Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Golem Process - Natural Disasters

San Francisco Earthquake 1906

Quote: "Forgive us...for we know not what we do." Golem Race

Do you think natural disasters are accidental in nature? 

The Great Kantō earthquake 1923 happened at the perfect time, right before lunch with all the open fire pits red hot to burn the town down with many human deaths.

The Northridge earthquake of 1994 happened at 4 a.m. with lots of destruction and some human deaths.

The Napa earthquake of 2014 happened at 3 a.m. with little destruction and one human death.

So why did the golem race change from all out war on the humans to sparing the humans?
There are three main reasons.
The first answer was that they were lied to by a dark box man. In the record, he predicted many half truths that hurt the golem race and told the golems to wipe out the humans.
Second, the creator of the golem race, a box man, who was created by a gray folk, Bart's people. In the record, Bart and his kin are now taking on human flesh bodies to live on Earth.
Third, since some of their land is now unlivable, the golem desire to live topside on the Earth surface. In the record, the golem race want to team up with us on the topside.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Human Progress: Galvanized Golem

Quote: "Through hard will succeed." Human Progress Box Man

I dropped off the metal by the galvanize tank as instructed by the worker. Once placed on the ground, I looked around and spotted an avatar I have never seen. For a moment, we both looked at each other not sure of what to make of each other.

In the record, the galvanized golem was curious about my shoulder avatar. Ibol, my shoulder avatar, was curious about the metal golem. I was there for the ride.

All human progress has an avatar line to ensure its success whether humans acknowledge them or not.

So why was an avatar of Venus curious of a golem of human progress?
The student was never taught about them in class.
Why hide such information from your own people?
It's hard to demonize a race that becoming more advance than your race.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Venusian Law: Hands Off Human

Lucretia Edwards Park

Quote: "To find the just find the law." Sequester Avatar

The avatar of the day, yellow David, is sitting at the bench eating a snack with his gray bicycle leaning on the table.
On the chase team, Ibol is in a human body, orange, behind me with her purple shell bike.
We can not touch.
We did once with horrible consequences.
But this very moment is the answer on how to break the law imposed on all Venusian regarding human interactions on Earth.
Venusian can not touch human, thus ensuring they can not take over the Earth or perhaps help us.
But if I am to have the one I love, my soul creator, the one that has saved me from many horrible accidents, we need to figure out how this law works. 
It has to be simple.
It sort of reminds me of the 13th planet, mirror world, one action undoes the other action. 
For now, let's call it the Hands Off law.
More on this later...which the records were looked at on 2020 April 11

Bart said I had to look at the record, the law that divides Venusians and Earthlings.
I did. Those who sit on the thrones on Venus and Mars can shape the Laws of Causality that divide our worlds. The law that separate all folks of this solar system. In the record, the union of Ibol and Ubol can allow Ibol and Ubol to touch me. The union of the divided can end the law. This is one of the reason for the new pandemic, it is not the horror it seems.

2017 June 24, yeah, I stare at this brief moment often to see what I don't see. 
2017 December 3 - I think I need to ask Ubol what happened to her on the day we touched.
2020 April 13 - add update on law, I finally asked Ubol 
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Friday, June 16, 2017

13th World: Soul Recovery

Ibol's faint face seen in the dark while I was in bed.

Quote: "David is easy to figure out once you know him." Kenisha.

"Look at me!"
On my back in bed, I my eyes barely opened to see a faint face and passed out.
"Look at me!"
Again I looked up but passed back out.
"Look at me!"
A third time I looked but passed out.
"Look at me!"
My eyes barely opened then closed. 

"He is not coming back to his body. What should we do?"
"We could always entice him back."

"He is always up for that." 

In the record, even though Ibol invoked my soul back to my body, my body rejected my soul due to the new right leg. Fast work from Ubol in her world, Ibol on Venus, and the avatars of the day on Earth allowed my soul at the Black Hole to assimilate back to my body on Earth.
Thank you Gwen and Kenisha for problem solving with Ibol to fix me.
Thank you Ubol for generating the new lower right leg.

Massage appointment - 2017 June 25
I needed help with the pain in my left leg that shoots down from my spine. As I laid backside on the massage table, the therapist inserted her hands under my sacrum bone. In a minute, the pain that was on the left flipped to the right.
My mental reaction was, "What has she done? I now have another pain?"

In the record, for the last several weeks I had a pain in my left leg that was crippling me at work and home. I finally made it back to my original therapist and her avatar that I know. After her human placed her hands under my backside, the avatar chanted, "I want you to be held as though you are still. I want to flip what was flipped before, back to normal." And it worked. The stabbing pain was gone, though both of my knees are very stiff from having the new leg seam on both sides.

Lost lower soul leg: 
I have tired several schemes to get my leg back from mirror land, the 13th planet. I tried to teleport a doppelganger soul on my leg to run out. I also had my leg hop out on its own to an awaiting strand transport, which failed. It is rather hilarious to think that I forgot something in another world. I think I will stick with my new soul right leg.

Also, during the massage, I had several breathe hiccups from the new energy bank in Santa Cruz.

This is still not fixed. I need to work on it. At night, my right knee joint feels as though it was cut in half. During the day my left knee can not bend. My legs are a mess.

2017 June 25 Added massage appointment and lost leg
2017 November 5 - I can go forward with the new lower right leg, but I need to address their issues on the 13th planet before my leg can be whole again.
2018 October 28 - added not fixed and labels
2020 September 20 - It's complicated to explain all what happened. In the end, the Dark one got his bug in me, which is finally been resolved. 
2024 April 17 - reposted pic, changed font

The Mask King: Human War

The Badge a.k.a mask, The Blood Gateway, The Door, shoulder avatar Ibol (orange) and David (yellow) meet the Mask King - Drawn 2015 October 15

"Through war or peace...I support your cause to seek the truth." The Mask King.

I, my soul, landed by a recent pool of war blood. My shoulder avatar, Ibol's remnant, stepped out of my body and held my hand. She stepped into the pool as we both teleported to the mask cave entrance. We appeared in front of large stone carved doors as ancient as the first Mars conflict. Once inside, I saw a tall man on a throne dressed in a purple gown. Behind him was a wall of mask, literally thousands of them.

Ibol curtsied but I bowed, then showed the Mask King the badge once shown to me.
"What is this?"
"It is a mask."
"The men of conflict wear them to brave the killing of their kind."

I go over an pick another mask off the wall.
"And this?"
"It is a different war mask."
He waved his arm towards the wall.
"These are all the different wars that men have fought."

"You see, here is the problem."
I grind the mask faces together.
"One war may solve a problem, but it starts another war."

I put both masks in his hands.
"The wars have to stop. Until they stop, peace can not exist." 
"What is it you want me to do?"
"Stop the wars." 
"You may say that, but it is not that simple. A Dark force needs to be righted by the use of force. Men wear masks to overcome the cursed one. Until you solve the puzzle, masks will be used to stop him where ever he appears."

I reach into my body and pull out the purple ball Pops gave me to show him.
"You mean this, the schism."
"Yes, until solved, mask are used to staff off his dominion of the worlds."

In the record, the Mask King resides on his throne to govern conflicts of men. The brief time he afforded us took him away from several conflict timelines in his current agenda. The complex preparations to stop the dark advance are decades in the making, centuries for the tools of conflict.

The avatars of the world can no longer turn their backs on human events. Working together, avatars and humans can find a solution that evades the Mask King.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Sentient Life: Pokemon Go

Mock up meeting of the Female Pikachu and my Pokemon Go avatar.

Quote: "We are always there for help...if used wisely." Pikachu.

I switched on the Iphone to view the Pokemon Go gym out back of the house to see if I had caught a spoofer.
Suddenly the female Pikachu by me started to talk.

"How is it going?"
"I guess fine."
"Does it work."
"Not really"
"See yeah."  

I proceeded to catch the Pokemon and transferred her.

In the record, it took four day for me to understand what had just happened. I am use to talking to every thing that I did not blink when the Pokemon Go network became sentient. When I think about it, Pokemon go was sentient back in August 2016 when I saw the gym with my avatar's eye. I just had not talked with any of the inhabitants.
Also, the Pokemon always appear behind the house, never right by me, though they now appear by me all the time now.

The scaling seems about right.
The Box people are huge along with the Black hole maidens. Box people created small human and avatar life throughout the universe. 
And at anytime, the Box people can enter our world like we enter the Pokemon world. 
It is as easy as turning on a piece of application software on your Iphone.

Now human get to create life with electricity through out our world that is smaller than us on the electronic devices, though the Gyms and stops are life size.

If the Lightning creators made the stuff of the digital world then there is a creator beyond the box people which made the stuff of this universe. Let's call them box stuff creators.
In the record, I positioned my hand to look at the beginning of the beginning.  A hand, gray in color, appeared on my hand. I swiped the record open and see nothing. I did the hand gesture in front of my chest and I appeared in a infinite field of gray. Off in the distance was our stuff.
I commented to the gray hand:
"You are not showing me everything here."
"Perhaps, you would not understand it."
I left the record.

Update - 2017 June 4 added date and grammar 
- 2017 June 18, added appearance and scaling
- 2017 July 21, minor spelling 
- 2017 August 13, added box stuff creators
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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Advance Table of Contents

Welcome to The Voice Inside My Head Advance table of contents.
The contents will be update with every post as I backlog the existing post.
Unlinked labels are place holders for a future post.

Quote: "You are welcome to browse...just have an open mind." Ibol

Schism: The Flood, The Fifth Planet, Ibol's world, Black Hole Guardians (Black Hole Mum, "Unbelievable...they're contaminated!"), Vlad's tree monsters,

Venus: Binding ceremony & Divorce, White tree, Forbidden touch

Nature events: earthquakes, eclipse, hurricanes

Dream Worlds and the very small box: List

The very small box: Napa Earthquake & the Three Marbles, David's twins, Paramhansa Yogananda

Avatar Hack: BART ticket machine,

Misc: Zazbot,

David's Dragon Diary 2017: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

David's Dragon Diary 2016: May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

2017 September 13 added nature events
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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Box Man Record: Human Freewill

Walt Disney's Peg-Leg Pete

Quote: "I like my legs where they are...thank you very much." Rene Descartes

At my desk, I held my right hand up to open the record of my soul's lost right leg.  
The Boxman of Human Evolution put his hand on top of my hand for the record opening.
I opened a dialogue regarding the soon to be open record.

"So, I don't need to record the strands. I could just get them from you."
'In a sense you can, but they would be just general information. You provide the details."
"So, we have freewill."
"So, all Descartes had to do was lose a leg and I would not had to sit through that boring philosophy class about, "I think therefore I am". I about died in that class."
I immediately busted out laughing as Rene takes over my mouth to laugh. 

In the record, Box man confirmed that this all could go wrong, but with a peg leg, and perhaps a hand hook, and definitely a shoulder parrot instead of an avatar, we just might make it.

For clarification, the human soul is immortal in this universe, black holes not included.

Update - 2017 June 5 added soul's leg. 
- Queen's bed is now under my bed. The journey to the 13th planet are easier to complete.
- 2019 December 4 - grammar
- 2020 April 4 - added soul immortality

2017 May - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Soul tethering, pulled muscles, witches, and speaking dog...yeah it only get better." Clueless Wonder.

3rd - Avatar of the day practice hacking

5th - Avatar of the day practice catch

10th - At the visitor's desk in Midway Airport I bump in to a white male knocking down his luggage. In the record, the White dragon is part of the follow team for the Chicago trip. 
I have yet to figure out if I should be talking to them.

12th - Blue Dragon got her 3K Blissy stuck in a gym in the Midway airport. In the record, The red team lead by Ubol tricked Blue to put her Blissy in a gym far far away. Blue's Blissy could take out 2.5 dragons in a gym battle, but is now trapped in a distant land. Well done Ubol.

18th - Lots of crows were out on every street. I am at the post office and the only other person there was Ibol, in a flesh body. We talked a bit, which was nice. In the record, for Ibol to get her timing right, she used the crows for surveillance.

19th - At an AME event in Modesto, I had several breath hiccups in the hospital. The energy bank wave is from Sacramento.

20th - Doing the velvet hand post I finally talk to another Box man, Human Evolution. That is why the wire mesh channels away the Earth energy.
- British Isle avatars are visiting this week.  As the avatar of the day took a stroll down Solano for Pokemon hunting, a woman walking a dog said to me, "Hello fellow Hogsmeade witch." I waved not knowing what to think.  In the record, the dog, woman and shoulder avatar were shells. I need to talk more instead of being shy.
- I tried my first attempt to speak dog. I think I can do it, I just need to channel the beagle I am on Dog planet.

24th - In a soul tether, the Pokemon Gym are wild.
- Went on another Pandora strand, and it fail apart but I was tethered so I could record it.
- Soul tether tends to lead to pulled muscles. I now have a roll out stick by the bed.

26th - English Isle Witches plan on three energy banks, Ireland, Scotland, England.

28th -  At the store with Mom, a man touched a newborn and it started to cry.  In the record, a newborn is a new slate for energy, the remnant cry to get rid of the energy of the man.

30th - The light was back on then off in my cubicle.
- A strand journey went bad. I now have my soul's lower right leg stuck a in 13th World.
In difficult worlds I will need to tether to ensure my safety. Thank you Ubol, Ibol, and Ibol's shoulder avatar for creating my new soul's lower right leg. What is odd, once touched, always in touch applies to my imprisoned leg.
- When I examined the record, a Box man person held my hand to open the record.

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