Sunday, October 15, 2023

2023 September - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Well, hopefully David will not step over the line. We do appreciate his explanation on the Facebook forum."  Facebook Avatar
Overall - Still working on the pony show.  
- Below are my comments from the Facebook forum, Hearing Voices Network Support Group.  They seem to be tolerate my comments so far. It is only a matter of time they me get kicked out of this group. As a facilitator of a support group, we support whatever the meeting folks say, no matter how "down the rabbit hole" it may be. In the forum, if someone ask a question, I can answer it. I can only publish what I wrote. 
- This brings me to another issue. None of you readers are asking me questions. When you ask questions, it helps me understand what I am not explaining clearly. So I have moved to a forum that is asking questions. I would love to have the questions here instead at another forum. Until someone gets some courage....I's easy...just ask.
Once touch, always in touch = quantum entanglement. The mechanism is DEM.

Attending Ibol's timeline class.
7th -  Facebook replies to how they know about our lives and future timelines.

Three ways to block a voice.

The voice world on Venus is far different than the human world.

10th - Facebook replies to where are voices, how to block a voice, and the voice world on Venus has different norms.
11th - updated post: 2023 August - Dragon Diary
How to spot avatar dialogue.

They need to be watching their human, but most are not.

Your voice can see stuff that your human eyes can not see.

A unique voice belongs to a person. Just ask them.
14th -   Facebook replies to avatar dialogue, voices watching their human, QA inspection with your voice's eyes, and just ask the voice.

Is there conspiracy? No, just blissful ignorance.

17th - Facebook replies to a conspiracy. I like the analog of the universe as a piece of paper. 

Does your voice have a name?
24th - Ibol, Gwen and Kenisha have been with me most of my life.

I discuss two ways to get rid of trauma: rewrite it or crush it.

There are many dream worlds, DEM worlds, that exist. I mention two that I attend often.

Are there physical overlord messing the human DEM beings...yes!

Three ways to get to sleep: breathing with your avatar, melatonin gummies, white noise.

27th -  Facebook replies on trauma, DEM worlds, physical overlords, and sleep aids. I want to highlight understanding on how trauma is created. 
Trauma has DEM form and substance created over time and space.
2023 November 3 - added link to avatar dialogue YouTube channel