Saturday, September 30, 2017

Seeking help with a chess match

Chinese Chess

Quote: "What help you give would be immeasurable." Gray folks

 Well, I need help. 

The Gray folks told me that the Box folks need help. 
This would make sense since the controller of the Blob was a box type person. 
The scimitar that attacked the defense of my flat was the size of a box person weapon created by 13 strands.

The weather is actually fine, though not perfect. There are lots of dark souls and spirits, a.k.a. shoulder avatars, that need to be reclaimed by their owners. 

So here is the question, "Why would you accumulate lots of dark souls and spirits in a universe outside of yours?"
I feel like we, the universe, is in a chess match.

For instance, Vlad the Impaler, created tree monster in his world when he put humans on a stick in our world. I already took care of this in the world were they roamed.

I am missing something. 

You don't need to reply...just think about it. 
Your avatar will get back to me. 
Thanks for the help.

P.S. We get no help from Gray or Box folks. Once they say it, it changes. We are on our own. There is a reason I was tagged the clueless wonder.
I have no ideal what the location means. It just popped up.

Well, if I had to guess, the digital world is the move they can not see which is why I am under constant attack in Pokemon Go. In the record, the dark souls and spirits (a.k.a. shoulder avatars) can not see the digital world. It important that the Pokemon world be one with their emotions.

Well, If I had to guess yet again, a box man type program went rogue and stabbed his creator. In the record, I was shown the damage eye of Arthur, Bart's friend. It's now time to save the rogue box man and end the madness of our universe.

Update: 2017 September 30 - forgot pic. I think the chess match is more like the Chinese version.
2017 September 30 - Yes! Well done! If the Gray folks tell us, it is a move. But if neither side know of the move then it is unmeasurable. Thank you very much. is the move. I have to go to bed...thanks again.
2017 October 1 - Yes, I will publish a list of dark or contaminated stuff to provide a better picture. A quick answer about nukes, soul, and spirit. Nukes feed the dark one. Bad ideal.
And changed either to neither and minor grammar. sorry about that.
2019 March 16 - added digital world
2019 March 24 - added Arthur
2020 December 28 - minor grammar
2023 November 26 - reposted pic, changed font

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

2017 August - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Imps, Aunts, a Uncle, Gray Folk, Dragons, a Sword, Digital chase, Pops, and one slacker. My summers are busy with little time to post." the slacker.

The chase team for the cross country trip was in the digital world

2nd - It is decided. The chase team will be digital crossing the States.
In the record, those in the digital world are invisible to the physical world.

3rd & 4th -  The avatar of the day, My Aunt, stares out of the car window and see my digital self running along side. 
At both hotels, the chase team stayed.  At Platt, White was present with Red as a retriever.  I meet Pops in the Elevator and as the biker outside the hotel. 

5th - I look at the Lewis and Clark Statue and see the dog. I instantly say, "Doggie", but in a different tone and manner. 
In the record on Dog planet, my Beagle self said "Doggie".  I think that my Beagle self only knows that one word. Then I, my Beagle self, proceed to say a whole sentence in the rough dog tone. I am so far behind on talking to dogs on Earth.

6th - We pulled into a gas station for fuel. I forget that I had quarters on my lap for tolls. As I got out the quarters flew across the concrete station. I gathered up all but one, filled the car and parked it off to the side. I went back and checked for the remaining quarter. In looked and I still did not find it. 
At an outside table, two black leather bikers offer to help find what I need. 
"Do you need help finding something?"
"No, I am fine. I will have to let the quarter go."
In the record, the bikers offering help were Pops and White. 
- At the Airbnb, I massage their dogs head as it falls into a bliss. The owner comment that it was unusually for their dog not to be barking. 
In the record, on Dog Planet, my Beagle person self placed my hand upon the dog's counterpart on that planet. A radiant yellow glow encompassed the dog's head. 
The record is on a story book format and are kept by their owner.

11th - Jon and I go to DC. All sorts of chases team folks are present: Ibol, Older Bro, White, Black, Blue, Red, and the DC Dragon herself. 
- After the visit to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, I let Tom tryout my body for a moment. 
In the record, the sensation of a male in my body was a little off.
Raid party from left to right: FDR and Tom Jefferson, Ubol behind Ibol, DC Dragon, Gray folk in purple and stripped shirts, Green dragon (dog), Red dragon (dog owner) with Blue dragon as shoulder avatar, Uncle Tim with Aunt shoulder avatar

-  At the Moltres raid party, I returned to my body and quickly took a picture of the raid folks. See the pic above. 
In the record, FDR and Tom were in body shells. The rest of the party were in  human bodies.
- The Lightning Creator come out and join the raid by lighting up the sky.  
-  Before the raid, Ibol stated, "My husband is a slacker. He thinks that catching a Moltres in two throw allows him to stop playing." 
In the record, it was excellent to hear Ibol use such endearing terms. Yeah, I did catch the Moltres in two throws and Blue was present for the catch at El Cerrito Plaza.

18th - Two new light turned off. One was in the long hallway. The other was at the audit station. The Sisses and Bros finished the week off as avatar of the day.

19th - Imps were here to leave there mark. 
On a walk with Ben, the Imp avatar of the day asked if pranks were a part of family upbringing. 
In the record, I should have seen the 25th coming.

22nd - At the BAHVN meeting, I did a lot of talking. At one point when I was speaking, it was as if someone else was speaking through me though I was in my body. It was not my avatar nor my shoulder avatar. 
In the record, I attempt to open the record but will not be allowed to write about it since I was at the meeting talking. What is said there, stays there.

23rd - Sitting on the toilet, I asked the Gray people if they needed our help. 
"Yes we do."
In the record, it sounds like the Box people may be in trouble.

25th - The force thoughts were excessive on the avatar of the day at work. Most of the class has been sent away. The teacher was corrupt even, which should have been the tip off. I am now in a bit of a panic having to manage the current turn of events.
In the record, three imp males sprinkled corruption dust on the class and teacher Thursday night to get the entire class sent off. To ensure innocents, two of the three were sent off in the beginning. The last one was caught trying to escape at the very end.

26th - Two different people at work went off the rails at me. I am not sure how much longer I can be at work without causing schism folk to be in turmoil. 

27th - There is a great pressure on Ben and me while we work on building the closet. I stand at the flat's doorway and invoke the DC dragon for help, then we both passed out and napped.
In the record, the flat's barriers were under siege from a black scimitar. Chicago had a similar dagger hanging over the city. The DC dragon came and ripped the threads that created the sword, which then vanished. It was no accident the Berkeley riot happened the same day. 
The avatars at the six sides of the barrier did a great job protecting us until the DC dragon made her entry.
- The Hummingbird Daughter told me exactly how to prepare their sugar water for the feeder.

28th - The gray folks came clean and put their records in the Mercury Library. 
- At the BAHVN meeting, I had about 8 breath hiccups.

2017 October 1 - added avatars at the barrier.  
2017 October 12 - The smiling gray shirt male is the Gray folk who is aligned with me. The meeting of the 22nd was the Gray folk talking through me. 
2017 October 15 - The 13 strands of the scimitar were from the GBS schismed part. What I do not understand is how the ruler of the Solar System not survive the schism. He was complete lost. The 13 GBS served him but survived, schismed though.
2018 December 1 - I look at the photo again. Both Gray folks are in the photo, who are the creators of the creators of the creators. Wow! In the record, all this, all of it, is to help the injured gray folk stop the rogue programs from destroying everything. Who would have thunk that is why it is all happening.
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