Saturday, March 3, 2018

Solar System King, Part 1 - Vintage Squeeze Clown Toy

Vintage clown squeeze toy that I found in the thrift store

"Hi little girl. I want you to have this flower to remember me." Previous Solar System King to Ibol.

I was around 7 years old. The family walked into a thrift store. I happened to find an old clown squeeze toy. With out thought, I picked it up. I became teary eyed as I remembered something I had forgotten long ago.

In the record, Ibol, my avatar remnant, recalled a memory of the Solar System King. On the orange planet, everyone loved and adored him. The use of emotions to enhance one's life was at its pinnacle. Then it happened. The clowned faced man who loved flowers and puppy dogs went rouge and destroyed the fifth planet, a.k.a. the asteroid belt.

Henceforth, an edict was proclaimed throughout the Solar System that forbid the use of emotions. In fact, any being with emotions was not to be touched. Now we can understand why human have shoulder avatars and why the Venusian use view bubbles to ensure they do not touch those humans that live and die with emotions.

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2018 February - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote:   "We want out." demanded the male imps.
"Your freedom is decided by the females. Not me." David the Prison Warden.

January through February - The garage door works then does not work. It's amazing how it is fixed all of sudden. Thank you Imps for the display of avatar hack. And the door stop to the laundry room. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, that is avatar catch.

1st - I recently got on a Pokemon Go twitter feed for finding rare Pokemon. I now hunt Pokemon 24-7.
- The massage therapist is finally fixing my left leg. I thought it was fix last month but it kept coming back. During the massage I typically fall asleep but I am mentally wake for any mental conversations. Also, I am in my body for the sessions.
- The massage session are turning out to be a meeting with Box man and Bartholomew, the gray folk. Typically Box man is walking around me and the therapist to monitor the massage therapist. Today, the therapist slipped in a technique. I immediately sense Bart put on a higher energy barrier around the building. He stated to me that he needs me fixed.
Also during the session, a lady wanted me to plant a tree around a small pond in a vision she gave me. Both Quetzalpetlatl and I will plant the tree.
- I asked Bart a question.
"What are you to me?" 
"I am you."
"Now wait a minute, I am not going to lose it all at the very end with you taking over my body." 
Ibol laughed.

2nd - 5th - I found out I have identity theft. The police solved the case.

7th - Lots of crow shells.

8th - At the massage session, I am shown a picture that I am to remember to do something about. In the record, I have yet to do the tree planting. More homework.

Midnight Pokemon Go Hunting at Crab Cove, Alameda, CA

10th - Its past midnight as I catch a Pokemon at Crab Cove. I look back towards Alameda and still see all the stop are light with lures which is beautiful. In the record, the Alameda avatar knew I would use this screen shot for both the newsletter and blog. She just happened to have the lure last a longer then the 6 hours it was meant to be.

11th - Out Pokemon Go hunting on the bike by the Shimada Friendship Park. I start to get on the bike and I am push, yet no one is there. In the record, I had not clipped my shoes which allowed me not to fall.  On the way back, the birds of prey come out to guard.

14th - Tree planting: I am at the foot of my bed. I see the circular pond on my bed. The foot area is dark and the head area is light. I ask the Redwood where I should plant the tree. She says at the head.
The tree is a coconut size head with a two year old body. I am holding the top of the head while it legs and arms are in constant motion. At the top of the bed I release the head and the seed burrowed into the ground. It came back up and looked then went back down. In the record, this is the start of my swamp lab to make avatar items I need.
- As I enter the massage therapy room I have problems with my leg. The Therapist quickly took care of it. In the record, the barrier was just around the room. It is now the building and the neighboring buildings.

17th - I am laying down in my bed when I sense a person looking through my library check out box at me.  I wave at them. They quickly retreat. In the record, well done. They figured out that the library box on my desk is a two way window. Be talking to you soon.

18th - The male imps are bored and cause problems because they want back in. Nothing dreadful, just wrong GPS locations for Pokemon I am trying to find. I have agreed that the male imps can come back, but the female set the rules. I have nothing to do with it. It turns out the imps are in for a new lesson. Either be a part of the community, or you are ignored.

19th - At the game convention, Josh took me to a table for gaming. At the table was my Uncle, Pops, and the Green Dragon. Josh left to man the Anime room.  A female I know nothing of came and met Pops. She stared at me and I quickly turned away. In the record, I open it and she introduced me to her.
In the 2nd game we played, a new person joined the games the I have never met. In the record, he is the "most important" dragon of the Gulf Stream. I have seen him riding a bicycle around the Berkeley Hills.
In the middle of the 2nd game, the dragon left and my Uncle and Green finished the game with me. I thanked them for playing and we shook hands. In the record, my Uncle mental talked to Green,
"He will know who we are if we shake hands."
"He already knows."
In the record, there is a lot I have yet to figure out. I know who they are. They know who I am. But...are they going to just disappear after the convention or is this a SIMS game to these beings. I really do not understand what is happening around me most of the time.  I am just aware of it.

21st - The locking of the male imps in the front room has paid off. Many of the avatars and golems have gone to them for advice. To play pranks, you have to think outside of the box, which imps do all the time. Their future role is a tactician of an event. I have offered them travel time to the schismed world, because I need their help.

23rd - The male imps are in trouble once again, but they are learning. I took them to see the War King, the future I see for Imp race is the behind the scene planning. As I said before, they can think outside the box, and that is needed to be creative.

24th - While lying in bed the "most important" dragon had a question for me.
"We see visions of you riding golem. Why are you not riding dragons?"
"I did not know I could."
The cubicle light is on.

26th -  The second light in my cubical turned on. The avatar of the day listened in on the dragon and avatar instructor talk.
"Just put your finger there when she turns on the light. That's great."
"Tell me again why I am holding the light off."
"The Dogs started it."
"Do I look like a dog to you?"
Then the light came on.
In the record, the light shines inside my cubicle at work. If that white line for the light is interrupted by an avatar's finger, then they become aware of the area of illumination. It the "once touched always in touch" principle. The illumination area is now the safety zone the avatar monitors for anything out of the ordinary. Once it was explained the dragon shut the light off.

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