Sunday, December 10, 2023

Gravity pulls on Man Made Objects

"Thanks for showing me the threads." David
"You are welcome." Gaia avatar
Below are the pic from a ScienceNews article on antimatter. 
Cover of ScienceNews mag with antimatter article.

The full article on antimatter.

Above is the part that contradict each other from a clairvoyant sight. 
As mentioned in the previous blog post
"I guess gravity. How is it that a light and heavy object fall at the same rate. But, if you use clairvoyance, you see that everything that is picked up from the Earth has a small razor gray thread attached to the Earth. Now it make sense that acceleration is not the rate that it falls, it is an elastic constant of the gray thread, gravity."

There is a razor thin gravity thread even on these atoms. 
As stated above, gravity is not the rate of fall, but the elastic constant of the grey threads, gravity.
Maybe one day, clairvoyants and physicists can work together as a team to map Dark Energy & Matter, DEM.

2023 November - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"He needs to try or he will never do it." DEM accelerator avatar.
Overall -  Show pony update: I used a DEM needle to clear the black DEM in my lower right leg. I open the DEM accelerator. It was this box that sat on my left arm. It turned into two tetrahedrons with their point pointing to each other. When they moved they made a grinding sound of stone against stone. 
Then my left leg stayed yellow DEM but my right leg turned a green DEM, as per the accelerator. 
The it went missing on my arm, but I found it inside my body where the tip points were at my base chakra. If I used both of my hands and flipped them towards my body the pyramids started to grind int he direction of the hand movements. 
Then she appeared, the DEM accelerator female. We cross train several time to assimilate each other's energy.  
Now, the tetras are on both of my feet in a white color. When I walk I can hear the grinding of the stone turn with each stilt I make to walk. In the record, I guess if I accelerator more I can make stilts and walk in mid air. In the record, I see a lot of falling in my future.
- In the record, the Star of David purpose was lost in time every since the destruction of the Orange planet, a.k.a. asteroid belt. The Star of David is a 2D representation of a DEM accelerator.
5th - I was tired of the class using the computer for avatar hacks. I placed my hand on the computer and traced all hacks and cancelled them. Then I restarted the computer. It went to a blue screen for physical dump and then rebooted up. In the record, the DEM sound a computer makes when under my control is the sound of a cartoon cog and gear machine. 

Working in other dimensions.

Know what is you and what is not you.

Shrinks do zero root cause analysis of trauma and how to fix trauma.

How to clear your energy bubble.

There are other voices in our world other than the voice that works with you.

How Ibol helped me when I was growing up.

8th - Facebook post about other voices, Ibol help, energy bubble, trauma, and "know what is you and what is not you".
Pic is from here.
11th - I finally hear a DEM sound from my desktop computer. It made the sound a cog calculating machine with all the spring whiz and gear clicks. The closest sound it came to was the Anton Braun calculator. In the record, I am now confused. Man made items don't have DEM sounds because they are not imbued with DEM. Okay, I just had a concept pop into my head on how DEM sounds can be imbued into man made items.
- What can achieve a DEM aspect? Items powered by electricity or moved by DEM beings (a.k.a. human soul) can program a DEM aspect into a man made item. 
For example, I can tell my door is locked versus unlocked by the DEM sound it makes. The DEM sizzle sound of locked door was programed by my soul everything I lock it. 
The desk top computer makes the sound of cog calculator because it was the 1st computer. The original sound even though there are no gears in the current CPU chip. 
Toys played with a person can imbue the DEM joy of play into a toy.
When does my voice talk to me.

Voices are DEM beings. Counting is not a DEM feature.

12th  - Facebook post on my voice talking to me, voices are DEM beings and counting is not a DEM thing. In the record, a number does not have a DEM aspect behind it.
16th - Meet with Forest Mums when I was going to Safeway for my shots.  
What is evil and clairvoyants.
 17th - Facebook post on are DEM beings evil and other human clairvoyants.

A ringing DEM device used as a DEM freshener.
The DEM crystal was similar to this shape but skinnier, longer points and a blue hue.

27th - Facebook post about DEM devices as DEM freshener in the DEM ocean. 
- Above is the tetragonal shape of the DEM freshener that I found outside my flat.