Sunday, July 14, 2019

DEM: Homemade Velvet Hand Racket

 "I'm so stupid. Of course, it does not work like normal." David, the clueless wonder

I plan to make my own Velvet Hand racket to experiment with DEM, Dark Energy & Matter. I got the measurements and material list for the SF Exploriatorum. See pic above. I decided to use tennis rackets for frames and order two different tennis rackets, one aluminum and one wood. 
I start to cut the strings, knowing that I will replace them with metal like the original. Half way through cutting I decide to try rubbing my hands on the remaining strings. To my surprise, I get the velvet sensation.
In the record, DEM may be 95% of the universe, but there is a reason we have not harnessed it. It behaves different than the materials that humans create. I thought the metal string conducted the green Earth energy away. Any round string with 2x2 inch spacing will push the energy away from your hand, thus allowing you to touch your hands.

The velvet hand sensation is similar to how a baby's skins feel. In the record, a new baby has not taken in enough green Earth energy to form a harden shell of protection. One way a baby has to rid itself of unwanted energy is to cry it away.

How to make:
- Get a wide mouth tennis racket and cut the string.
- Unthread the frame.
- Rethread the frame, by hand, allowing for 2x2 inch space.
- Tie off all strings by hand and cut off excess.
You are done.

How to activate velvet hands: a.k.a. remove the green Earth energy from your hands.
- Place one hand on each side of the racket.
- Close your finger together.
- Rub your hand, together, back and forth until you get the velvet sensation.  
What happens is explained below.

Right: Fingers pressed together compress the green Earth energy between your fingers.

Left: Adding a wire mesh, pushes away the energy allowing your flesh to touch itself.

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2019 June - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

"Order, order, We call to order the First Confederation of Golems. Gaia will speak first." Golem Meeting Chair.
"My dear Golems, you have come so far on your quest to be human, do not give up. There is more to do to gain the trust of the human race." Gaia Avatar addressing the Golem Confederation.

1st -  The Gaia golem guard are the avatars of the week. In the record, the guard are there to protect Gaia.

3rd -  In Treadmarks, the avatar of the day avoided being fragged for the 1st 22 enemy frags. It was amazing. In the record, comprehension of timeline allows one to plot the best course.

Top: The Carquinez Bridge with human eyes. Bottom: Through the eyes of the avatar of the day. Note the dark blue is water matter with streams of wiggle energy to from the river matter.

7th - As Ben and I drive to Sacramento for the SacAnime, we approach the Carquinez Bridge. I am awed by the bridge size blue water something streaming to the Bay. In the record, the heavy rains have produced a large river of water matter with strands of wiggle energy to form the river.
In the record, the river is the path the Salmon avatar follow to lead their fish to the inland spawning grounds. 
- While at SacAnime, I had my fortune told that something will happen at the winter event. In the record, this may be an approaching deadline. I am not sure. 

8th -  The Tree assembly are the avatars of the week. In the record, The tree avatar want to form an assembly and senate to represent all tree kind on Earth, later adding the Solar System trees. 

 9th - At SacAnime, an older man that comes up and ask question to the voice actor panel. In the record, the man has no shoulder avatar. If I had to guess, he is Boxman the creator of our universe. 
- In the record, I meet Bart again at SacAnime, through it was in passing.

10th - The weather was extremely hot for a spring day. Immediately after I walked outside, I had multiple hiccups. In the record, the hot weather has caused a surge or green Earth energy to soar up into the sky.

12th - For sometime now, there is a person who is doing sleep spells on me. It is very annoying.

15th - Tree Senate are the avatars of the week.

18th - China's 6.0 Sichuan earthquake killed around 12 folks. The previous 2017 7.0 quake killed 20, while the 2008 7.9 quake killed 87K. In the record, the China golems are getting better with the quakes. They need to spend more time on timeline training.

21st - Female golem are on the sidelines watching the FIFA Women's World Cup.  In the record, they just have to pop their head above the ground to watch. 
In the record, The FIFA avatar, made the golem move from inside the goal area to the sidelines.

22nd - The X golem are the avatars of the week. In the record, I have no ideal what the "X" is about.

23rd - In Southern California, there was a swarm of over 700 earthquake. In the record, over 700 full grown Golem were created by the Angeles Birthing Circle, though more and more are wanting to try out the human way of birth.

25th - In the SF Chronicle, the police just happened to be by the crime scene when the criminal committed the next crime. In the record, both the Oakland and Police avatars worked together to have the person of interest captured.

27th - I feel hot all the time. Hot shower no longer feel good. In the record, I am not sure what is happening.
- Going home, several cars drove somewhat reckless. In the record, the avatars of the day were driving avatar cars.

28th - "It time to make it happen. No more turning back. Forward we go" David Alan Bartholomew Hallsted. In the record, I have decided to focus on DEM, Dark Energy & Matter. I need to start listing the properties and find a way for normal humans to know of DEM existence.

29th - Going to SF Exploratorium to measure the Velvet Hand display.  In the record, I need to make my own to experiment with DEM.
- The Earth Golem Confederation are the avatars of the week. These are the folks who organize all the various golem clans on Earth. The confederation makes and enforces the rules for all the golem races. 

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