Monday, May 16, 2022

2021 December - Dragon Diary

Diary: It's my homework and I need to do it, though I spend no time on it. It will be rough and may never be cleaned up, though I may extract a piece and give it its own post. The goal...just blog it.

"I had to let David know he can fix the DEM injury. Perhaps he can teach me how to do it later." Sport Doctor Avatar
Overall: I am still trying to work on the patio with arthritic hip and knees. This should be interesting. Also, the patio work and my inability to walk was consumed all my time and energy. Since I am now walking somewhat normal again I am less stress about the situation and able to write.
3rd - I have returned to the doctor to find out that I have THA, Total hip arthroplasty. Above is from the medical records at the Sutter Health site.
- The doctor is different this time. Last visit he was impatient with me thinking that the baker's cyst was my problem. This visit, the doctor knows me as one of the persons who sits on the Venusian throne. I mention that the the baker's cyst had returned.  He says that the cyst can go away on its own. I asked, "Where does it go?" He said, "It just disappears." 
- He allowed me to take pics of the x-rays that he had up on the monitor. In the record, whomever is in the doctor now, they think that I can fix this. 

5th - It's my day off the patio work. I took time for a clairvoyant look at my hip x-ray.  I saw white DEM, Dark Energy & Matter, straight lines connecting my hips and pelvis, lots of straight lines. I have watched enough Nat Geo to understand that when you see straight lines it means people have been there. In the record, there are DEM beings who are trying to cripple me. This may be a long slog to undo the DEM, lay out new DEM to fix my joints, then I will have to learn to walk again. 
- While laying down to fall sleep, I am reminded that I own a black Golem shaft. In my right hand, I summon it from my chest and in my left hand, I bring up the my DEM left hip joint. I run the tip of the staff over the white DEM line and it disappears. In the record, the scratched line makes a DEM fire  rock cracking sound. In the record, I think I know who is doing the DEM lines.
- I continue to do this for several more day increasing the number of white DEM lines I sizzle out. 

10th - While holding the golem staff, I traced the DEM line that caused my hip to turn my left foot inward when I walk. I heard an upset DEM being while I killed his DEM worm. The worms sort of look like a night terrors. In the record, I always thought it was odd that I all of a sudden I was walking with a severe limp. Several days later I am able to walk with my left foot straight.
 17th - Using the black Golem shaft to trace the last of the DEM worm to its owner and end the worm. Now my rehab can begin.  In the record, little did I know that this was the easy part. 

21st - In my left hip is a rolled up scroll of many different DEM sheets. I remember when I first saw it, I stared and looked at it in disbelieve that there is something else in me that I do not understand. Today, I took out a milky white DEM sheet, which instantly "Moos" like a cow. I take the sheet and cover all the damaged physical bones of my hip and knees. In the record, all physical matter has a DEM base that it builds on.
25th - While in Sacramento visiting Mom, Stella was on a roll in 3-handed pitch. In the record, Lady Luck was on her side.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

2021 November - Dragon Diary

Diary: It's my homework and I need to do it, though I spend no time on it. It will be rough and may never be cleaned up, though I may extract a piece and give it its own post. The goal...just blog it.

"You will die if I have a chance." Female rat avatar
Overall: I am a cripple doing physical labor. If I stand in one place my upper body strength will make the project possible.
3rd - Going to the sports doctor, meet Terra and Donna on the way.  And I take a complete round about way to the office. In the record, I should have followed Google maps. Sorry about that.
- I went into the wrong building. Climb, in a male human form, was outside to redirect me to the correct doorway. 
- Had a choking sensation while filling out the form. Little did I know that I was going to find out why I have arthritic hips. In the record, they are spending a lot of time on stopping this exam.
- The doctor also read that I had arthritic knees. He takes up my leg and bends the knee not understanding why it is moving perfectly normal.  In the record, when I sleep on my back we, Ibol and I, place my hands on my hips. Come the morning my arms are sore from the healing that Ibol did that night.
- I had a depression attack about my hip, but it is not me. It felt like it was outside of me, which is an odd sensation. In the record, I traced the person responsible for the emotional form and end it. It was very odd. Imagine feeling sad but it is just outside of your body. As if it is trying to get in but can't.
4th - I activated my mandalas on my joints 
- At night while I slept, I shivered but I am not in pain. Ibol is taking most of the pain. 
- The cleaned mandala was contaminated again. In the record, again, once touched always in touch, led me to an angry person who fled. I fixed the mandala again.

An avatar female in a rat shell at the bottom of the firewood paper barrel.

- My son was surprised by a rat he found in the paper barrel that was being emptied of the firewood. I calmly looked in and said, "You are quite pretty. To bad you are going to die." I dropped nontoxic rat poison in the barrel for its finally meal.
- That night, I had stomach craps. I curled up in a ball of pain wondering what is happening to me.

14th - I take Amtrak to pick up my brother's pickup truck for hauling stuff for the patio project. On the train trip, I coughed when the train crossed the Carquinez Strait. In the record, my brown Earth mass ground to the train and bridge was weak and disrupted by the new DEM river coming down the strait. 

24th - I forgot that the front entry way is a retaining wall of the concrete block from 20 years ago when the house was originally built, which have to be remove for soil compaction. Nuts!
30th - Ben and I emptied the paper barrel and did not find a dead rat. Ben was confused. We both agreed that it could not jump out of the barrel and the barrel had no starch marks on the side walls. It finally clicked for me that it was not a rat. In the record, the female avatar in the rat shell purposefully ingested the rat poison to harm me. Luckily, I had already tasted the Rat-X with no ill effects. It taste like salty wood. In the record, once touched, always in touch, went back to me. I worked with the skunk avatar to put a barrier around the lower garage for my protection.

2022 May 16 - added knee bending

2021 October - Dragon Diary

Diary: It's my homework and I need to do it, though I spend no time on it. It will be rough and may never be cleaned up, though I may extract a piece and give it its own post. The goal...just blog it.

"It must be completed for this to be your house."  Bart
Overall: Work on the front patio and steps is taking up most of my time. Sorry.
 1st - I am able to distinguish between DEM gravity and Physical gravity. It takes effort because the DEM world is more colorful and larger than the physical world.

9th - At times I feel lost. How do I teach the human race about DEM? Who will listen to me? I hear a voice say, "baby steps."

10th - updated post: 2021 July - Dragon Diary
11th - updated post: 2021 September - Dragon Diary 
13th - We are now planning on fixing up the front with a new patio. This will consume a lot of my time, which means less time for the blog. 
15th - Started the online meeting with anyone to talk about DEM.  No one came. But I will continue with it.  My son attends it. He is a trained physics person. The goal is to have him manipulate DEM which affects him.

16th - Trying to get into a group of physics to talk about DEM. Wish me luck. In the record, when I try to join a group, I would have a conversation the moderator's voices about letting me in and the terms of me being allowed in. The physics group moderators told me to talk about something that they can see. I guess I will start off with the velvet hands racket.

24th - I stare out the window and look at the swinging bird feeder. I see a thin gray thread connecting the feeder to the ground, except it is swings back and forth just behind the swing of the feeder. In the record, The baseball record I looked at had a similar lag of the gray thread. I am assuming this is gravity for the 5%, physical stuff. Maybe this is why planes can fly? Now I want to make paper airplanes. LOL
26th - Finally retold my kids why I retired. One of them is physics train. I need to talk to him about what I see fits in with the physical world. 

30th - I had a panic attack about losing my home. In the record, they be trying hard to have this not succeed. I asked the owner of the other half and they said they plan to stay for a long time. In the record, I open the record and hear a door screech open as I am cursed for opening the door. In the record, they should know by now that "once touched, always in touch" applies to the DEM world.

2021 December 26 - Updated meeting and panic attack
2021 December 27 & 29 - fixed pic again
2022 March 21 - minor grammar

Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Physicists And Voice Hearers Meet To Explore Dark Energy & Matter - 12th Intervoice Congress 2021 talk

 "In the record, all we know about DEM is not books. You just have to figure out." Coach Dave

The talk link is here. My talk is 2nd from the bottom.

I gave an online presentation at the 12th Intervoice Congress of 2021 back in September. 
The slides for the talk are here
All the other talks are about folks dealing with their voices. 
My talk is about physicists working the voice hearers, a.k.a. DEM hearers, to explore Dark Energy & Matter, DEM. 
At least they did not throw me out. 
In the talk, I had an issue trying to say clairvoyance. Four times I tried to say clairvoyance and was stopped from saying it.  I never looked at the reason why until now.
In the record, I hear an angry male voice trying to stop the talk. I also see one of my many hands cover his mouth to allow the talk to go forward. The orange man was at it again.


Monday, October 18, 2021

The Website is up...but give me some time to add links.

Yes, I do have a website, but it is rubbish now. 
It is here
I am working on it. 
The goal of the website was to index my blog. 
Let's face, the blog is me writing what I experience, though the listing is random.
The website would fix this. 
I would be able to have arcs of the various DEM folks I know. 
For instance, I did an arc on Ibol in the blog, but there are more that could be added that exist in the blog now.
Another goal is to have listings of meetings and DEM classes that folks can attend.
There are other things the Web site will provide, I just need to get it out there.
The loony part is that I had the web site since 2019.
I kept delaying until it is done. 
It is not done, but it is now out there.
So there you go. It is out there, but it is a work in progress. 

Thanks for your patience. 

Monday, October 11, 2021

Cold Showers: Banana or Strawberry Size?

 "The goal is to make it bigger." Ibol

Stock photo from here.
I will start a series of blog post on the benefits of cold showers. I am not comfortable with the subject of sex, which is probably an offshoot of my Catholic upbringing. I do know folks keep asking so I will try and describe it in a manner that will not get me band. 

Okay all you male folks reading this post, which fruit, banana or strawberry, should a penis be at all times other than during sex.  

Remember I take cold shower. 

The correct answer is a strawberry.  Yes, a cute little strawberry. Smaller than the ones in the picture above.

So here is why. 

When you take a cold shower, the strands of Wiggle energy come out with the cold water and hit your physical body. The constant batter of your physical body by the strands pushes your physical body back to the shape of your soul. In a sense, a cold shower is a full body workout. I do end up splitting in the shower as though I am on a run. 

Let's discuss the affect of a hot shower with red shards. In fact let's give it a name. Let's call the stripping away of your DEM through a hot shower the chronic DEM wasting disease.  If I had to guess, the majority of penis disorders would be fixed with cold showers. 

2021 October 11 - minor grammar

2021 September - Dragon Diary

Diary: It's my homework and I need to do it, though I spend no time on it. It will be rough and may never be cleaned up, though I may extract a piece and give it its own post. The goal...just blog it.

"That is correct." Vibration teacher
Overall: Still living the dream of being broke and unmotivated.
3rd - While doing the presentation at the 12th World Hearing Voice Congress, I tried four times to try and say the word "clairvoyant" and could not. I paused and thought and was able to finally say clairvoyant. In the record, something was stopping me from saying clairvoyant.  In the record, I hear an angry male voice say, "No! You are not." It would seem that the Orange man wanted to shut me down. Interesting. I am getting closer to him, which should be one of my planks but I threw him in the schismed DEM folks.
15th - While attending the board meeting, I tell them a member of the support group ended their life. Everyone on the board is emotional distressed, but not me. I am only thinking that it's another schismed soul to save. In the record, I remember when I was distraught when I found out a double of mine was ended. Now I wonder how did I lose that emotion. Is it when you operate in the DEM that you see beyond the flesh. I wonder what has happened to me. In the record, the double was Ibol's doppelganger. It was not even me, though I thought it was a male version of me on Venus. 

16th - I have decided to attend the special message group, then I realized that I have yet to formulate a platform. The main planks are: 
- help all the races continuously improve their processes to better server their customer
- negotiate an end to the war against the human race
- rescue all schismed DEM folks so they can be whole
- move the human race from passive to active DEM user to combat climate change
- allow other races to experience what it is like to be human 

17th - I plan to do the announcement of my special message at the special message meeting which I did not do.

23rd - Updated post: Game Avatar: One Roll Yahtzee
24th -  I woke up and 10 to the phone. The hair stylist wonders why I am not at the appointment.  She apologized at she sent the wrong reminder time and set up another appointment for Sunday. In the record, I had no ideal how important my declaration was at the special message Meeting. It seems that I need to do the official proclamation for the time lines to change. Nothing will be chanced until I do the proclamation.
- At the special message meeting, I do my full name, my title and planks as written above. When I do my full name I start cry. I quickly state that I will read it off my blog. In the record, my tie to Bart is cool, especially when he gets emotional. FYI Bart is the creator, of the creator, of my creator, Gray folk - Boxman - Ibol. 

25th - Fast asleep, I see a wall with a small gap. My teacher vibrates her entire being and slips through the crack on the other side. It's now my turn to try. I try the vibrate but hit the wall. I vibrate more and slip through to the other side. In the record, I guess I am practicing how to walk through walls. I don't know.

26th - Lying down in the living room, I start to listen in on a conversation. Someone has shown a physicist the presentation I did at the Voice congress. In listening to the conversation, I hear the physicist say that DEM is not gravity. In the record, he is correct. I thought the brown Earth matter was gravity because of how it interacts with our DEM soul. Now I am wondering why I don't see gravity. 
- My left leg still is a problem. I pull out a DEM scroll, 18" long by 5" diameter. As it is pulled out it starts flipping through pages on the scroll. I said the typical, "What the...". I put it back not knowing what it is. 
27th - Again, lying down in the living room, I looked at the perfect throw blog timeline record. I saw a razor thin physical gravity attached to the baseball and the ground. I now recall a timeline of a game of 8 ball pool when I broke the racked up balls. I now see colorful sparks coming off the collisions of the balls. In the record, this is cool. I have clairvoyance of 100% of everything, the physical and DEM. The question to ask now is, "Why do we need DEM?" Here is the link to the baseball pic.
2021 October 11 - minor grammar, added to the 3rd and links.