Thursday, June 28, 2018

Earth Energy: Bicycle Riding

Quote: "The first bicyclist needed our help to make the stilts. The pedals were very high off the ground." Transport Mum
I was young and nervous but determined. With my left foot on the ground I launched the bicycle and me. I wobbled and fell to my left side. Again I try and fell to the left. This time I use both feet to launch and I succeeded and rode the bike.

In the record, I needed to make brown Earth stilts to ride the bike. With the right foot up on the pedal, there was no brown Earth energy connecting my right foot. So when I tried to ride I went to the left because my body wanted to rejoin the Earth. When I launched with both feet, I dragged Earth matter up with both feet from the ground which allowed me to ride the bike.

In the record, I needed to figure out how to stand a pencil on end. In order to do that I needed to understand Earth gravity, a.k.a brown Earth matter.

In the record, I guess anyone who has ridden a bicycle can use foot tall Earth stilts. You just have to convince yourself that they are there.

Update: 2019 May 2 - grammar on title 
2019 June 15 - Separated what is dark energy versus dark matter.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Golem Express - Part 3: Make a Transport Stand

Quote:  "We will work with him to create the new mode of transportation, the golem express." Transport Mum.

I imagined Earth energy flowing through my feet to my fingers then around the pencil to create a flat stand around the base of the pencil. I let go and the pencil fell down. 
In the record, before I can do the golem express I have to make my own transport stand of Earth energy. This may take a while.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

2018 May - Dragon Diary

Diary: It's my homework and I need to do it, though I spend no time on it. It will be rough and may never be cleaned up, though I may extract a piece and give it its own post. The goal...just post it.

 "We see the numbers, but do not see any life in the numbers." Avatar of the day

1st - The cubicle light was on.
 - I had other conversations with Bart, a.k.a. gray folk. It seemed that they are size of young teens. One of the changes Bart did in our universe was to add adulthood. In the record, this may explain why the older avatars are young teens also.
- Encinal joined me for a raid. She talked to me about her Daughter in Berkeley. In the record, I need to do more local raid in Berkeley. It's safer for me.

2nd - The cubicle light was off.
- Avatar hold on the food containers moved to a spoken word for release.

6th - This week's avatar were reluctant to tell me who they were.  In their words, "He's not going to be happy when he finds out what we have been doing." The dolphins were just hanging out on Earth testing out what a physical body would be like. They are far more capable of doing more and want to help out. Thanks!

7th - The Dolphin were still trying to figure out golem hold, a.k.a. avatar hold.
- The cubicle light was back to being off.

10th - Lots of golem hold with the driver and screws.
- The plastic food container had a golem hold on it.

11th - The golem hold on the food container was time locked, which was the first time ever. 
- At the TM playoff, the dolphin show a grasp of timeline plotting.

Numbers....very confusing to avatars
12th - Numbers! A human invention that confuses avatars.
In the record, an arbitrary number has no life of its own.  It represent something at that moment in time. It had no life essence. Perhaps I am missing something here. I will get back to this later.

14th - Earthquake happened at the BAHVN meeting. In the record, a golem raid on dark souls was successful. The captured souls were transferred to the improved Clear Lake facility for reconditioning.
 - I woke up in the middle of the night and felt the separation of my lower right leg. In the record, I need to get this fixed before I go on the Golem Express.

 16th - The avatar of the day had the TM tank turret avatar hacked to constantly spin. 
- At the massage therapy, my lower right leg had no sensation.

18th - The last therapy session took. I can now squat. He still need to work on my flexibility.

20th - Both Jason and I go to the circle for a Pokemon Go raid. We meet a female that agreed to give us a ride to the next raid.  While in the car Jason introduced himself. I did not, but she called me David. Then I thought to myself, "How did she know my name?"
In the record, it confusing. To keep it short, she is not who Jason thinks. The person she said hi to her on the 2nd raid did not know her though she did. And her friend's son is a Gwen type person.
In the record, I sit at my desk and also enter the record to see who is who. There is no way anyone would know they were not human if you don't review the record.
In the record, I looked at her face closer. She kissed me and said, "I have to go." and left the record. It's Ibol in an avatar car that I sat in. Mind you, it felt like a Honda minivan with black leather seats.

22nd - I had a conversation with the a member of the Council of Well Being who reside on Mars, a.k.a. Mars physician. I mentally talked to him about not poking a needle in my eye to relieve the pressure on my brain. I asked, "Would it be possible to do something else less painful." Two days latter, I popped a blood pimple on the back of my thigh.
In the record, we, the council, the disease avatars, and me, had a conversation about influenza and various plagues that resided throughout the history of the Earth.

25th - 29th - The Mars dragon had a better approach to the avatar hold. Let the avatar of the day decide whether its worth doing.
- I had five different request from females who had some level of schism on them. I will look at them next month. 

2018 June 9 - grammar 
2021 March 21 - grammar, changed font

Council of Well Being: Bloodletting

Medieval Bloodletting Yoga Mat

Quote: "We are glad to be the healers of the human race." Doctor Loyd, Mars Physician

I was sitting at my desk and said, "Ow!"
I felt a very sharp pain in my eye as if someone put a needle in it.
I got up and looked in the mirror and saw blood in my conjunctiva, the white part of my eye.
In the record, it's time for my visit from the Mars physician from the Council of Well Being. He was glad he found me, Dr. Loyd said, "This may sting a little." as he inserted of avatar needle into my eye. This procedure happened multiple times throughout my life.

In the record, the easy way to avoid this procedure is to donate blood on a regular interval.
In the record, it feels exactly like a needle being inserted in your eye. "Ow!"
In the record, this explained my father's fear of needles. The prospect of a needle put in your eye many times throughout your life would generate a fear of needles even if you were unaware of it. 

Post note:
I am not sure what address to put in for this post. I finally typed my address and changed the address to the Council of Well Being, Mars. I hit the return key and heard a door being created behind me. The council now have direct access to my bedroom.

6/2/2018 - post title and spacing deletion