Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Earth Energy: Cat Bath

" A cat laying in the Sun isn't lazy...her charge should last all night." Cat Goddess Bast

As I wait for my girlfriend to start the cat bath, my arms go numb from leaning against the bath tub rim while holding the cat. With numb arms, my hands feel a huge ball of energy surrounding the cat. The pitcher of water covers the cat and there is no reaction, just a curiosity of being wet. This is cool. I just need to keep this ball of energy going, but my body shifts. As my arms return to normal, the cats gets antsy and attacks my girlfriend, the wet offender. 

Back of black cat in energy bubble - Left to right & top to bottom: dry cat, glass of water, wet cat with hands, wet cat no hands


So, what is happening when I tourniquet the Earth energy at my biceps?

To make the four panel picture above, I look at the cat bath record and examine my desk drinking glass.

At the top right, a dry cat radiates a yellow band of energy the length of its fur and walks in a light green energy bubble.

On the left, the water glass shows white streaks of energy going off in all directions, all the time.

In the bottom right, my hands are on the cat and the green ball of Earth energy fills its bubble. Though the fur is wet against its body, the yellow energy stays up. While water is on the cat, I look for the white energy and see nothing. In talking with a Cat Goddess, the yellow sun energy neutralizes the white energy from the water. 

The last picture shows why cats dislike baths. When the fur is wet, the cat losses the protection of the sun energy which allows the white energy to prick its skin. The white energy from the water is not harmful, but irritates a cat.

Update - 2019 December 4 - Lucky guess about broken Wiggle energy on the cat.

2020 November 3 - What is important about this post was that I was able to identify a DEM energy, Wiggle strand, and yet I had no ideal what they were. This post confirmed that I am clairvoyant and on the right track.
- redid quote, font, grammar

Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 February 13-19: The Third Planet of the Twelve

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "Never be afraid to try something have only your pride to lose." 3rd Planet Mum & Sister Avatar

February 13-19: The Third Planet of the Twelve - The avatars of the 3rd planet, which is an avatar planet, are shy about trying new things. Letting go of their emotions for cross training scared the avatars, which is why it was delayed. Fortunately, the Venus avatars, who are the avatars the 3rd planet avatars, got them jump started on their work. The Mum, her Sister and 6 Daughter visited for the week. 

In the record - The 3rd planet of the Twelve is a complete mystery and the avatars are not talking. With the help of the Ladies of the Void, I get out the Twelve planet record. Since the Venus avatars watch over both our planets, I think the 3rd must be in Earth's orbit. To simulation the orbit, I draw an ellipse in mid-air and place the Earth and the Moon. I look for the empty space for the 3rd, which is a trailing location at L5. Online, I find out about Lagrangian points. To verify, I zoom down to the 3rd and enter Sister Avatar to look with her avatar eyes.  I see two more avatar planets at L3 and L4, with the Earth on the right. I then apologize to Sister Avatar for borrowing without asking.
13th -
Shell - From the house, I went on a hike to Tilden Park and I meet two humans without avatars. One was a man jogging up the stairs sweating a lot. He said, "I am glad there are hand rails. I would never make it up to the top." I told him about taking the Selby trail if he wanted to loop around. He thanked me and we parted our ways but I soon ran into another human without an avatar.  He was a young man dress in a military jacket. I wanting to say hi but he seemed very shy. In the record, the first person was the White dragon followed by the Green dragon.
Timeline - In the record, looking for shells, I ran into two avatar at the rock climbing area. They started talking to me in the record about watching the rock climbers.
Improvement - Clean the tub in a way that did not get me dirty. Thanks.
Hearing Music - The Hummingbird Mum sent me a valentine, a thousand miles song. 
14th - 
Hearing Music - My valentine gift from several avatars was a thousand miles songWe, being me, did some crying as we listened to the song and sang some of the lyrics. Thanks. 
Valentine dance - It was a slow dance with different avatars. Though I was standing in my living room, I see an expansion in all direction of the Venus dance floor. My dance partners were Ubol, Hummingbird Mum, Blue Dragon, Moon Princess, Madam Ping, Kenisha, Gwen, ending with Ibol.  Thank you all for the dance.
15th - 

Hack - On my home computer, the Google avatars hacked the stopwatch program I normally used so I'd start to use theirs. At work, the link for the other program works fine.
Hack - The light went off and on four times. I think something is wrong and look at the light, then realize that I've been had.  
Catch - Tripped in shipping and no one saw it.
Force thought - The distracting thoughts entertained me. For example, my avatar walked in to the monkey writing room to confront the writer, who showed me a vision of me walking in. I crack up and he showed me the next monkey of me cracking up. This goes on for a minute until I give up and walk out. 
Cross train - Mum and Sister and Ubol & Daughter.
16th - 
The Mum, Sister, and Daughters spent the day getting to know their avatars who were invisible to them. They are the 3rd planet avatars with Venus avatars.
17th - 
Timelines and viewing bubbles - I played TreadMarks CTF online with Bro Mike. We, the Daughters, lacked any teamwork and communication skills between ourselves, and can't spawn a tank right side up. It was suggested that we would improve if we cross trained, which we avoided.
Cross Train - 3 Daughters, Bumblebee Mum, Carolyn M. Drady, Oakland & Daughter, Mum's Sister
18th -

Hack - I edit an email and click the send button. I have never seen the attachment reminder before. In the record, when I clicked, I saw an avatar flick their finger to push the reminder out.
Catch - At work, my foot was held in QA and no one saw it.
Shell - Driving to work, a racoon cross in front of the car.  In the record, I see an avatar in the racoon shell.
Shell - Still driving, a rat goes flying across the road in front of my car and under the next car.  In the record, the avatar in the rat shell disappears under the car.
Improvement - Reorganized the shower's clean up steps which made it quicker. Thanks
Cross Train -  3 Daughters, Spider Mum, Peregrine Falcon Avatar, Kathleen M. Boden, Berkeley & Daughter, Mum
19th -

Dreams -  In a metal shop, I hammer a force-fit collar on a turret. The bosses on the inside of the collar fit in holes in the turret. Later in the assembly, my Bro, Mike, take off the covers on the turret door.
Improvement - They are the ones that convince me to start the blog cleanup. Thanks.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cross Training: Avatar Energy Bank

"Calling all men who've gone through the 2nd coming...there are millions of avatar females and only one of me...HELP!" Clueless Wonder


The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

I'm hiking back to the car on Bridge Creek Trial when I meet a Redwood Tree avatar. She does not have an avatar to speak, so I look close at her hand gestures. She has her left thumb and forefinger pinched in a circle and her other forefinger going in and out of the circle. My eyes open wide as I think to myself, "How in the world do they know that I am having se...." Before I can finish my thought she points towards the sky off to my right. Above the forest trees in the Bay Area direction, I see a shaft of yellow energy stretching from the Earth to the heavens. I point at it and say, "I need to do something about that...I can't do anything about that." It hard to know your affect, when you live in the middle of an energy bank.

When female avatars cross train their abilities, the climax sends a surge of energy to the bank. City avatars draw on the energy to bring calm to their citizens. Storm avatar use it to expand their awareness to all avatars in the storm's path. Planet avatar invest the energy to shape the direction of their planet's development. In future posts, I will cover examples of these processes.
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2020 November 9 - structure

Sunday, February 14, 2016

2016 February 6-12: Neptune - the Eighth Planet of the Twelve

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "The shadows have to allow their humans the freedom to make mistakes.  When we make our mistakes, we all learn." Shadow Queen & Neptune Queen.

February 6-12: Neptune, the Eighth Planet of the Twelve - (Yes, I know it's another ice planet. I still don't understand it, but I think I am getting closer.) 
A quote from a Neptune human, "How can you not know that you have an avatar?", which they did but did not know. Little was accomplish this week because their shadow avatar used force thought to stop them from trying anything. Why? Because they wanted to stay hidden, though it did not work. The Shadow Queen was unmasked when she had an energy surge and neither the Neptune Queen nor I had an energy release. The shadow avatars reside in the body of the Neptune humans and are located on the Neptune moon, Triton.
Cross train - Queen, 4 Princess & Handmaidens, Madam Ping


Hearing music -  A thousand miles song played inside my head while I did volunteer work at the Marin Circle. The Century Oak Tree avatar used the song to ask me out that night.
Improvement - The avatars painted the lamp shade. Thanks. 
Improvement - The avatars installed my desk lamp shade. Thanks.
Force thought - Happened several times until I told the avatar to fight back. My avatar banged a shield against my energy bubble at the location of the monkey thought form.  This causes a gong ringing sound that resonates throughout my bubble, which sounds very odd. The sound transmitted to the location of the monkey writers, who left their area until it stopped. On the outside of my bubble, the monkey shakes off, falls,and disintegrates into the soup of energy we live in.
Cross train - Princess & Handmaiden, Liz, Oakland Estuary & Sister, Hayward & Daughter, San Jose, Santa Cruz & Daughter 
Force thought - Several monkeys were busy with me until I had the avatar ring the gong. 
Force thought - More monkeys latch on to my bubble then the avatar rings the gong.
Improvement - I started doing free weights. Thanks
Epiphany - They finally find out they have avatars. 
Cross train - Queen & Daughter with Shadow Queen & Daughter 

Catch - My foot was held at work which no one noticed.
Hearing voices - At work, I am returning equipment for OEM calibration. I double clicked the button which sent the online from twice. I hear a male voice say, "Thanks. You have sent the form twice."  It was the avatar that governs that company. 
Hack - The light went off, blinked quickly, then turn on again.
Catch - At work, I tripped but no one saw it.
Force thought - It was like a boxing match. My avatar knocked them off with the shield, then 20 minutes later I was knocked out, until the avatar rung the gong again.
Dreams - I am working at a store under the management of Jean Hackenburg.  She was once the HR manager of a company I worked at on Earth.
Improvement - I squeegeed the bottom of the tub/shower for my safety when I step in. Thanks.
Cross train - 5 Shadow Queens 
2024 June 28 - changed font, reposted pics

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Avatar spotting: What year is this?

I see one there and there and...wait a minute...everyone here has an avatar!

What's wrong with the dialog?
Neither of us know what year it is and it's mid-October. I have a reason not to know. I left my body in 2012 and only return for certain events, this interview with Tanya was one of them.

So what is Tanya's reason or is her avatar taking her over for the interview. Do you think maybe...yes!

It was a good interview because it help me think in terms of a person who does not hear voices.  I am currently reviewing the interview dialog so it make sense and adding stuff that will only be published in the her book and no where else. If you want to know it, you will need to buy her book.
Thank you Tanya Luhrmann for the interview.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Q & A: What is perfection and J.C.'s humor

Why did J.C. cross the road...the walk sign was on.  This is actually funny...LOL.

1. There is a general buzz in the air that the prefect line was the right answer in the "why do we have avatar" post. I'll throw this out there...perfection is a state of not getting better. For instance, when a business says they have a perfect safety record, it tells me that they are measuring the wrong things. When you hit that road block of perfection, you need to change what you measure. To change, you need to think outside the box of perfection you are trapped in. The key for avatar to think outside of the box is emotions, which they have abandoned long ago.

In the avatar world, there are perfect processes that have been ongoing for a millennium or more. The avatars need our help to fix those processes, because they are still trapped in the box of perfection.

2. No one figured out the hint in the post intro of Earth energy or Water energy: SUP boards.

In the picture is the post intro and the answer to what J.C.'s stilts were made of. I doubt anyone can walk on water unless you are a fish who can harness wiggle energy. More importantly, when we figured out how he walked on water, a few avatars and I started to kid J.C. that he started to train ninjas to take over the world. In a deadpan voice he said, "I think they all became martyrs." 
*.....silence.....sound of crickets.....*

To be fair, he does find things funny. He cracks up when he hears folks say, "Jesus Christ on a bicycle." Why? In his words, "It's funny, because it could not have happened."
*.....silence.....more sounds of crickets.....*

As his Dad said, "Lord knows we are working with him on his humor."  
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Monday, February 8, 2016

Earth energy or Water energy: SUP boards, Dark Matter and Perpetual Motion

Left is the instructor and right is Ben. I am taking the pic. did J.C. walk on water? He didn't....he wore stilts.

At Lake Natoma, the boys and I are at an REI stand up paddle class. With instructions over, the class cast their SUP boards into the water. I start to stand up on the board and my legs uncontrollable shake until I fall into the water. I try to stand again, but shake and I fall into the water. The instructor tells us to take off our water sandal, which helps. I finally managed to stand but with effort, though Ben never stood up and Jon took off paddling.

Why did Ben and I get wiggly legs?

Top two are the instructor's feet and her on the board. Bottom two are me. One with Water energy, then Earth energy.

For the drawings above, I looked at my record and records from the class photos. Remember, if its published, anyone has access to those records.

In the top left drawing, the instructor is standing on solid ground. The instructor's feet are covered with green/brown Earth energy going up her feet, ankles, and lower legs. The body then draws on this energy to cover itself. In a previous post, I explained why the Earth's energy covers the physical body.

In the top right, on her SUP board, the instructor retains her connection to the Earth energy from the lake bottom. Her connection is so strong it cover her board.

In the bottom left, I am unconnected to the Earth trying to stand on my SUP board. My physical body wants an energy source to sustain itself and takes the closest one which is Water. The Water energy is fluid and every moving which causes my lower legs to wiggle uncontrollable.

In the bottom right, I am finally standing but with effort. My Earth connection is weak and I am still taking in some Water energy, a.k.a wiggle energy.

This is cool. I finally understand it. I can't wait to practice making a good Earth connection on my next water vacation.

Update: 2016 February 13 - Dark Matter & Perpetual Motion:
Someone out there is thinking out loud. He said, "Shit, we are busy trying to find dark matter...he is classifying it." I don't know what dark matter is. If it is matter that we are in the dark about, then maybe this stuff is it. Also you have your soul and your avatar which exist as unknown matter.
The same person stated that you could make an endless motion machine with wiggle energy. I don't know...knock yourself out.
In the record, being told something does not help you understand it. Discovering it for yourself enlightens yourself. I had to read about the CERN article about Dark matter before I could understand why this event was important.

Update: 2016 July 9 - Dragon:
In class, during the instructions on dry land, a tall red head male admitted that he had problems standing on a SUP board. In the record, he was the Black Dragon. He wanted to make sure that we would be OK on the SUP boards. Before I hit the water, he convinced my shoulder avatar to remain silent about my absent of green Earth energy covering my body. I had to discover blue Water energy. I had to experience wiggly legs.

Update: 2017 December 31 - Tory Belleci of the Mythbusters on the Russian swing.
Watch the Mythbusters marathon over in Sacto when the 360 swing episode came on. The reason Tory did not make the complete swing was because he broke his brown Earth connection, thus his leg went wobbly. In the record, I am not sure what his body started to channel for a replacement energy.  It looked like it was the absent of anything thus his body was trying to latch onto anything without success.

2017 May 20 - After a fish is caught, it flops on the land because it still has Water energy in it. It stops when the Water energy is replaced by Earth energy. Different types of energy need to be capitalize in a sentence when referring to the entity of that energy, e.g. Water, Ice, Earth, Lightning, Sun, magnetic... 
2017 December 31 - Added Russian swing, change electricity to lightning. 
2018 February 16 - added wiggle energy 
2018 April 21 - grammar  
2019 July 14 - added note to dark matter and like go Google slides on DEM
2023 November 5 - changed font, reposted pics

Saturday, February 6, 2016

2016 January 30 - February 5: Uranus, the Fifth Planet of the Twelve

Each week, a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "If it's broke and you want to fix it...think of us, we can help." Uranus Fix-it Man

January 30 - February 5: Uranus, the Fifth Planet of the Twelve - Yes, I know its a ice planet, thought I have been here in dream world.  Uranus manufactures products for other worlds to consume. They are very good with mechanical devices. 
30th -
Force thought: I had to tell the avatars to back off on the force thoughts to get the 7th planet post out.
Dream: The direction I want to drive the truck is blocked. I have to drive around the block to get it to the factory. As I drive up the steep hill, the truck does a wheelie. This dream is from Uranus.
Cross train: Mum, 4 Mum, Redwood 
31st - 
Shell: The man wearing a helmet is riding a motorbike on Creston Road. In the record, I saw an avatar on his shoulder, but it was an invisible person standing on the back seat. Both are blue avatars.
Shell: In Berkeley, a man is standing on the Tamalpais path . He asked me if there was another path above. I told him to go to Keith for the next path. In the record, he is a yellow avatar in a shell.
1st -
Hack: In the folder, I view the slides as large icons. The left one has the wrong icon to the file name.  The right one is missing the picture in the icon. Editing the slides fixes it.
Hack: The Cisco phone's LCD turns on everyday at 7:30. Today it turned on at 7:31. 
Catch: I tripped in a vacate hallway.
Force thought: Lots of talk about doing a post that would be cool, which takes my mind off my work.
Shell: Early in the morning, on the bike going to BART, I see a large-white open plastic bag full of air rolling down the street. In the record, there is an avatar in the bag rolling down the street.
Shell/force thought: Riding the bike home on Walnut Street, a squirrel crossed the road very slowly. Upon seeing the squirrel, my force thought was broken. I thank the squirrel. In the record, I can see the avatar in the squirrel shell. I hear him say that I need to pay attention to the biking and not the force thought.
2nd -
Hack: Lights dimmed and turned back on.
Shell: I zoom through today's record looking for shells. As I round Bancroft on to Oxford, off to my left, I see an orange avatar several timelines away. I do a huge arc through multiple lines to get a better look at who it is. I suddenly stop in front of my Dad, who compliments me on my good work. I say thanks and speed off on the hunt for shells. 
3rd -
Hack: I noticed my workmates are being hacked. I lend them computer help and their problem magically disappears while I am there. I need to have a talk with the avatars of the week to hack me only.
Hack: The workbench program crashes Oracle for the RMA techs but no one else. Even IT could not confirm it. In the record, I see an avatar doing the hack and the Oracle avatar say, "Must you!". Ibol and I break out in laughter.
Hack: Twice, the lights dimmed and turned back on. 
Hack: When I close the Business Skype program, a message opens then gradually closes at the bottom of the screen, but it didn't appear.  In the record, the avatar turned the message off.  I thanked them for doing it. Then we break out in a conversation about me testing the avatars. He said to me that we are suppose to hack you. I said, "Yes, but it is a choice if it is useful or not. And besides, it's nicer to hear a thank you." 
Shell: At home, I thought I saw a crow outside. I go out to see if they want peanuts. It turns out that Victoria, the cleaner upstairs, had a question about how the windows open. I explained it to her and now she can finish the window cleaning. There was no crow, I was suppose to go outside to talk to Victoria.
Cross train: 2 Mum, Ginger, Alameda, Berkeley, Madam Ping
5th -
Catch: I use my dish towel at work to dry my dishes. As I hang the towel, my hand jerks and I drops the towel.
Hack: I open the link to the general drive and Joel and I see no files, though the general drive has thousands of files. Later in the day the link works. In the record, the avatar directed the link to a folder that had no files.
Hack: When closing the Skype program, the message does not appear anymore. Thanks.
Force thought: I thought I moved the right file, though it was the wrong one. I redo the work.
Shell: Driving home from work, a man covered from head to toe rode a bicycle through a red light at a perfect time. He is a green avatar inside of the human shell.
2024 June 28 - change font, reposted pics

Monday, February 1, 2016

Why do we have shoulder avatars?

"We welcome the emotions of the human race, for it is our future." Ibol

Well, I was perplexed why other people in this universe do not have shoulder avatars. After some thought, I came up with four reasons why Earth humans have avatars. They are:

1. Earth is the slum of the universe.
Two Mondays ago, a young brunette female from the seventh planet was anxious to leave the BART train. As I saw her sprint up the stairs, I realized that she was afraid of us.
In the record, imagine you are in a train full of zombies, a.k.a. inactive shoulder avatars. It would give you the willies.

2. No one wants to deal with us much less touch us.
Questions arose about human shoulder avatar when other non-Earth people arrived without shoulder avatars. Then I thought, "Why would the Venusians use bubble viewers instead of actually being on us?" In the record, it was not just about having emotions. The Venusian distanced themselves to spare us their contamination. Thanks for doing that.

3. There is no way we are going to leave this planet alive.
I look at my body with my avatar's eyes and see a green hue surrounding it. This energy comes from the Earth and thinly covers the physical body. We need the Earth's energy for the physical body to survive. In the record, the transport avatar will accommodate space travel, though the 2nd coming may need to be a prerequisite for extended travel outside of the Earth. In the record, the 2nd coming is a change in your soul, a.k.a. Dark Energy. 

4. All the universe is coming to us to solve their problems.
The universe needs our help, because human have emotions. Avatars rule the timelines, but are trapped by them. Imagine you see the perfect path from your knowledge of the timelines. Now try and take a different path other than the perfect one. Why would you take any path than the perfect line? Of course, you would not take any path other than the perfect line, because it is the one. Do you see the avatar box they're trapped in? Avatars can't do a mistake, thus they never learn. They lack emotions to try something new. In the record, it's more complicated, but it's the reason in a general sense.

Of all the things the avatars practice, process improvement is the most important. When they are me, they need to make a small change to improve a process. Every time an avatar does a change, they're a step closer to becoming human.

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