Saturday, October 31, 2015

Storm Avatar: San Diego storm cell

Storm cell over San Diego

Quote: There are no miracles, just good old-fashion avatar planning.

Through the plane window, I take a picture of a cloud formation on our approach to the San Diego airport. In the bus, we drive through winds, rain, and lightning of the storm cell. With her maidens, the storm avatar flexes her might without human losses.

Back at the house, I asked the storm avatar for the event timelines, as she lays a pile of spaghetti on my desk. I pause and wonder how she tracks them all. I open and expand the timelines to view the tree fall on the bus. I mentally asked, "Why have the tree hit the bus?" A wind maiden explains they had viewed several different outcomes, only one was unchangeable by the driver or the tree. The tree had to fall on the hood of the bus which kept the bus on its wheels and moved the tree out of traffic.

The October SoCal mudslide and Hurricane Patricia are fine examples of storm avatars working with their maidens and local avatars to ensure a happy ending for all. Humans still need to take the necessary precaution for big event, which reduces the work for the storm avatar.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Remnant & Shoulder Avatar: Your Higher Self

"We are here to help guide you through your human life." Shoulder Avatar Guild

I am at the checkout stand at Andronico's Market. A crying boy is pushed, back and forth, in a stroller by his mom who is busy talking. I see the boy look above me. The boy instantly stops crying, shakes his head in astonishment, as a deep voice mentally inquires, "Who are you?" I ignore his question and put groceries on the belt because the boy's avatar asked my avatar who she is.

At birth, a portion of the avatar, a remnant, is paired with a baby. It remains inside the torso and head of the baby throughout childhood and the teens. As the child grows older, the remnant becomes the physical shape of the maturing child. Around puberty, the remnant moves to the shoulders. The shoulder riding picture, minus the rider's leg, is the location of an avatar when they are guiding us through adult life.

You and your avatar are already a team. Don't be shy ...get to know each other.

"Your higher self" translate literally.
The creator's remnant created your soul which later pops out of your body to sit on your shoulders. Your soul is in your body, but your shoulder avatar sits on your shoulders. Therefore your higher self is the shoulders avatar that is sitting on your shoulders.
Do you get it?
Your higher self, shoulder avatar, is above your body where your soul resides.
Get's higher.
Yes, there are many such literally translation that make you wonder what is really going on.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Human Help: Wisteria gnome cage

Quote: The redwood avatar outside my flat got her own avatar. Now she speaks to me.

In Berkeley at Live Oak Park, a wisteria vine is behind a closed gate with a gnome who is lonely. The wisteria gnome is childlike, green, three feet tall with yellow eyes and leafy branches for hair. Prior to the fence, children climbed on his vines. He aided the child by suggesting what to grab or step on. If needed, he placed their hand or foot in the proper location. He misses the fun and laughter of children playing on his vines.

The gnome and I talked about the fence. He wants the fence gone now and I should cut it down. I showed him an image of me behind bars if I did that. I showed him another image of a city council meeting where he explains his dilemma to the people. He agreed to the meeting, but needs to learn how to make a shell and practice wearing it. I will report back on how the meeting comes out.

Tree and plant avatars do not communicate through speech. Use pictures to visual talk to them.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Gremlin: The three umbrellas and the clairvoyant

Lake Merritt BART Station

"Having help is okay. Just do it." Ibol's Daughter, my shoulder avatar.

I am at the Lake Merritt BART station with my bike waiting for the Richmond train. It has been raining and the umbrellas are out. I hear the drop of three umbrellas. I view the fallen, which are in a line as though someone ran along and hit them. From a prior experience, I know a gremlin is having a bit of fun.

The train arrives and people board. I enter the rear and park next to the door. All is quiet on the ride until the doors close at the Ashby station. Midway to the next stop, everyone at the front of the car moves to the back. At the front, I see a man shouting at a person to leave him alone, yet no one is there. He pulls his hands form the overhead rail as though he is playing a hand slap game with the gremlin. The man sees the gremlin, I can not see. My avatar sees the gremlin, which allows me to know that he is there. 

The train stops and everyone exits the rear door. I walk to the north stairs and pass the clairvoyant who seems on edge. I exit the gate and mentally request an avatar to tend the clairvoyant. I explain the situation and off he goes.

Folks need to understand that I am not clairvoyant. Having coupled with my avatar allows me access to her abilities. What I can do, anyone can do because everyone has an avatar. You just need to have your avatar descend a second time.

Which in turns makes me clairvoyant. In the record, the means of clairvoyance is not important, but what you do with the knowledge.
In the record, I thought I was not clairvoyant because I depended on my shoulder avatar for the sight.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Avatar Network: The mental phone call

Quote: What? A busy is that possible!

In my interview with Tanya Luhrmann, she asked me how did I find out my avatar's name, Ibol. I turn my eye up to the sky and metally asked my brother if it was OK to tell her which he agreed to. I told Tanya that I had clearance and it was my brother who told me her name. The call took seconds to get my answer.

How fast does thought travel? I do not know but it is very, very fast.

How fast can an avatar travel? The golem pair in the golem run post covered over a mile distance in seconds.

So when I say the avatars came by the house to look at the records, I mean they came to my flat to look at the records. It is no big deal for them to get here. Or if they can not come, I mentally talk to them at their location because thought travels very, very fast.

I suggest you get to know your avatar...the network is never down.

Avatar badge: Why males talk side by side.

Avatar war mask for human to wear

"There are reasons why we do what we do. Asking why starts the dig." Clueless Wonder

I attended a Fred Pryor class on communications. I participated in a demonstration at the front of the class on how males hang out with each other. To start, the instructor had me and another male student stand side by side. She explained that males conversed with each other at an angle versus females who talked face to face. She instructed both of us to face each other. As soon as I turn, I felt an urge to kill. I quickly eye scanned him and found him calmly standing in front of me.

In the record, his avatar, Ibol and I looked to see what happened. I saw both of us stand side by side with shoulder avatars. When we face each other, a black snake came out the backside of his shoulder avatar. The badge was an announcement of the avatar's ability to guard his human in an armed conflict.

To converse with a male, stand by his side for a comfortable atmosphere to talk.

In the record, his shoulder avatar flashed his avatar badge/mask as a pickup line to hook up with my shoulder avatar, Ibol. She immediately knocked it away and told him that her human sensed it and thought that his human wanted to kill me. 

In war, his avatar will place the mask over his human's face to give him strength to kill another human.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Avatar Catch and Hold: Golem run and Chipmunk laughter

Rocky switchbacks on the Pacific Crest Trail above Echo Lake
Quote: Next time I am at Echo Lake, I wonder if the lake maiden will push my canoe. Wish me luck.

Ben and I are hiking back from Lake Aloha in Desolation Wilderness. We are midway through the descent of the rocky switchbacks when I bellow in a deep voice, "I love rocks and rocks love me." Suddenly, my boots take off down the trail kicking rocks everywhere. I stop and Ben catches up. I tell Ben that you need to say the phrase. In a deep voice, I say again, "I love rocks and rocks love me." I feel a rush coming towards me from a distant. My boots take off again for several seconds then I stop and I start to laugh out loud, uncontrollable. Ben asked me if I was mad, then I hear a loud chipmunk sound off the trail. I suspect the chipmunk did the laughter and the run was a golem. Nothing else happens as we continue our trip to the car.

The golems, chipmunk avatar, and I look at the records to see the avatar side of the the catch and hold.

We look at the second golem run because I called forth the golems. When I spoke, "I love rocks and rocks love me.", the golem pair ran from Flag Pole Peak to give me another boost. My ankles are grabbed by the female golem while the male golem has my back for the acceleration. When we are running, the female head and hands are above the ground while the male's chest support my back. At the end of the run, the female lets go while the male ensures I am steady. In the record, the distance traveled as the crow fly to get to me was a mile in 2 seconds. They said they could do it faster

Then we look at the chipmunk record for the avatar hold. The chipmunk avatar steps into my back, then we both laugh. He steps out my front and I continue to laugh after his exit. I examine the record and see an outline of another person around me. He controls my body but I am still aware of my body, which is different than avatar substitution.

If you're in the high country, bellow in a deep voice, "I love rocks and rocks love me." If you're lucky, you'll get a run.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

How to bypass the ahchoo

"This post is nothing to sneeze at...literally." Clueless Wonder

Before I knew about avatars, I read books about energy bubbles and chakras, which was interesting but overlooked the world around me. So I conducted experiments with hiccups, mental post-its, switching head music, and cheese ceilings as a Ouija board. This post is about the ahchoo.

Sometimes I sneezed to get dust out of my nose. Other times, I sneezed to expel unwanted energy off my head. My body performed an auto-clean to eject unwanted energy. I called it the "ahchoo" versus a normal sneeze. The ahchoo is a two steps process. I gathered the energy in my head, the "ah", then expelled the energy, the "choo". Sometimes, I ahchoo when I eat carrots, therefore I will view a carrot eating record.

Before viewing the record, I examine a broken carrot and see green mist, a.k.a. Earth energy, leaks out of a fresh break. In the record, I took a big bite of carrot and chewed it over and over again. In viewing the chewing, I see green mist leak out of my mouth and nose, in and around my head. Before long, I needed to ahchoo and the green mist shoots out in a whirl of fine mist disappearing from view.

To by pass the ahchoo is simple.

Place finger tip to nose tip. Pull energy to hand.

When I feel a sneeze, I put my finger tip on the tip of my nose.
For a few seconds, I imagine energy going from my head onto my hand. 


Break contact. Flick energy off hand.

I quickly break contact and flick my arm and wrist to expel the unwanted energy.
It took me several tries to get the feel. So give it a try, it's easy to do. 

Finger under nose is too close.

Do not put your finger under your nose. The energy may go to your hand but your hand is so close to your face, the energy goes back to your head.

Remember, touch nose - gather energy - flick off. 
It's a life saver when driving and I need to ahchoo.

Folks at work must think I am bonkers waving broken carrots in front of my face, but the green trail is cool to watch. In the record, it is interesting to revisit the past post of clairvoyance before I knew I was clairvoyant.

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