Friday, September 30, 2022

2022 September - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Our lines are there for you to read." Mercury Library maidens.

Overall: The left hip and knees are healing, a.k.a. new DEM walk, but slowly.
6th - Mercury maidens came by for a visit. Back in April of 2012 we did a selfie timeline shot so I could do the pastel drawing. In the record, I had access to the timeline records of all the planets but never figured it out. This will help in doing the index.

8th - An earthquake hit China and humans died. I briefly look over to the golem king of the area and was given the finger. In the record, well at least it happened during the day.  When I looked I saw some of the king's followers have their head down in shame. It is interesting to see not every DEM being is on board to help the human race. 

11th - An earthquake hit Berkeley, small but packed a quick punch. In the record, it was a failed escape.
- My uncle said that he heard it before it hit. When I think about it, the earthquake did have a sound just prior to the shake. 

12th - I was asleep on the living room, when my DEM soul saw my DEM Uncle's soul come down to awake me. His movement was fast. In the record, I guess I am working on sensing is there is a DEM being approaching me in my sleep, a.k.a. sleep DEM sensing.

14th - I replied to a family newsletter question: Got any special method for keeping cool? Yes. Take cold showers instead of hot showers. It seems contrary until you take a clairvoyant look at hot showers which I wrote about in my blog. I will not get into the details, which you can read in my blog. The gist is that humans destroy the DEM, Dark Energy & Matter, layer on our body by taking hot showers. This layer adds both hot and cold resistances to our bodies. You all know I am right really do know...because when we were kids we wondered why our parents kept trying to protect us playing outside when we were just fine in both hot and cold weather. In short, when we were young we had an intact DEM layer on our bodies. The adults destroyed their DEM layer through chronic use of water heated by fire when taking a shower. The good news is that you can regain your DEM layer by gradually switching to cold showers. 
In the record, I am trying to be open about my abilities.
- Also from the newsletter:  Did you have to parallel park to get your first driver's license? I don't remember. I am not even sure which car it was I took the test in. Maybe it was the VW van? I seem to remember it was the van. I remember having an issue getting the van in reverse. I can see a person with a chart. So it was the van. I forget or I was not aware of it during the test.
In the record, it would seem that perhaps I was not the person taking the test. Ibol was definitely helping out. Thanks. 
22nd - not a single comment from any reader. Not one. I really do want to answer questions that you may have. I promise not to bite.  

23rd-25th - The DirecTV was avatar hacked. Pause did previous channel. Bottom preview bar popped up continuously. Fast forward and rewind worked for a second. Deleting the show at the end of view was not permitted. In the record, I should have recorded it but I was not sure what was happening.

 26th - DirecTV works just fine now.
- LOL. Pokemon Go was avatar hacked.  See above pics. 
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Thursday, September 22, 2022

What make a human person unique... it is their DEM soul.

"We cherish our human babies as though they were our own." Soul Parent Council
 Above pic is from MSNBC

The pro-life vs pro-choice debate.

 This is a post about the abortion argument, pro-life vs pro-choice debate.  
To understand the argument, folks need to know when does a soul enter into a person and what is a soul made of.

What is a human soul made of?
From my clairvoyance, the soul is made of Dark Energy & Matter, DEM. It would also answer the question why folks have yet to find their soul because we have yet to find DEM. For a human soul, the combination of DEM soul in a physical body makes a person unique inside this universe, forever immortal.
When does a soul enter the physical body?
The answer is at birth as mentioned in the human soul development post. No two soul can exist in the same physical body at once. The proof I submit is avatar substitution.  Unless you are in your human body, one cannot remember any timeline event. One can always look it up in the Mercury Library if you need to know of the event. Also, a soul parent can influence the fetal development, but can not enter the fetus.

What does this mean? 
Until a baby is born, there is no soul in the unborn baby in the mother's womb. 
At birth, the remnant is channeled into the baby by the soul parents via the birthing mother. 
Until the remnant rises up at adulthood, the human soul is not complete. 
Let me say that again...
Until the remnant rises up at adulthood to become our shoulder avatar, the human soul is not complete. 
This would also explain why most of us do not remember our childhood because the soul parent's remnant was in our human body helping us grow up to be an adult human. 
Again review the human soul development chart.

What makes a human person is their DEM soul.

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Thursday, September 15, 2022

2022 June - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"David needs to learn to walk with his new pair of DEM shoes." Gravity Avatar

Overall: I am learning that anything I touch I become part of that gravity system. If I reach out and touch the wall my body's gravity changes, which I can feel. It is the reason I do not use a cane or any other walking device. I will admit that sweeping with a broom helps create a DEM stilt to walk provided that I do not use the broom as a crane.

 3rd - This may sound weird but my navel stone finally fell out. For all of my 62 years of my life I always had a small crusted scab in my belly button. It was small, like a corn chip flake. It just fell out. I remember trying to take it out but I would realize that it attached to me and would be painful to pull off. In the record, a clairvoyant look at both the physical and DEM show that the small opening into me when the stone was in, both physical and DEM, are now sealed.

Walking a rail - close versus far
4th - The golem shaft wrapped with a strand of my Wiggle energy was embedded in my lower right leg. I need to make DEM slits to walk.  I draw up the DEM of all the various substrates below my feet. I hear water from the gravel and I see the land of the linoleum. I try to take a right step and can not move my foot. I re-surge the DEM and see the DEM avatar rise up. I look down at my right foot and step and my foot drops hard which caused pain. I stand up straight and look at the destination I need to go. I lift my foot and I an move it more than before. I looked down and feel more pull on my leg. I look afar and feel the pressure go away. In the record, I guess that a timeline path can itself have a gravity pull. The further out the timeline path I looked at the... Okay, I was not aware that gravity was an avatar. They can assist you on your path, which would translate to an act of freewill? 
- Well, the example I was going to use was walking a rail. I remember when I was a kid, my dad told us kids that the secret of rail walking. If you look afar and you can wall the rail. If you look down at your feet and you will wobble. Why? The gravity avatar want us humans to succeed on my journey.  In the record, I can feel different pulls of gravity between the position of looking down at my feet and looking up seeing the timeline of my path.
 7th - On a different phase of my learning to walk, walk upright and straight.  In the record, I need to replace my existing walking timeline with a new walking timeline, a.k.a. habit.

19th - I had another night where I wake up and need to pee. It had to concentrate on learning the new walk lesson when you really need to pee. I tend to fall back to the old walk timeline just to make it to the toilet.  In the record, I have to pee 3-4 times a night, which did not happen when I was a walking tree.

 20th - I am now a facilitator for a support group. I have to constantly curb my urge to correct everyone. It's a space for everyone to figure it out for themselves. In the record, I really want a group that is science orientated, but no one showed up so I cancelled it.

21st- Where was I asleep? In the garage? I was fast asleep and felt the weight of a animal on me. I can barely lift my arms from under the sheet to break the spell. I quickly open the record and insert my arm into the record to pull out a dog type DEM being with long teeth. After I pulled it out, Terra came and took it away.  In the record, weird gravity stuff has happening to stuff in the garage. Items that should be easy to lift became heavy.

22nd - The Afghanistan earthquake is not the golem's doing. Two things are odd about it. It happened at night, which the Golem race said that they would stop doing. Also it took out a village. It was like a harvest of souls imbued with fear. In the record, I still do not get it. What does a corrupt Box man want with dark souls?

 27th - It early morning and I am sound asleep. Gwen and Ibol motion me, my soul, to the avatar car to inspect something. While traveling in the car Gwen does a sharp right turn almost tipping the car over. I put my arm up to brace. Ibol is lunging at me with lips ready to kiss. I am thrown back in to my body still kissing Ibol. I can physically feel her nose against my nose and her lips against my lips. I wake up. In the record, years ago, we previous touched and there were consequence.  Ubol and Ibol are now united ending their schism. We can now touch but have habits that need to be changed. In the record, Kenisha was in my body to avoid any unwanted avatar substitution.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

2022 May - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Look, you have to trick me to put it on. Otherwise I will not use it." Clueless Wonder talking to the student trickster who used thought form to help me.

Overall: Normally folks learn to walk when you are a baby. You crawl in the brown Earth matter collecting green Leaf energy. When you finally stand up, you become a walking tree. Yes, the human race are walking trees.

1st - I looked at my left foot and see a milk DEM. I look at my right foot and see nothing, though my leg has yellow Gaia energy.  I raise my right hand up to summon from the Earth yellow energy to make a stilt for my right foot to walk on. In the record, I need to learn how to walk again with Gaia and Milk DEM on my legs versus the brown Earth matter everyone uses. 
 - Milk DEM make a Moo DEM sound.

2nd - Well out shopping, I see Bart is observing how I am doing.  In the record, perhaps I need to try harder to fix my limping. In the record, I, Bart, wanted to see who was screwing with David.

15th - I use my cross country skiing pattern to help me walk again. In the record, even without poles your hands can pull up dark matter to act like a pole for support and walking. The pic is from here.

16th - Updated 2021 November - Dragon Diary  
- Last 3 days I watched the Terminator Dark Fate movie. In the movie they mention a "kill box" to trap and destroy the attacker.  
- I finished the December post and remarked that I knew who did the DEM worm stuff on me by the way the golem staff undid the line. I am done with the post. I grab the water on the desk and say out loud, "I have the water." I proceed down the two step and almost fell multiple times. Water is everywhere. In the record, the trap work. He is in it and that is all I get to look at it otherwise he will figure out how to get out. 
17th - It is amazing. It is as though I can walk again. In the record, I had no idea how much that DEM being was screwing with me. In the record, I am not really worried about what another human can do to me. Let's face it, they are only working with 5% of everything here. Whereas DEM being can use 95% of everything here.

19th - It is late at night and I need to pee yet again. My ability is not quite right. I had been given vision of stabbing my baker's cyst with the golem shaft but it still does not make sense. I insert the shaft with the wiggle strand into the back of my knee and let the rest of the shaft fuse with the back of my lower right leg. Once fused, it seem to sustain a DEM stilt for me to walk. In the record, there is more to it then I think.

27th - I am standing by the truck yet again wondering if my right feet will move. I fire up the golem shaft and feel the burn. I combine the moo DEM and twist the two together with strand of wiggle energy.  Immediate I walk. It worked. I can walk again. In the is like starting an engine. Little did I know the golem express I wanted was going to the golem walk.  Oh well...
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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

2022 April - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

"David is now one of us." Mercury Maidens

 Overall: I delay looking at the marbles. I was overwhelmed with walking again.

5th - A squirrel lies on the stair rail as though she is waiting for me. In the record, a gray folk female waits for me to be done to have a visit with me.  If you use your avatar's eyes to look at the picture you will see a black hair female cross her hands under her chin looking back at you.

18th - We, Ben and I find 7 black marbles by the barn door dig. In the record, marbles. Why marbles again.
20th - Ben found 3 more black marbles by the barn door. In the record, now ten. I guess I should know what this is. In the record, it okay to look at them now because I got out of them what I needed.

 21st - While looking outside, Ben and I observe a young squirrel playing in the backyard. It is jumping around and looking as though it is playing with a person. In the record, the squirrel avatar was tending to her duties in raising the young squirrels. 

22nd - I walked backward as though I never had a hip issues. In the record, the physical gravity thread is attached to the foot at the closest point of contact. 

24th - After work, I look at my right hand and see five color marbles on my finger tips.  I turn it over and see five different marbles of a darker shade.  These are the exact same flames that were on the Mercury avatar's hand and foot I drew back in April of 2012. In the record, there is a lot to unpack in the pastel drawing which needs to be it's own post.  The one that jumps out at is the number 2 being the green DEM of Earth while the gray 2 is physical matter.


30th - Avatar dialogue by Sarah in her That's What She Said?//2020 Bloopers & Deleted Scenes are here at 2:59  and at 8:55. This is classic avatar dialogue where her avatar uses third person references. I looked at her site because she did a review of the Honda Ridgeline truck, but her blooper video is quite hilarious. I ended up buying the Honda truck to haul gravel for the patio project.

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2022 February & March - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

"The green energy bank maiden needed to see how it was done." Sacto Fig Tree avatar
February Overall: Still a cripple with two arthritic knees, left arthritic hip, right knee baker's cyst all of this causing drop foot on the right side. I did not write much for the next months because I am trying to figure out  how to walk again and heal myself a the same time.

5th - I took on the Fig tree energy. In the record, she is in love with me. In the record, humanity has an individualized concept of love for another. Love is not something you buy on the store shelf and when it is gone there is no more. One can be in love with many persons, though that would be a hard concept for the current human society.  
7th - Ibol became me. I could feel the presence of her horns and tail. In the record, she is no longer a blonde and I am good with a united Ibol and Ubol. No more schism with my avatar.

"David still has a lot of work to do, but he is advancing." Sport therapy avatar
March Overall: Fixing my  hip and knees seems overwhelming, but I need to try. 
- My big issue is breaking the cycle of limping. It gets embedded on you, then you need to reset it again.
 18th - I tell them I am ready whether or not that I am ready. Why won't the golem race take over the security of the physical world?
21st - Updated post: Dark Energy & Matter Discussion, Monday at 10:30 a.m. PST I had issue with other joining. No one was attending besides a physics who doubted everything, which I am okay with but I need a break from it.  I am not sure how to get the word out without looking like a mad man. I need to make a DEM engine. I have no clue how to do it, though I remember seeing a functioning engine which means that I could make it? In the record, what is weirder is having voice hearers reject me just because I don't fit their trauma scenario. 

28th - While at a support group meeting I did a doodle by accident, so i thought. In the record, soon I used the golem shaft to clean off the DEM worm trail on my hip joint area and use it to walk again.

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