Thursday, December 1, 2022

2022 November - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Sometimes we have to wait months for David to figure it out." Wiggle Queen

Overall: I do lots of cross training with female avatars and do not list it all like I use to.

3rd - At the Intervoice conference, someone mentioned that their voice were mean to help you not get excited with their emotion.  In the record, it is a weird approach to having the voice being mean to their human. It can cause the reverse effect on the relationship. 

4th - Cross trained with Tiffany
  8th - I am in the bathtub about to take a shower. While standing outside of the water zone, I turn on overhead shower to cold water. I stick my hand in and I say, "This is really cold." I have been doing cold showers for sometime now, but this is cold. I stick my hand into the water which send a minor shiver all over my body. Once accumulated, I step in and get wet. Turn off the shower and soap up. Now to rinse. To get wet, I move the handle at 3 o'clock which is slightly warm.  For soap rinse off, the handle is at 5 o'clock which is outright cold tap water. Again, I stick my hands under the water and spread my fingers to push off the outer DEM layer to have skin to skin contact to rub off the soap. After the hands I do my arms and think why am I doing cold shower. It is time for the plunge. I step into the overhead shower water. I sense the water is really cold, but I am not feel cold. Again I feel a warm streak down my back. With spread fingers, I rub off the shampoo and soap off my body.  Turn off the water and feel refreshed.
In the record, I had not looked at the shiver or the warm streak.  I put my hand out as a Wiggle maiden places her hand on mine.
Shiver: While outside the water zone, I stick my hand into the cold water and get a slight shiver all over my body. In the record, I see my hand in the water and a hand of a Wiggle maiden on my hand. Through her fingers, thin strands for Wiggle energy wrap around my body. The strands fortify my outer DEM layer to shield against the cold. 
Warm streak: When I rinse off, I step into the really cold water and rinse off all the soap. When I turn around to rinse off my back a feel a streak of warm DEM down and up my back. In the record, the Wiggle maiden waits for me to turn around before she hops on my back. She flung her arms out and raised her head. A beam of silver Wiggle strands and my Gaia yellow intertwine and ascend upward through the DEM ocean and beyond. The cross training was quick and added to the Energy Bank of the House. 
- Cross train with golem queen and maiden 
- While still lying down, I finished cross training with the golem queen and maiden. As I start to drift asleep, I see myself outside a western bar. I walk through the doors and see stairs off to my left. I walk up and through the open door and I am greeted by Bart. I fall asleep and don't remember anything else. In the record, all DEM females want to know where males go after they cross train. There is extensive research by DEM female to find the source of the red elixir of life.

17th - How in the world am I supposed to do this? In the record, how is it that one person can change the course of the world, much less the solar system.

19th - I cross train with a dark female. In the record, as she lies in my bed, I use clairvoyance to view her different schisms: crow, succubus, screaming terror, vengeful death, dark dragon. After the sessions, I noticed that the captives at the house are gone. Ibol told me I just did a important cleansing of key person. As always, I had no clue who it was. 
In the record, the now cleansed Orange Many Hands female cleansed her associates and took them to continue her work.
In the record, little did I know that the Orange man was really a woman.

20th - When I go out to the store I run into Bart in a new body. In the record, he is still keeping track of me which is good.  
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