Saturday, April 3, 2021

2021 March - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

"A Doggy Down a day keeps the red shards away." Gaia Yoga Dog
Overall: Gone back to not publishing the diary until it is complete, otherwise it is too confusing on tracking incomplete drafts that are published. I may do same for the notes. Not sure.
- still battling the lock-down lazies. Getting better.

- Leave the flat to go to the store for my weekly food run. As I leave, I see the squirrel run up the nearby redwood tree and screech at the top of its lung with its tail out straight. I think it is odd and start to look for the cat. I give up and go to the store. In the record, I had forgotten that Q anon had made that day the day the Orange man would ascend in power.
7th - The Japan golem race, called the Sumo Rage are getting good about doing ocean earthquakes without a tsunami result.
- Did three forehead signs on the new Ibol/Ubol. One was yellow, one was clear, and one was black. In the record, Ibol's name is StarTreeDrink.
- I sat on my bed as a Congress Person tells me their concerns. I told them, "There is nothing I can do. Democracy has to win." In the record, the Orange man is making his move to up end the Constitution.

10th - I wish I had a say in thing, but evidently not. So I sit and wait. In the record, I have to want it to have it. 

11th - I still watch too much MSNBC news. On a show today, I heard that health official can help a pneumonia patient by putting them in the prone position instead of a ventilator. In the record, I knew about the prone position back in February 2020. I later wrote in April 2020 about the gravity cleaning in the DEM lung anatomy. But how do you tell other people how to fix themselves without wearing a tinfoil hat. Use my Mechanical/Material Science degree. I researched that pneumonia was water in the lungs. It should be easy to use gravity to get the water out of the lungs. First I wrote our local representative about the hanging upside down. 
When that went nowhere, I wrote a nurse I knew about applying it to the COVID patient. She told me that they already know that, which she called the prone position. It was the best I could do back in early 2020 without standing a soap box in Trafalgar Square.

15th - posted the Ibol story arc
17th - No comments ever! I would love to have a dialogue but I guess no one wants to admit they want to talk to me. I don't know. I retired early to do lectures on DEM. Maybe because the stuff I am in is off the charts. I stopped researching DEM. I will pick it up when I do my DEM lectures on Fridays because I now have a webcam? I need a deadline which will be April after I file my taxes. Below is what I am thinking for lecture structure.
- Lecture in the beginning will be 1/2 hour long.  First five minutes will be on the benefits of hot showers. This will allow stragglers to come in. The next 15 on some topic which leaves 10 minutes for questions and answers.

20th - Moved my comments to updates or blog text. I did comments before I decided to use updates for blog changes.
- updated post: Perhaps... 
- updated post: Records FAQ
- updated post: Avatar shells: 2015 list
- updated post: Avatar Hacks: 2015 list
- updated post: Why do we have avatars?

21st - updated post: 2016 January 9-15: Mars Dragons
- updated post: 2018 May - Dragon Diary
- updated post: 2020 March - Dragon Diary I read the quote from Bart. Sometimes I feel like I am getting nowhere. The Talking Heads song, Once in a lifetime, plays in my head. Now...who is playing it? In the record, avatars practicing song forms. 
- Put the blog "to do" list back in draft for to on it on top of the blog stack.

23rd - Took a walk to get food and deposit checks. I try to force green Leaf energy into my legs to stop the shaking, but all I hear in the DEM, Dark Energy & Matter, world was my feet splashing in a foot of DM water. In the record, every time I walk down Marin from Shattuck, my leg shake as though I am channeling Wiggle energy, which is why I go down Los Angeles instead. I always thought it was from sitting inside not using my legs. DEM water is cascading down Marin? Why? I have no ideal. 
Though walking up I am okay, which means? In the record, I can see a record of my going up and down Marin. Going down the Wiggle energy gets under my feet. Going up the Wiggle energy is diverted around my feet.
In the record, I do know that even if you change the land the DEM is still there. A good example is the Posey tube. I felt the DEM water as I drove through the tube. The same with the dip under the train bridge on Ashby Avenue by the freeway.
24th - It is odd. I was used to barely anyone reading the blog to having dozen of hits a day. Hmm.  
25th - I keep telling myself that I have to want to do this. In the record, I have still yet to fix my leg. 
- Worked on the left leg.  There is a leaky red DEM energy, root chakra, that fills up the leg.

26th - Another accident in Egypt, the sideways freighter then the train crash. I talk to the Egyptian avatars and tell them to start looking at the timelines. I made several team suggestions, then we agree that the non-schism Pharaohs  should head the team. 
- The sound that DEM makes is "the sound" of the DEM. It is the same and never far.

- The New Ibol hung out with my older Bro and Uncle Tim. A good time was had by all. 
- I, New Ibol, said a phrase like "Agriraba". Uncle asked what I said. I said it was a language you would never begin to understand. In the record, agriraba translate to "Holy shit!"

28th - Getting stuff done around the flat, which means less news. 
- Well, New Ibol was doing some type of fire bonding last night. I know because I got to take part in it. I will have to ask later after she recovers. In the record, your avatar can survive ritual of large power provided that they channel it through their human. Yeah, I was really hot last night. Taking it easy today. In the record, the Star part of her Name is complete.
2021 July 11 - Added to the 11th, and finished translation
2022 November 3 - redid the intro for Iphones 
2023 July 15 - reposted pics