Friday, December 29, 2017

Ubol's World - A Meeting with Smiley

Quote: "A big thanks goes out to Ubol for sparing his life, which allowed access to the chess board." Marty, a Gray Folk

Ubol called a meeting of the governors of her home planet.
Her Guard,a GBS, Gorgeous Black Sisterhood, whispered in her ear.
"My Lady, we need to go and prepare."
Ubol raised her hand to silence her,"We are not done."
"Arton, how is the Earth tree growth in your providence?"
"Slow, my Demon, we have not the soil you have in your land."
"Have you not tilled the animal dung into the soil to break it down?"
"Yes, but we need more rain."
"It will be done."
"And you Tygao, have..."
A loud cough from Ubol splatter purple internal organ on the rock table.
In slow motion, her head descended to the table as Ubol glimpsed of a smile she does not recognize.
"Pop." the guard and her disappeared.

The next day, at the reconvened governors meeting, all praised her recovery.
"Praise the almighty Succubus who survived the giants."
As she sat, Ubol place an empty corked flask on the table in front of her.
"Yes, my people, I survived the attack of the dark giants and found our traitor."
All were hushed with shocked as three different people spoke.
"Surely, my Succubus, no one would dare betray you.
"It would be the death of them.
"Who would be that stupid...hahaha."
"You would."
Instantly, many hands flew out of Ubol chest to pin the traitor to the wall behind him.
Ubol grabbed the flask as she stepped on the rock table and walked to the fallen chair.
"Spare me, I did not do this. It was him. He..."
Ubol place her left finger on his lips, "I just want to talk to him."
She placed her right hand over his face and reached with her thoughts to extract the smiley one. Upon the coward, a face of the smiley appeared.
"How may I serve you?"
"Release him."
"You think you own him. He is mine."
"Then I will find you."
" simple fool. You cannot defeat me."
"I don't intend to."
While they talked, a many hands placed the flask in her right palm. Ubol quickly, uncorked the flask and sucked the smiley one into the flask and corked it. The coward slumped to the ground as she signaled aid for the unconscious.
Ubol handed the corked flask to the GBS guard to take to her potions room for analysis.
"Do not break the flask or I will have to extract him out of you"
"Yes my lady."

In the record, when the Blue Dragon was rescued from the Blob, Ubol found one of her people on the main altar of energy extractions. Since then she searched for the person who had abducted her people. Her plan was to make him show himself by almost dying. Since Ubol was a part of me when I did the many hands, she now has that ability.

In the record while looking at the record, I was able to trace the Ubol line with Smiley back to his location. In the vision, I see a circular table with many worlds drawn on it. In each world, there are one or more clay figurines. He used the figurine as voodoo dolls to control the folks he possessed. I see the blob world with a burnt "X" on it with a broken figurine on its circle.

At first I only see, a half of the table. I expand my sight and see a circular table. I expand my sight again and see an finite table of worlds in front and back. Then I see the Dark One off in the distance. A wave appeared as the timeline was pulled to block my vision. Another wave appeared, but I reply back.
"Sorry, it's my line now."
A tear of the line occurred to allow his escape back to his black hole.

In the record, I got a glimpse of the chess table of worlds he controlled. I examine it again, and the Gray folk, Bartholomew, takes over my body. His eyes, my eyes, see the multitude of lines connect to each world chess piece.

In the record, the hand claps were extremely loud, like real loud. The claps sent an energy wave across the green ocean we all live in. The record is now gone and with him. I asked him a few questions.
"Does the chess board relate to Pandora's box."
"Yes it does."
"Do I get to see it."
"It's in the box."

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Friday, December 15, 2017

2017 November - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Substitute an avatar a travel follows your way." Ibol

Megenaium - Webster Park avatar as a digital Pokemon
1st - I meet the avatar of the Webster Park, Mo. She appear on the Pokemon Go as the Meganium. I avatar talk to her to see what she wants. In the record, this was the first time an avatar of Earth took on a digital Pokemon form. Well done.

4th - In the airplane flying home, I look at the window and spot a golem rising up in the sky on brown stilts. She reaches window height, waves and walks faster than the airplane flying.  In the record, I want my next trip on Golem Air, a.k.a Golem Express. Think about it. They can walk faster then passenger jet.

 9th - I found a brown moth on the floor of my flat. I placed the moth on my hand. The avatar of the dying moth rose from the moth and kissed my forehead and gave me a hug.
- Lots of practice from the avatar of the week in human bodies and animal bodies.
- The light was on when I woke up. In the record, the avatar of the day thought they had turned off the light but another avatar used their finger to hold the white line from connecting.

17th - While playing the TM playoff games the avatars threw the game. It was quite obvious since the tanks were having many problems. In the record, the imp boys were finally thrown out of the house for being a bad influence and to save their hide. 
- In the record, I have yet to explain why playing TM, Tread Marks, is part of the practice of the avatar of the day. A post will be done, but in brief it is timeline practice. 
- Off in the distance I see that Box man is talking to the Imp boys. My only thought was, "What is he up to?"

Digital female Pikachu sent the avatar of the day home to bed.

17th to18th - Late night taking gyms, I come across a female Pikachu who promptly tells the avatar of the day to go home and sleep. Once at home, the avatar sat then laid down on the bed and immediately fell a sleep. I used my hand to get the attention of another avatar to finish the nightly shower and get my body in bed. It was one of those odd experience of my body being asleep and yet I can raise my hand to get help. In the record, last week avatars wanted to make up the thrown games by getting lots of gyms for me. They sort over stretched themselves and thanks for the gyms.

18th to  24th - The Moms and Aunts want another turn.
Pokemon Go Hunting in Downtown Santa Cruz, CA

22rd - It was Ubol's turn to achieve level 30 before the double exp week is up and downtown Santa Cruz will do fine. In the record, two week later I looked at the photo thinking I need go back here to hunt but for the life of me I can not figure out where this is, yet my body was there. I had to look at the picture date to determine where my body was. 

23rd - Thanksgiving at Sacto was calm and enlightening. I avoid mention of family and friends for privacy. In the record, an event at Easter was assigned to me. I know the location of my Mums House which need fixing.

Note: The last several months, I have spent too much time trying to figure out is going on. It is very confusing not know what I do, yet I know to do it. In the end I need to spend more time in my body. Too many things happen to be in the sidelines 24/7. I now attend Tuesday game night at my flat and the BAHVN meetings on Monday. I am partial present for Sacto visits. The avatar of the day and I work on the blog together.
I never explained why I started avatar of the day, which turned out to be good choice to ensure my safety. A post will come on this soon, but in brief it revolves around a lucky penny.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Ibol and David Meet the Black Hole Guardians

Quote: "If you have a problem...just give me a call." Coach Dave, Solar System Life Coach

It is May 1st, I clicked on the publish button to post the 2016 April 23-29: Spiral Arm Maidens post. I start to leave my bedroom but I tell myself, "No, are going to bed.", as my body put me in the bed. Moments after my head hits the pillow, I have a massive cough which throws my upper body up out of bed. Pushed back down, I see myself in the vastness of the black hole unharmed. I sensed the Black Hole Mum and her daughter behind me as I face a male Black Hole guardian, though several more were behind him.
"Unbelievable...they're contaminated!" 
I have no time to contemplate her words. I need to shut him up. I release my many hands from my body to stop him from talking.  As the many hands near, a Black Hole Maiden moved forward to put her hand over the guardian's mouth and her other hand to stop my hands. She then lead him away from the area.
In the records, the black hole guardians stood sentry on the the worlds of pandora's box to ensure the schismed souls do not escape their prison. Unfortunately, some escaped, which is why the Black Hole Mum stated her finding. Also, the guardians were to be a secret, but now it's out.

In Ubol's record, she leads a meeting with governors of her planet.
Her Guard whispers in her ear, "My Lady, we need to go and prepare."
Ubol raised her hand to silence her,"We are not done.", as the meeting continues.
A few moments later the guard whispered, "They are starting, we need to go now."
She ignored the warning and continued with the meeting.
Within seconds, She lunged forward and coughed up purple liquid mixed with pieces of internal organs. Ubol turns her head to look at the guard.
"We're done.", as the guard slides her arms under Ubol.
"Pop" was heard in the meeting hall as both teleport to Ubol's bedroom.
"Pop" and the guard lays Ubol on her bed.
"Quick, she's mortally wounded." as layers of healing and energy shield cover her from the waiting healers and spell casters.

In Ibol's record, she is laying down in our bed on Venus with several avatar raising green protection shields. My Venusian body appeared by her as we hold hands, which means my body is in bed on Earth.
"I have him. Now go to him."
"Pop", Ibol's daughter, my shoulder avatar, who put me in my bed on Earth, teleports to me in the black hole.
My Venusian body lunges out of bed but is pushed back down by Kenisha. Ibol was already restrained. Clasping my hand, she viewed the scene at the black hole through me as others watch in her view bubble through my shoulder avatar, her daughter.

In Ibol's daughter's record, my shoulder avatar, she needed to stop the red stream. She sent the many pink hands out from me to the male guardian.
As the female guardian placed her hand to stop the pink hands, the pink extensions leaked past her hand to continue the attack. In the record, the contaminated guardian had to leave the area, because Ubol wanted to continued the attack.

In the planning record on the 24th of the 2016 January 23-29: Seventh Planet post, my dream was cut short on details for good reasons. In the dream, I remember seeing something off in the distance but was forced thought to ignore it.
There was a meeting Pops called for my soul and Ibol's shoulder avatar, a GBS guard, and other dragons.
"We have a task. The guardians of the black holes need to know that schismed souls have escaped. This will not be easy. When they talk to you, your soul will be shredded to pieces."
Pops points to me, "You have to tell them what happened."
"What? Are you nuts. I am not doing that. I want to be king."
"Sorry coach, but we'll protect you."
I see an image of me in my bed with avatars casting energy shields to protect me.
"Look, Ubol thinks she's invincible. She not going to do it."
Pops points to the GBS. "That is why you need to be there when it happens. Just be ready to teleport her to her bed when it starts."
"Will do."
I am waving my hands to get attention.
"Yes...what is it?"
"I can't do this. I almost died last time. Just don't tell me."
"Got it." Pops points to Ibol, my shoulder avatar, "You need to get him in the bed when it starts."
She nodded.
In the record, Pops can not tell the guardians because he is still contaminated. I can because Ibol and Ubol are now one with each other. Also, the guardians need to discover it for themselves that several of them are contaminated, which means schismed souls have slipped pass their watch. Now we can begin to discuss how a schismed soul lied to the golem race to have them destroy the human race.

In the record, though it was not mentioned in the Dog planet post from May 2nd through the 4th, my soul was hanging around the avatar of the day from the dog planet. I, my soul, was extremely excited to be alive. I was jumping and cart wheeling saying...
"I am alive...did you know that...I am alive?"
"By the way...guess what...I'm alive!"
"Hi who are you...guess who I am...ALIVE!"
In the record, I am the biggest coward in the solar system, but I am alive.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

2017 October - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "David will make it, though he will need our guidance." Walter of the Gray folk

1st - I have come to realize that Gwen, Kenisha, Green and Red now live in the neighborhood. 
-  While driving in the car to an Entei raid, the avatar of the day spun a stop. At the raid, she was thrown out of the raid and lost the gym pass. In the record, I vowed to never drive and play Pokemon Go. The people of that digital world held me to that promise with a small penalty.

4th - My dreams were interrupted by me peeing in bed. In the record, I had a talk with the male imps at the house. To keep them busy, they are on a new assignment, "find holes in any of our defenses at any of the locations".

Entei raid
6th - No matter how many balls I get for the raid, I already know if the Pokemon avatars will allow me to catch the raid Pokemon. In the record, Pokemon world look at your timeline to see if you are worthy to own the Pokemon. 
- Did soul tethering to find a dark one who wanted help.

9th - At the BAHVN meeting, a long time meeting member looked at me in horror for several seconds as I asked if they were okay. This is its own post.
- The dark one from the 6th had his love come to the meeting for help by me. 
- A Gray folk added extra energy barrier at the meeting. Need to do a post on it.

10th - It's game night at the my flat. I decide to come back in my body to play a few games. Immediately I start putting game piece away in the wrong bag. I explained, "A bag is a bag."
- At that game night, I asked Josh how I met him and said that it was through gaming? In the record, the avatars of the day had meet him through our enjoyment of anime which I would not know because I was not in my body at that time. 
- I make the perfect milkshake for Jenny and Jason. 
- I forgot who Jason was.

 11th - I go for a short Pokemon Go walk to catch. I walk by an orange Tabby sitting in the street. I walk by and say hello. In the record, it is the second time the Pokemon world has taken a physical shell in the physical world. 

13th - I picked up Ice Cream at Tucker's in Alameda.  A homeless person shuffled in and asked for water. I knew that he did an okay dress up. In the record, the gray folk are just like us human, while the Box people are more Energy based. The record I was given to read was a scroll that encircled me without an end. I was able to pull out individual time where they did intervened to steer the direction of the human race. 
In talking to him, Walter, the reason for his visit was to meet me, though we never talked. 
I go out on a limb here, I am guessing that they are trying to make a world for them to live in. One of many that they live in, but something went wrong with Earth. More questions...

18th - The Golden State Warrior and Houston Rocket avatars made sure that both locations got the emotional energy rise needed for the energy bank waves.  
- I made a complement to a house about their decorations. I heard a male voice say, "Thanks." In the record, I had suspected for sometime that house was individual, an avatar. In making a house, you make a guardian. The better shape the house is the better the guardian. This needs more investigation on my part. 
- Once known, I now see all of the house guardians. Wow! I knew churches and stores had an avatars, but houses. It makes sense.

23rd - I looked at the record of the BAHVN meeting. I saw us seated in a circle and lots of other people surrounded us filling the room flowing out the building
 - I stopped to take a Pokemon Go gym.  As I took the gym, a doe and two fawn walked up the sidewalk where I was and stayed there waiting for me to finish the gym battle. In the record, as soon as I looked at the deers three Pokemon balls pop into the record. Our electric creations have advanced from a lone cat to deers. Well done.  

25th - I put the recycling and trash can away for 908 Shattuck. I was by the house and the dog barked. All of a sudden, my Beagle self was in my body and talked to the dog. In the record, I am so behind on talking dog while my Beagle self on Dog planet is competent in human English. The key I am told is to feel the words and the bark will mimic the sound. So I push him in to me for a few lessons on dog speak. 

30th -  I rode the bicycle from Dawna's home to Frontier Park for Pokemon Go hunting. I need to cross the South River Road but there is no cross walk button. I rode over the stop light's inductive loop and the light switches green for me go to. 
In the record, it was just a wet day and I was able to conduct better for the loop to pick me up. I had to run the red light to cross the street the rest of the week.

End pic in Matrix movie.

31st - In St. Charles, I watched the Matrix with Sister Dawna and her boys. The DVD showed the movie until it paused exactly at, "system failure". 
In the record, I saw an avatar put their finger on the white life line of the player to pause or avatar hack the movie. We watched other movies later that week and the DVD player was fine.

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