Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Avatar of the Day List 2019

Quote: "We love the human race. We want to be friends." Pikachu maiden

Each week, I allow a different avatar, golem, or dragon groups to experience life as a human as the avatar of the day. Below is the list for 2019.

Year of transformation: Shion change from an ogre to a kijin once she was named. This is similar to all the avatars, golems, and dragons that participate in the avatar of the day.

January: Oceania Council maidens, City State Council maidens, Forest Council maidens, Biome Council golem maidens

NASA image of atmospheric river

February: Biome Council golem maidens, Atmospheric River Council maidens, Geographical Feature council maidens, Biome States maidens, Oceanic States maidens

March: Oceanic States maidens, Atmoshperic Layer States maidens, Coastal State Maidens, Ground Weather states, Tokyo Dragons

April: Hida Mountain Golem maidens, Mum Golem Guard, Oceanic Dragon Guard, Dragon Guard

May: Dragon Guard, Sound Guard, Earth Senate, Mars Senate, Enlightenment Mum Avatars

June: Gaia Golem Guard, Tree Assembly, Tree Senate, X Golem Guard

July, August: United Golem Confederation of Earth

September: Witches of London, Essex witch Coven, Cheshire Cat coven, South York Cats, Cats

October: Cats, Gibraltar Cats, Moroccan Cats, Phillip
This will be the end of the avatar of the day until it is resumed in the future.

November: The GBS are back, mix off previous avatars while we wait,  

December: I will be in my body for December and possibly longer.
So...there you go.

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Bart: Just saying "Hi!"

Events that lead to Bart saying "Hi!" to me on the massage table.

Top left:
It my massage appointment. I lay on the table. Talk some, but always end up falling asleep.
As the massage continued I heated up. In the record, as I looked at the record there are flames around the room. Nothing seems harmed by my flame barrier, but still there's a lot of fire there.

Top right:
Bart readied to dive into our universe with his magnifier. In the record, our universe is a box.

Bottom left:
Bart traveled to our Earth. He set the magnifier on the yellow beam.

Bottom right:
Bart bent over the magnifier and waved hi with both hands. It lasted about a minute as the image came into focus, then out of focus.
In the record, I have seen many of Bart's flesh bodies on Earth, but it was the first time I saw him in the flesh.

Yeah, he just wanted to say hi.

Quote "David, he does like you. So behave." Ibol Startreedrink

LOL. Both Bart and his friend came and hung out at magnifier on the 31st.

Since my records are open to all, every avatar, golem, and dragon see what I see. In the record, they all saw that Bart, a creator of their creator of this universe was a human in real life. All the races know that human kind was made in the image and likeness of Bart.  And these same races had harmed the human race. Let's see what happens from here on out.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Protective Energy Field - First one...Oops...Sorry

"David means well. Just give him time and he will get it right." Moon Princess
2018 December 12, BAHVN board meeting at the Albany United Methodist Church. I did my first energy field/barrier for protection and it sort of backfired. Sorry.
It is a cold December, as I arrived at the board meeting for the Bay Area Hearing Voice Network, BAHVN. Prior to the meeting, I agreed to make my own energy barrier for protection. Once seated, I signed my forehead and turned on my yellow energy field surrounding the board members and me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw flames, though everyone seemed okay in their jacket. As the meeting progressed, I monitored the field and realized I had no breath hiccups. The meeting goes well. We will hit the 8 p.m. mark, but someone brought up an additional issue. Then the church avatar turned off my field as I started to converse with the avatar.

"What happened?"
"It is 8 o'clock. Your meeting is over."

I felt cold and I had a breath hiccup as an energy wave plowed over us. Moments later, the board members all pointed at the small space heater as they ripped off their jackets shouting. 

"I'm hot. Why am I hot? Turn that off!" 

I stared in disbelieve at the commotion I caused.
At the meeting start, I blanked out for a several seconds. In the record, the church avatar stared in disbelieve as I created my energy field. I turned up to talk to him at the meeting start.

"What is going on?"
"Hi, I am David. That is me doing an energy barrier. Pardon me for not getting your permission first."
"How long?"
"8 then."
"No, 8ish."
"I can see the record and it ends at 8." 
At the meeting start, I looked across and saw a board member blankly stare at me.
In the record, I heard the two board member avatars talk to each other.

"He is going to fry us."
"That would seem the case."
"What do we do?"
"I suggest that you point at the heater when it happens."

In the record, the space heater was on for two hours and no one complained about it. All the board members were forced thought to believe it was the space heater.

This is not uncommon for me. Often when I stand in line, the females around me start to take off their warm clothes not knowing why. That is when I stand outside the line to give folks relieve. In the record, my own soul has an effect on nearby people.
On Earth's Moon, the Moon princess' sister noticed a thin yellow spike through the Earth. She started to talk to her older sister.

"Oh my, what is happening?"
"It is my beloved, David."
"What is he doing?"
"The problem is that he does not know what he is doing. I will go down and check."

In the record, the energy wave washed away the yellow energy, but the board members had yellow energy inside their energy bubble, which is why they were still on fire. The Moon Princess put out their fire for me. Thanks for your help. "You are welcome." 

Avatars who monitor the places I stay showed me various energy barriers that I can create for protection. I am good to go now.
And here is my formal apology to the board members.
Hi everyone. I am sorry that it turned out that you were uncomfortable.
I have since practiced energy barriers and know how to make them compatible for all in the field. Again, I am sorry.
At the January BAHVN council meeting, things were different. Because of the fiasco at the December meeting I now know where all the board member's avatars are on the different planets. I can now have a duel conversation with each person. In the record, when they announces that they were hot it was their avatar speaking. In doing so, once touched, always in touch now applies.

Also, the church avatar shut off the energy barrier at 8 p.m. again.

2019 January 12 - That must have been the time I talked to the church avatar. add in the record for the Moon Princess.
2019 January 13 - grammar & punctuation
- At the next BAHVN group meeting everyone sat at the other side of the circle away from me.
- At a previous group meeting, everyone was okay with the energy barrier except two females complained of being hot.
2019 January 25, added January meeting 
2019 February 20, changed sequence for board meeting today. None of them remember it. Oh well...
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