Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Avatar Hack - Cubicle light

  Light on the left, blue arrow, came back on today.

Quote: "Pausing the light is the only thing he let's males do." Male Avatar Student

I, the avatar of the day, settled in to my cubicle to start work.
I flipped both lights on knowing the left one is out.
As I started my email I heard a flicker off to my left.
I slowly turned my head and saw the left light was back on which has been off for months.
I busted out laughing, realizing today they are replacing burnout bulbs at work.

In the record, my cubicle has been replicated for avatar class room experiments in hack, force thoughts, and thought impressions. Every morning I turn on the lights. Every morning I sense an avatar place their finger on the circuit between the switch and the light activation to block the white light's circuit.

The light was back off.
Using the shoulder avatar, I sensed a person who held the light circuit off. 

In the record, the ability to short circuit a electric light can be used to short out any other electrical system. This ability can be used on car designed to be bombs. A post will be done on this.

2017 May 31 - added light is off photo
2017 June 5, the light is staying on permanently now. The male avatar student have finally figured out that they can do more than just hold a light.  
2018 August 19 - added in the record. 
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pics

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pandora Strand - Sand World


Pandora box strand - Sand world was created by a drowned soul of the Flood.

Quote: "It happened so quick...none of us escaped." Schismed Soul

"Don't drown anyone."
"Ha, ha...very funny."
"We are in."

The roar of sand waves breaks the silence of the strand transport.
I look off to my right and see Blue, Red and White Dragons run down the wave of sand.
As I levitated high, the wave crashed over me.
My part was to distract because I can...a house size sand hand closed around me...Pop!
I instantly teleported out back of the wave. Another sand hand reached after me. I dodged the grab and saw the Dragons below set the soul trap for capture.

In the record, the goal is to save everyone, which means going down every Pandora stand to reunite the schismed souls. Sand world was the result of the Flood which schismed all the immortals who drowned.

The soul tether worked. With the help of my shoulder avatar, I remembered my experience in this strand. The more strand records I collect, the faster the deadliest puzzle can be solved. 

2017 June 5 - added sand hand 
2024 May 2 - changed font, reposted pic

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Earth Energy - Velvet Hands

  Right: Fingers pressed together compress the green Earth energy between your fingers.
Left: Adding a wire mesh, channels away the energy allowing your flesh to touch itself.

Quote: "You are almost there." Human Evolution Box Man

In the record, when I press my hands together, I compress the Earth energy, but never touch my flesh.

When I press my hands together on the wire mesh, the Earth energy is compressed by my hands' as the wire channels the energy away which allows me to touch flesh to flesh.

The answer to the hint, "When was the last time your skin was soft?", is when you were a baby.

In a record, I looked at me picking up a baby with my bare hand against the baby's skin. I saw my green Earth energy absorbed by the baby's avatar remnant, which allowed our flesh to touch each other. 
If you go visit the SF Exploratorium, in the corner of some room is the Velvet Hands rack. When you use it it will not work the way it should, which would be allowing you to touch your physical hands. 
Instead, I left a smooth layer of Gaia energy on the racket. Folks have told me that it feels like glass. I have no idea, because I have Gaia energy on me. 
Also note, that this post was done 2017. I had not discovered DEM. It will be two more years before I figure out that all this stuff that I had been looking at was DEM, Dark Energy & Matter.
2023 May 28 - added SF and Gaia energy, changed font, add DEM discovery
2024 May 5 - reposted pics

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Transport Avatars: Earth Energy Tethers

Sky transport avatar locking Earth energy around the airplane for human flight.

Quote: "We will aid humanity on your journeys...even to the stars." Transport Avatars

In my body, the avatar of the day boards the Southwest flight for Chicago. As my body buckles in, I, my soul outside of my body, goes up on top of the plane to greet the transport avatar of our plane.
As the plane taxied for take off, the sky avatar reached out her arms and summoned up a field of Earth energy to encompass the plane. As the plane takes off, the energy field narrow into a tether.

In the record, humans need Earth energy surrounding their bodies for good health and well being as they travel in the skies.

In the early days of ocean ship travel, nautical figurehead were on the bow ocean ships.
Just like air travel, a ocean ship avatar gathers Earth energy around the ship to ensure the tether of Earth energy was always available for human travel on the open seas of water energy.

2018 December 2 - With more transport avatars available, there are two to four per plane for added comfort of human air travel.
2023 July 30 - changed font, reposted pics

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Table of Contents

Welcome to The Voice Inside My Head blog contents.
The contents will be update with every post as I backlog the existing post.
Unlinked labels are place holders for a future post.

Quote: "Finally...some order to the madness." Pops

David Hallsted: Intro, Bio, Physical,

Avatars: FAQ, Name origin, Spotting,

Avatar Dialogue: YouTube examples,

Avatar Process: Human soul development, Thought impression, Mask King,

Avatar Shell: Half Moon Lake marmot,

Avatar Substitution: Posey Tube

Earth Avatars: Nasturtium, Watermelon, Narmada river stone, Cats, Cow heaven,

Records: FAQ, Entering a record

DEM (Dark Energy & Matter): Eureka! We found it, An Everyday Event, Seasick & Cold Showers,

Advance Blog Contents

2017 June 4 - Moved advance subjects to a different table of contents. 
2017 - linked Masked King, changed table of contents to blog contents 
2020 February 8 - well, this needs an update. Time to put Ben to work.  
2020 February 8 - added DEM links
2023 November 28 - changed font

Saturday, May 6, 2017

David's History

Quote: "He was so cute...how could I resist." Ibol

In my entire history, I never sought medical attention for the voices or any other odd events.

When I was young I would...
- sing-song talk
- talk to my invisible friend

As a teen I would...
- have music playing in my head
- go on adventures on my own
- always be curious about the gender of everyone

When I was older I would...
- dialogue with myself
- just knew things
- still curious about gender

In 1991, I started to hear voices

In 2011, I started work with the voices. 

On April 10-11, 2017, I gave my first talk about my voice at Dominican University and got paid.
The talk introduced:
- a voice is unique and has a location
- your voice is surround your head, not inside
- 4 traits for voice identification
- watched three You Tube videos of voices using their human to talk
-  a voice using their human voice to talk out loud was okay versus talking to the human inside their head 
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pic

Avatar of the Day list for 2016

Each week, I allow a different avatar group to experience life as a human as the avatar of the day. Below is the list for 2016.

Quote: "We waited way to long to do this...it's time we help." Golem Queen

January: Crow Queens, Timeline Hand maidens, Mars Dragons, Four moons, 7th Planet

February: Uranus, Neptune, Avatar Third Planet, Gorgeous Black Sisterhood (GBS a.k.a. GWB), dance partners a.k.a. female avatar leaders

March: First planet, Keepers of Books, Pyramid Builders, Wind avatar

April: Avatar High students, Avatar High and friends, Migration, Celestial Arm maidens 

May: Dog planet, Neptune moon, Mars' moons, Earth golems 

June: Lava golems, Air minx, Water minx, Air golems 

July: Ice golems, Sand golems, Swamp golems, Savannah golems 

August: Highland golems, Coastal golems, Tropical golem, Rock Glyph golems, Coal Deposit golem
27th - The light in the cubicle comes back on. It's been off for months. I had to turn it off when I left work.
28th - The light does not turn on.

September: Hidden Valley golems, Coal deposit golem, Sea Bed golem, Atlantic Ridge line golem, Atlantic Ridge line south golem 
Hidden Valley golems: 
3rd - At the SacAnime, I spotted a thin red haired boy in plain dress and a thin female in swim suit. Both looked out of place. In the record, both avatars have flesh bodies.
7th - The light was on but I did not notice it. The avatar holding the green potential line for the avatar hack let go to allow the light to blink. I saw it and realized there was work I had to do in the dark corner and proceed to do it. I had to turn the light off.
7th - At the house, a squirrel mom is very close to my physical body. The squirrel avatar remarks that the golem avatar are just like them, small and skinny. The squirrel avatar was convinced to come inside and see the house.
8th - The light was back on. I had to turn it off.
11th - The light acts normal.
14th - The light is on, though it flicker once. 

October: Pacific Rim golem, North Pacific Rim golem, Pacific Northwest Rim golem, Pacific Northeast Rim golem, Pacific West Rim golem
Ocean floor golems:
20th - excellent work on the force thought

November: Pacific West rim golem, Japan golem, Japan volcanic golem 

December: Sing-Malay golem, NZ trench golem, AUNZTI trench golem, Eastern AU trench golem

2018 April 15: changed golem to avatar  
2024 May 3 - changed font