last raid. Luckily I got back in."
Then Bart talked to me about the number one Pokemon Go player was kicked out because he tried to make money off the game.
"Aren't you bothered by the misquitoe?"
"They don't bother me at all."
At that point I had to leave because I was under siege by mosquitoes.
In the record, Bart foresaw the Avatars of the days contemplate making money off the game.
In the record, that was Bart talking to me. So here is the thing, in all his avatar appearances they all revolved around Pokemon Go. I have a feeling that the game is more important than I or humanity knows.
In the record, I want the program code for immunity to mosquitoes just like Bart did prior to the creation off his flesh body.

20th - The avatars of the week are Storm Maidens.

27th -  The avatars of the week are American State Dragons.

31st - Bart and I do a solo raid at the Cragmont Park Beautiful Portal. In the record, we both need to know if Queen Pikachu had control over her fellow Pokemon. 
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2018 November - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 
Quote: "We, the golem race, need to protect the human race from harm if there is to be peace between the races." Golem council.

3rd - Avatars of the week are American State Dragons

10th - Avatars of the week are inspiration avatars

11th - I started to train someone to read records. In the record, I need to have someone verify what I see.

14th - The BAHVN meeting has ended and I see an invisible Bart get out of the seat off a vacant chair to leave. In the record, I have to do something. Nothing is not an option.

17th - Up late, and my right leg has ache in the knee which disappeared during the day but goes to the left knee. I still don't get it.
- The avatars of the week are Gaia vortices avatars.

18th - saw the golem express stand again.
- Another Pokemon was sent away that interfered with a raid catch.
- Saw a female with sunglasses on on a cloudy day. In the record, flesh body eyes are hard to do.
JC flushed time travel toilet
20th - The avatar of the day watched a comedy skit by Colbert. JC is in the skit and flushed the time travel toilet. I bust out laughing, though it is not me. In the record, JC is developing a sense of humor as he laughed through my body.

21st - The male Gaia vortices avatars are shown the door. In the record, empathy is missing with the males. They attend a class on empathy.

24th - The avatars of the week are Gray maidens. In the record, the females are the children from the previous visit of Gray folks. In the record, the Gray folks of Mars failed to turn the tide. It's our turn now to change everything.

From News of the Day from around the World, SF Chronicle, 11/26/2018

25th - A 6.3 earthquake hit Iran with no lost of lives. In the record, well done. Hopefully the affect dam will survive. The golems understand that the water is needed for the human race in that area.

27th - Every Thursday, we meet to play Dungeons & Dragons, D&D. In the record, in playing D&D you create a record of the adventure. This will be its own post. 

28th - We have narrowed down the influence of the Dark one in the Pokemon Go world.

30th - A 7.0 earthquake hit Anchorage, Alaska with no lives lost. In the record, well done golems. There were many timelines looked at and it was decided to do a daylight event versus a night one.

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