Friday, July 24, 2015

Avatar Dialogue: Many a True Nerd, Dodger & Mel Blanc

 "Ble, ble, ble, that's all folks. We miss you Mel." Porky Pig

Avatar dialogue is common and heard in conversations with people. Avatar dialogue works by your avatar superimposes their face over your face in a viewing bubble and talks. People do not realize they allow their avatar to use their voice to speak. Avatar dialogue is spontaneous, with third person language, different voice tones and mannerisms.

Below are four links to watch with times and written dialogue of avatar dialogue from Strippin, Dodger, and Many a True Nerd. The last two links include the human responding to the avatar as though it was another person. Please note the rating.

Strippin: (M rated) Note: Both of Strippin links have stopped working.
Dark Souls II #26 Walkthrough
1:50 “Come on, come on Sam. Get back in the zone. This game breaks you in many ways."
5:49 “Let’s get in there. Let’s get back in the game.”
7:42 “You’re better than this. You’re better than this.”
Dark Souls II #23 Walkthrough
0:26 “You have to be more confident in yourself Sam senpai. OK...OK my Japanese alter ego” 
In the record, Strippin had three male and one female avatar, which is not uncommon.

Dodger: (G rated)
0:15 “Well constructed thesis statement Dodger. Thank you Dodger.”
In the record, Dodger avatar does not look at the camera when we does the dialogue. If she did, I would be able to see her through her human's eye. For some reason, female avatars are shy around me as I am shy around them. She has a female avatar.

Many a True Nerd: (G rated)
Fallout 4: Survival Mode - Part 19 - Sanctuary
2:02  “Well that was subtle there Jon. You will give away your position very very quickly. Well done Jon.”
In the record, Jon has one male avatar

Mel Blanc:
A famous avatar dialogue person is Mel Blanc with some 1,500 voices. Below is a quote from an NPR story about Mel Blanc.

"Noel calls his father a method actor. He says he could watch his father in the sound booth, and without hearing the sound could tell exactly what character he was doing because he became the character."
Remember, when you avatar dialogue, you have the tone and mannerisms of the person you channel. I have channeled Porky Pig and stuttered just like the Porky.

 Other avatar dialogues are on this channel: Avatar Dialogues

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to see an avatar location with your physical eyes.

Gnat Ball of a Gnome

Quote: A gnat avatar or fairy is easy to spot when you know what to look for.

It is possible to see the physical location of an avatar. A tight group of the gnats is a good sign of an avatar location. Five gnat clouds are listed below. The first part is what I saw followed by a look at the avatar record.

I was driving in the Mount Tamalpais area and saw a small gnat cloud barely above the ground vegetation. I stopped the car, got out and approached the grapefruit size cloud. The gnats were a slow-moving ball that hovered in place. I placed my hand flat in front of the gnat ball. The avatar lands her gnats on a nearby leaf and proceed to land on my palm and curtsy as her wings disappear. She is around four inches tall and brown-green in color. Looking closely at the record the avatar wings are used for synchronizing the flying of the gnat cloud. The wings are not needed if the gnats are not flying.

In Davis, CA, I stepped out of my rental cottage and approached a melon size gnat cloud that is head high off the ground. I stared intensely and saw a tight frenzy ball of gnats zooming in a crazy pattern.  I stuck my hand into the ball and I felt an energy all around my hand.  The energy immediately withdraws. The gnat ball broke into a lazy pattern, but the gnat avatar quickly pulls her gnats back into the male avatar’s chest.  In the record I saw a gnat avatar on top of his head lying chest down, legs were crossed up, with one arm holding up her head while the other hand was used as a baton to direct the frenzied gnats. It seems that gnat avatars have a commensalism relationship with other avatars, like remoras have with larger ocean fish.

A garden avatar is up next, though I do not recall where it happened. I was walking by the front of a house and saw a gnat cloud in front of the shrubs a few inches above the ground. The cloud was tight so I wanted to examine it closely. As I approached, the cloud broke up and the gnats flew away individually.  In looking at the record, there was a garden gnome sitting cross legged in front of the shrubs with the gnat cloud contained in his belly. The gnat avatar was sitting on his left shoulder leaning against his head moving her body back and forth while singing a song.  When I approached, he grabbed her and took off.

One more that is the exact opposite of the gnat balls. I was running along an old railroad trail outside of Carol Stream, IL. Off in the brush was a large-tight gnat cluster about the size of a man on a horse.  In looking at the record I saw an Indian avatar on a horse that was holding the gnat cloud in place. 

2016 September 3:
Jon and I left the SacAnime and returned to the car. I passed a two foot diameter gnat ball head high and 10 feet in front of the car. I asked Jon if he saw it which he said yes. We reached the car and found the passenger's side door was unlocked but nothing was taken.
In the record, there are four male souls with shoulder avatars guarding the car. Three roam the general area while the bowler hat man with a billy club was by the car. The picture is close to what he looks like. Now imagine a lovely female avatar on top of his shoulders.

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