Saturday, September 26, 2015

Avatar funny: Lava Bed snake shell

Schonchin Butte Fire lookout                          Avatar snake shell

Quote: Blonde blue-eyed and gorgeous, what better avatar could one have?

Ben and I are hiking the trail to Schonchin Butte Fire lookout. We are told by hikers coming down the hill that there is a snake by the trial. It is morning and in the low 50's. I start to wonder why a snake is out early in the cold. We continue up the trial and reach the alcove just outside the deck overhang. Ben sees the snake, freezes and stares. I see a snake overcome with fear trying to climb the rock wall to escape the alcove. I suspect it's an avatar shell and take a picture and a quick movie. I try to reason with Ben that now is your time to overcome your fear of snakes so we can visit the lookout. The ranger pokes his head over the deck to talk to us about the snake. I look at Ben, who will go no further. I look at the ranger, who thinks it is a snake. I look at the snake, who is trapped. I give up on the visit. I bid the ranger a good bye and head back down the trail with Ben to join Jon at the car.

I finally meet up with the snake Indian avatar and his two avatar friends. We view each others' records to find the real story.

The local Indian avatars enjoy playing pranks on unsuspecting visitors. While driving to the monument, Indian avatars start running by the car to get a closer view of the visitor's energy bubble. They see that Ben has a fear of snakes circling his body. Ibol, my avatar, sees runners by the car and suspect that something is afoot but let's it play out. The runners join their friend and make plans to scare Ben. One changes into a snake, while the other two sit on top the alcove wall unseen by humans to watch the prank.

Ben and I hike up the hill and Ibol grows in height off my shoulders. She stares at the snake never losing eye contact. The snake wonders what is going on and starts backing down the alcove. As we round the trail close to the lookout, Ibol draws two scimitars from inside of her and places them by her side. We arrive at the alcove. The snake is writhing in fear trying to slither up the wall to avoid the inevitable slice. His Indian friends laugh and point at him knowing a snake shell cannot climb the wall. Ibol stares at the two friends who back off showing their hands surrendering any wrong doing. Ben's avatar is in shock staring at the Indian avatar's failed escape. The ranger's avatar just shrugs his shoulders indifferent to the outcome. I give up on the lookout visit and we start down the trail to the car. Ibol puts the swords away but continues to stare, stopping when we are at the car. The avatar snake is given the OK sign from the ranger's avatar to disappear once he is inside. The Indian avatars run back to their cliff home laughing at their friend's near death experience.

Yeah, this is the norm. Thank goodness I have a blond, blue-eyed chick watching over me.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blog: What to do with the information...start a picture puzzle!

Quote: Once you see the pattern of the puzzle pieces, you no longer need the picture. You just know it.

Read it. File it. Some time in the future, it will make sense to you.

For instance, I learned in high school that the physical body was a bunch of empty space.  I thought to myself, that makes no sense. There must be a reason for the empty space. I filed the thought in the back of my mind as I gathered more pieces to complete the puzzle.

With the help of the avatars, the pieces are quick and easy to place in the puzzle, except there is no border on this picture. A border is like a door, once you think it is not possible the door closes which makes a smaller picture.

For instance, I once tried to channel an earthquake, which did not work...but I tried. It is best not have any doors. In fact, knock down all the walls, floor and ceiling. Yeah, you're floating in empty space, but now you can go anywhere.

Good luck on your journey. Your best friend is always with you...your avatar.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Once touched...always in touch: Bone records


Quote: "Even in death, love prevails." Keeper of Souls
Susan found a small human bone on a hike and brought it home to turn into the police. That night I decided to extract records from the bone. The first record showed an anxious woman standing by a sink in an art deco kitchen. The second record showed her sitting in fear, shuffling backwards in the forest leaves. The third record showed a wolf gnawing the flesh off the bone.

There is a happy ending. In talking to the woman's shoulder avatar and wolf avatar, I was allowed to see their outcome. The woman's shoulder avatar stayed over her owner's body while the soul was taken away. A wolf was guided by his avatar to the body. The wolf ate his full while both avatars conversed. The wolf avatar granted her permission to tag along on his journey. Before long, they fell in love with each other.

Happy ending are everywhere, just let them happen.
When I tired to publish the story I was stop three times by the Keeper of souls.
Well, I find out that the Keepers had not pushed the souls on to their next world. The Keepers were sort of letting them accumulate.
Yes, heaven was a waiting room.
Exposing their lack of progress was not welcomed.
With some work, we have started to clean out all the waiting rooms and pair the souls back up with their shoulder avatars. This is important because a paired human and shoulder avatar equates to a healthy avatar on Venus.
The goal is to find all the lost shoulder avatars, a.k.a. spirits, and pair them with their soul.

2017 August 2 - added heaven = waiting room
2020 April 15 - added pic back, quote author, changed wolf to coyote after talking to the animal avatar
2023 August 9 - changed font, reposted pic

Friday, September 18, 2015

Avatar consciousness: Moving picture

Quote: How fast can thought travel? Really, really fast!

At a pizza pallor, there was a picture of construction workers riveting an I-beam high-rise. I enjoy how things are built so I look deeper into the picture. I start to see the workers moving at the site. One is walking the beam and the other is pounding the rivet. The activity seem to go on for some time then it stops.

I talked to the photographer, the beam walker and the riveter. They lent me their timelines of the construction site. All three lines join for thirty seconds with the photo towards the front. The lines then branch off in different directions before and after the joined lines. Since the photo is within the joined timelines I can watch the construction workers from the photographer's view. I switch my view to the beam walker's line. I see the photographer yet the beam walker is not looking at the photographer but his avatar is aware of the photographer. An avatar's consciousness allows awareness of the nearby surroundings. The three avatar's consciousness stretches to the other avatars nearby, stretching to other avatars near them. This awareness continues to the next set, allowing you to see far away from the original picture which will be concluded now.

In the background, on the 18th floor of the tall building is a secretary at a metal desk in the middle of a busy office. She reviews a report laying on top of an ink blotter desk pad. In the left desk corner, crisp typed reports fills a green metal in-basket and on the right is a vase with freshly cut flowers. I see this timeline because I have permission from the secretary's avatar.

Remember, everything is recorded. Your avatar can help you read the records. Get to know your avatar.