Monday, January 30, 2017

2016 December - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Cleaning baths, ice energy, Uncles, avatar shell, and avatar training...just another day." Coach Dave

30th - The avatar timing of the gym battle have improved. I have to do feint attacks in order to dodge their power attack. Again, the Pokemon went invisible with hacked health bars.

28th - Experimented with Ubol by the Dog park. The Dogs go nuts when she is in me, but we were safe because of the fence. I switched back to the avatar of the day and there was no problem.
- Taking over gym and the game does not error out but they are now playing with the animation, health bars, invisible Pokemon, touching the key pad...very creative and irritating.

26th - It's morning as I crossed the Tower Bridge from doing Pokemon hunting in Old Town Sacramento. It is freezing cold, then I see ice energy. An Ice dragon created a spiral helix down the Sacramento River. A helix is about 300ft long and 370ft wide with parts of the spiral submerged in the river. She rode the river all the way down the mountain. She is a weather dragon like Blue.

22nd - The boys and I, avatar of the day, have just finished the Rogue movie. I quickly get the Iphone out to collect on the stops just outside the Alameda Cinema. The Pokemon trainer is close to the two stops, but I still want the other stop down the block. I asked the shoulder avatar to move the trainer to collect the stops. As the trainer moved, Ben replied.
"Can you move him down there?"
"What the..." 

21st - Out Pokemon hunting, the Pokemon trainer is mysteriously a block away. I invoke the Google Map Maiden and start the program.  Once maps is on, my avatar come jogging back to the correct location.

20th - A friend from work was over for game night with the boys, Jon and Ben. We are all having lots of fun and laughing. For some reason, I am in my body in the middle of it all. Several of my previous actions I have no clue of yet they all laugh that I seem senile.
In the record, my Uncles pulled me into my body to enjoy their company. It was a good time for all.

19th - Out Pokemon hunting I notice that I am not getting credit for several curve ball in a row. I email Jon and asked if it was gone. In the record, they were just hacked.

18th - While in my body, I attended a BAHVN planning meeting. I started to have breath hiccups as the energy wave washed over us. My avatar and I were able to time a deeper breathe with the wave.
- At the massage, she worked on my abdominal area and sharp pain hits my. Without thought, I mentally say they have a voodoo doll of me. I need to look into this. 
- Leaving for Santa Cruz for my massage session, a white car ran the red and crossed over from the right to the left lane to get on the freeway. The actions of the car seemed as though they were lost. When it happened, I thought, "They are with me aren't they?"
In the record, they are the follow team provided they make it on the freeway.

17th - Pokemon Go hunting at Marina Park in Richmond, A German shepherd dog wanted to attack a smaller dog. It even wiggled out of its collar to get to the dog.  A Hispanic dad and son were the owners of the shepherd.
In the record, the little dog was a shell for an avatar.
- Both the Black and White were riding bicycle in the Marina.

10th - At Shattuck and Eunice is a Blue gym I am taking down. My finger hit a key that error out the game. Since the game was not hacked there is no timeline to pull.
In my mind, I created a clean triangular area for record reading. I bring back the previous timeline of a moment before and find them touching my hand. I pull the line and both of them up for a cleaning. With them taken care of, I resume taking down the gym. 

9th - See Dr Strange with Ben in Santa Cruz. Talk to Ben about the ancient one and the big bad two year old.

5th - I  attended in my body, the Monday BAHVN meeting. I happen to look down at my lower right ankle and see dark skin that I did know I had since I am not in my body to look at it. It looks like dark skin like a black person. I know this is not medical possible. I need to see a dermatologist.
Candela - Team Valor

4th - Back from my bicycle ride to Richmond, I wanted to take one final Pokemon gym at Los Angles and Mariposa before heading home. I started to battle but error out. I am mentally told that the game does error out, it's no one's fault. Right!. After 10 minutes of rebooting and reloading the avatar hackers finally talk.

"You said only the blue gym, that you were only going to take out the blue."
"It is still just a game."
"You did not say you were going to take out the Red. Could you just leave them?" 

In the record - I spent the next 10 minute pulling out all sorts of avatar for a cleaning, but I never got the game running and had to give up. The blue gym avatar told them as soon as I get to the house the line will be cut and the game will come back.  And as he said, the game magically loaded the gyms and Pokemons on the map.
In the record, both Ubol and I decided that she will be the Red trainer, when that trainer is created. She has taken command of the Red Gyms to organized them. She gave them a strict command to not give in to me. She did the timeline hack that no one found.

There was a piece of plastic that escaped the dumpster. I made an effort to chase it down and put it in the trash. The avatars of the area thanked my by giving me dratinis to catch.

3rd - I talked to the gym avatar of the 2nd and apologized for not listening to him.

2nd - I am attacking the fourth and final gym up in the Berkeley Hills, then the Pokemon Go gym battle errors out. I keep attempting to enter the gym and it continues to error out. Then finally the avatar hacker mentally talked which included the prior conversation with his friend.

"That should stop him from taking the gym."
"Shouldn't we just talk to him."
"Don't do it. He'll nab us all."
"I just want to talk to him."
"He'll know. Don't!" 

"Could you leave the gym?"
"Sorry, it just a game."

Soon after my reply, up came the timeline with only one attached, which turns to two then five then hundreds. Into the cleaning baths they go. I restart the game and preceded to take the gym.

What is interesting is at the 2nd gym, I mentally talked to the gym avatar and he said that we will have a fair fight, which it was.

1st - Driving to work, a car passed me illegally while speeding in the neighborhood.
In the record, the conversation below was between me and the driver's avatar.

"You can do it. Just pass him."
"What do you care. No you don't. No!"

Up the timeline came with a male and female. Into the bath they go for a good cleaning. Since it was a safety issue, I had no problem sending the human's avatars to the cleaning baths
It turns out that they wanted in the baths. The cleaning process needs realignment
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