Sunday, June 30, 2019

2019 May - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

"We grant you permission to call upon those, when you are in need." Sound Guard Mum

2nd - Worked on my first talk on "What is a record?" and "How a human soul is created." In the record, the blog material is scattered and needs to be condensed in logical slide shows.

 3rd - I come back to the office after doing a nearby raid. I see that Rob, Maria and Annie are at their cubicle. I slide into my cubicle and start to work. Twenty minutes later, Maria arrives at the office and greets everyone, which cannot happen because I already saw her in the cubicle behind me. In the record, they did a 3-D flesh card board cutout for me to see. When I was done looking at it they slide it under the desk and vanished. 
 - I drive home from work and decide to pick up the shed shelf and repair it for the earthquake cache of our block. I stop by and see that Sara is outside doing gardening by the open garage. After we talk for sometime, she wants to end the conversation but I continue it. In the record, the flesh body is Sara's avatar. She was nervous that she would be coming out the front door thus there would be two Sara's in one place.
- I did my 1st talk presentation of many. It was on, what is a record and how a soul is created.

4th - The avatar of the week are the Sound Guard. They are responsible for what can and what cannot be invoked by physical sound.

5th - "Nice job on the shed shelf. Thanks for getting that done." David. In the record, the avatar of the day worked with Ben to mend the storage shelf.

Many a True Nerd - Watching the Game Avatars have a go at avatar hacking the game he is playing. It the first time he has every seen this hack. Link to video.
10th - I watched again "Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion - Part 17 - The Big Push" by Many a True Nerd. It is interesting to watch avatars from both sides battle it out in the game. In the record, it a battle of the game avatars on who gets control of the game timeline. Whomever control the timeline can control the hacks.

11th - The avatar of the week are Earth Senate.

12th - I talked to Jason that playing Dungeons and Dragons, DnD. In the record, DnD, creates of a timeline of the adventure.

17th - Stephen Colbert made a Trump joke about him climbing the stair of the Lincoln Memorial and being tired, then wanting to shoot Lincoln. I sudden burst out laughing for a minute or longer. In the record, Lincoln was laughing through me.

Largest battle every on Barbarian Invasion with over 19,000 military units.

 - On Many a True Nerd, I watched the last episode of Barbarian Invasion.He had over 19,000 military units on his computer all at once. The most epic battle ever. In the record, the game avatars wanted it to happen for his channel.

18th - At the BAHVN talk, a couple walked in and signed in at the front desk that I manned. The couple's male signed the document perpendicular to himself. I thought to myself that was not a human thing to do. In the record, they were not the only non-humans in flesh bodies at the talk.
- During the talk I get an image of emotion reflecting off the bubble viewer and going back to the sender. In the record, this could be the reasons why emotions go out of control for the human and why the avatar is completely unaware of what is happening.
- The avatars of the week are the Mars Senate.

19th - Jason and I did the 3 hour community day on the UCB campus. Three things were odd:
- We meet a couple from Brazil and Europe who were dressed out of place for a graduation. In the record, they were from the same party place in the gray lands.
- We meet a graduate, father and son. I chastised the boy for playing Pokemon Go on his sister's graduation, but quickly changed her title to mom. In the record, It was her sister in an older flesh body. The dad was a simple flesh body human.
- The Pokemon Go game was acting weird on one of the phones. Jason finally figured out that I had two of the same accounts up on both phoned. In the record, Jason's avatar finally told him that I had the incorrect account up on the phone.

20th - 24th - Finally found the avatar that was putting me into instant sleep.

20th - At work, a friend walked by and I smelled potatoes and sausages. In the record, he plays DnD with us on Thursday night and we usually have potatoes and sausages for dinner.

25th - The avatars of the week are Enlightenment Mum avatars.

26th - Sat in the living room and had a conversation with Gray folks, Past life coaches, Pops and White and Black, Mom, Ibol, and a lovely golem woman.
- I have a better understanding of my birth and what went wrong with my avatar. How Ibol took over for my avatar and how Lord of Flames took over for my Mom.
- An 8.0 Peruvian Earthquake killed only one person, which was an improvement from the 500 killed in the 2007 quake. In the record, the golem club, Peruvian Pusher, have made vast improvements in the timeline and location of the earthquake.

 27th - Massage therapy took an interesting turn. In the record, need to finish spreading Ubol's energy throughout my body to be one with all three of us.

30th - The 6.6 El Salvador earthquake hurt no humans. Well done. In the record, the golem club, Salvadorian Shakers, did a successful quake with no harm to the top dwellers, us humans. 
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2023 November 28 - changed font 

2019 April - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote, "We want to help. May our granite shoes fit you well." Fuji Golem King

- For some time now, I start off in bed on my back with my arms under the covers by my side. When I wake up, my arms are besides my head. In the record, additional healing occurs when I am asleep. 
- Most avatar hacks have moved to the Iphone, mainly in the Pokemon Go game. For example, I throw and catch Pokemon A, but Pokemon B is what comes up as caught. After I close out Pokemon B, Pokemon A is still there to catch and even is still berried from the previous catch session.

1st - From the Japan text, "Last night I feel ill. The symptoms, I would guess be like withdrawals. Lot of shaking and curling up in bed. Mind you, I still go ready  for bed. Then at 1:24 am, everything went away. Very odd." In the record, there were three installments of granite shoes. The use of golem feet will aid in grounding and lesson the need of energy barriers where every I go.

2nd - I stand in the station and stare out at the moving people. The male shoulder avatars give me the finger. The female shoulder avatars blow me kisses. In the record, I start to understand the ills of a patriarchy society.  I went to Japan to get them on board with the Earth movement of avatars, golems and dragons.

4th -  At Japan's Nara Park, Josh and I meet the friendly deer. I pet one behind the neck to see an instant side effect. As I suspect, the deer shivered and sneezed to reset its energy field. I proceed to not touch any of the free roaming animals. 
- Josh and I waited at the cross walk for traffic to stop to continue our tour of Nara Park. Then the deer decided to cross on their own and traffic had to sudden stop. I noticed that one of the deer had oddly shaped hoofs and an abrasion on it left front knee. In the record, the temple goddess want to be extra sexy by wearing high heel hooves. In walking to the cross walk, she slipped and feel on a cone, thus injuring her deer flesh shell. Thank you for the excellent display of avatar skins.
Haruo - the one who helped me find my place. I treated him to dinner.
4th - The avatar of the day, was very nervous about finding the location of the next Airbnb. In the States, I could not locate it. Now here I was wondering and asking folks for directions. I decided to go back to the station and called and emailed the owner and got no reply. It getting dark and I have no place to stay. Then a Japanese man walked by me, stopped and asked if I was lost. My man, Haruo, was going to take me to my next place and I would treat him to dinner. 
In the record, this was the second GPS location that was avatar hacked from the Airbnb site. The first hack had Josh and I staying at a park, until we just happened to walk by the location and I remembered it from street picture. The second GPS hack had me an entire station away from the Airbnb location. 
- At the station, while I waited for Haruo to arrive, a group of 3 English speaking adults were within earshot of where I was sitting. And to their surprise, on cue, Haruo stopped, asked and took me away leaving them free to go on their way. In the record, they were the advance team to ensure my safety. In the record, I knew they were the advance team but we had to go our separate ways.

The Plum tree avatar from the Kyoto Imperial Palace orchard. I edited the real drawing to put side by side the avatar and the gnat ball that one can see. The gnat ball is the white dots in front of the tree.

6th - Pokemon Go raid were sedate and in control, until I met the avatar Palace guard. They said, "We have your number." In the record, no more 100% catches at the level 5 raids. 
- I meet the Plum tree avatar and we said hi to each other. In the record, it the first time I was able to get a pic of the gnat ball. The avatar was gracious and awaited for me to take the pic.
- The avatars of the week are Hida Mountain Golem maidens.

13th - The avatars of the week are Mum Golem Guard.

15th - At the BAHVN meeting, I notice that there was no energy barrier around the building.
I took a quick look at myself and I seem to be gray rock now. In the record, perhaps my trip to Japan was more than starting the MeToo movement in the avatar world. 
- I come back to work wondering if they are okay with my avatar stuff. Not one questions it. It's like it never happened. 
- The game folks are interested. Hopefully they will stick it out and still be friends. 

20th - At the massage therapist office, I talked to the massage therapist about my Japan trip. While I was talking, Bart and Punjab were listening in. Bart mentioned that I was quite talkative. 
- The avatars of the week are Oceanic Dragon Guards. 

22nd - At the BAHVN meeting, I let folks know that voices don't go away. They just go silent. In the record, the voices/creators stop using the room where you avatar bubble is. 

26th - At the massage therapist office, I fell asleep once again but I am still wide awake.
I saw, what must be, new Pokemons. Three of them. Hard to describe. Perhaps I will draw them. In the record, the world of the Pokemon is taking off on their own. 
- Only Bart showed up while I napped on the bench. I asked why the Bart Simpson show. He replied that we should not be taken too seriously.
- During the massage, I know the Therapist is fine tuning my energy field. At one point, I can feel the fire spread around the room. In the record, we need to talk to each other to be more open on what is happening.  

27th - The avatars of the week are Dragon Guards. 
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