Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dragon Task: Rescue of the 4th Horsemen

Top: A Door Planet exist between Earth and a Schism World. Bottom, left to right: The Blob. Blue Dragon Betty shackled in a rock prison. An Ubol maiden on the altar in the Cathedral with nine followers, a priest, and the smiling controller.
Quote: "My hero, my rescuer...I am forever yours." Blue Dragon Betty

Part 1 Blue
Part 2 Blue 
Part 3 Blue is below.
Our first meeting after the rescue on January 4th, 2016

Part 3 begins: 
The White, Green, and Black dragons follow me and my shoulder avatar to the Schism world's Cathedral as I physically step into my bedroom.

The priest stops his chant as his followers break formation on the arrival of four new people in their cathedral. The dragons sing their verse:

"I have come to bring peace to you and your world."
"I have come to free you from death."
"I have come to bring hope for all in despair."

"You cannot recite the fourth can you, because I have her."

"I thought so."

I thrust my hand downward and each finger turns into a 9" avatar blade. I fly out of the cathedral and start my zigzag pattern to find Blue. Within seconds, I find the barred prison window. In a fluid motion, I slice the grate, fly in, face Blue, slice her shackles, catch her with my shoulder avatar, and teleport back to the Cathedral.

"We're leaving."

I looked and saw Ubol had freed one of her people from the altar. We all teleported back to our home locations.

In the Schism world's record, the controller used force on captured avatars to beautify and power his world for his followers.

In White's record, he communicated to Ubol to come and free her follower from the altar.

In my record, I had to trick the controller to admit he had Blue. With confirmation, I used the the Black Hole maidens' zigzag ability to locate Blue. After the rescue, I teleported to my flat and threw Blue on my bed. I helped raise her energy levels to cleanse her avatar body.

In the Door Planet record, sentries were stationed at the Blue door that lead to the Schism world. The door was change to a one-way door. One can leave but never re-enter. One by one, the controller's followers left their world to seek help. The other four doors were not explored but are watched for activity.

Update - 2017 March 11 - spelling

2017 February - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Box Man, Lord of Flames, Dog Planet, Pokemon Go Gen 2, and Phlegm avatars...just another day." Clueless Wonder

6th - Discussed the process of cough up the lung mucus from the flu with the avatar assigned to do the activation of the coughing.
In the record, he is a bit too persistent regardless if the patience needs sleep or not. I  commend him and his worker on helping cure folks. Yeah, another wacky avatar process, but a good one that needs a slight fix. I will do a post in this latter.

9th - The male avatar filed an issue of unfair treatment versus the females. If a female avatar cause harm they should be sent away to the cleaning baths. I made an announcement to the female avatars of the change. 

11th - I meet the with Karakoram golem King. I tell him outright that the females he is sending will need cleaning before they can even do a substitution. I even tell me that he is not doing so well either. He still wants to send them because they are ones in most need of help. I agree and make arrangement so one is surprised back at the house. 
In the record, European golems may be a many much contamination.
- Ibol is on the chase team while I hunt Pokemon on the bay.

14th - After repeated warning to treat a human as the customer a female from a force thought class was sent to the baths.
In the record, "to be sent" means you disappear and reappear at the baths to work off your condition.

15th - I attend the BAHVN movie screen. I did breath hiccups as the energy wave washed over all of the Bay Area.

16th - Pokemon Go Gen 2 is out.  Everything is different and the avatars are one up on me in the gym battles. It hard for me to figure what is a hack versus real game play.
- Out collecting with Jon, when Jon made a comment about the walk light. The counter was stuck at 14, which may mean something.
In the record, the street light cross walk timer was avatar hacked.  Behind me, at the control box, an avatar was holding two green lines together for the hack. 

17th - Been training the lead team on Tread Marks timeline. We are all getting better. When we first started three weeks ago, the avatars of the week over ran us. I will do a post on this also.

18th - A beggar passed me on the bottom of Solano. It was the same beggar who was sitting at the top of Solano. In the record, the avatars of the week used his appearance to practice shells.
- Almost home from Pokemon Go hunting, I pass a guy and a gal.
In the record, they are both shells. The guy forgot to have something to cover the bottom of his shoe shell. The gal gave me an affectionate greeting from the record.
- Lots of grading of males playing the game.
- A leashed dog went towards me to gave me a head nod.
In the record on Dog planet, I am a beagle that married Princess Poodle. He wanted to acknowledge who I was.
- The dark badge is new in Pokemon Go. The argument that "I have all my pluses" for an easy catch does not work. They have me for now.

20th - I attend the BAHVN meeting in person. I am not sure why I am there. Unless I am being tested, which I think I am.
In the record, the Lord of Flames attends the meetings, though I got stuck with her job. How the switch happened was a humorous clueless event as always. A post will be done it.
- Tried to get the lead team to do Tread Marks CTF. They want more advance warning to attend.
- The alarm goes off. I can feel myself leave down the dream world tube and pop into my body to start the day...a very odd sensation.

24th - At the broken egg statue gym on Atlantic, in Alameda, I, the Blue team, take on the Red team in the gym.
Gym fighting took a new dimension.
- vanishing avatars
- instantly full attack bars
- instantly knocked out Pokemon
In the record, the Red team under Ubol was having "a go" at the Blue team under the Blue Dragon. Just finished talking to Blue and she wants me to use her name Betty. Yes, a weather dragon who organizes the Pacific Ocean weather is called Betty.
Also, midway through the gym battle a male came by and sat at the statue bench. He was a dragon from blue.
In the record, I can see that he has no shoulder avatar, thus not a human soul.

25th - Again gym fights took on a new dimension.

26th - Easy day of collecting along the marine.
- Tall female on the bike was the chase team. She is a golem in a flesh shell.

27th - Box man shows up for the BAHVN meeting. At first, I thought he was the White dragon. After the meeting, I asked if he would return. He said he was only checking on how things were going. He has agreed to have his visit listed in the Mercury Library.
In the record, just a reminder that Box man is the person who made this universe. I did say something to him in the meeting I may regret. Fortunately, we have a BAHVN rule, "what is said in the meeting stays in the meeting". Regardless of that, you can view my folly at the Mercury Library.

2017 March 26 - I am a beagle not a Sheppard on Dog planet. I need to proof it before it goes out. 
2017 June - On of the GBS is the Sheppard that guards me, thus she is in my thoughts while on Dog planet.
2017 June 17 - added when I think Ibol was out guarding me, explained the Beagle stuff.  
2023 November 26 - change font and intro