Sunday, June 14, 2020

Golem Encounters In Russia

"We, the golem race, desire to work with the human race to bring peace to the surface world. We are willing to work with those who will let us."  Golem Queen
A Nat Geo special on Almasty, a.k.a. Bigfoot, had two excellent sightings of golems. One in Tashtagol where they found bear fur and one in Russko-Ursky where a golem in a hazmat suit was spotted by boys. 

 For both locations and the show, Nat Geo had Dr Burtsev interviewed and brought to both location.

Dr. Bustsev was the point person for the show. He told the Nat Geo interviewer that the Almasty spook quickly, could hold you in place, and were telepathic. In the record, the golems had to slow down their speak, though it was still too quick for humans; used avatar hold; and did avatar talk.

The stream had dozen of Wiggle energy strings, which damage a golem hazmat suit.
The Tashtagol event was a family which saw foot prints of a Almasty and followed them to the stream where it jumped across. In the record, the Mom's avatar used avatar speak through her human female to explain the stream crossing.

In the record, the golem hazmat suit is a shell with some type of hair on the outside. The hair is used to hold the green Earth energy, a.k.a. Leave energy, on the suit which reflects the Sun energy. The hair in this situation was bear hair which explains why they found bear hair. The golem race in Russia have permission from the bear clan to use their hair for their hazmat suits.
In the record, if the golem had not jumped the stream the Wiggle energy would have stripped portions of the Leave energy off the hazmat suit, which would leave the golem exposed to Sun energy damage.
On the left, has nothing. On the right, the golem in a hazmat suit suddenly appeared.

The Russko-Ursky event had boys following tracks of an amasty to a lake. Looking through the reeds on the lake edge, they spot a almasty. Both saw each other and ran away.
In the record, the lake edge had snake like Wiggle energy one to two feet high at the boundary of the water to the land. The golem chose to go through the Wiggle energy without a hazmat suit. Once across the Wiggle snakes on the frozen lake, he put on the full hazmat suit.
In the record, a golem can move a mile a second. Putting a hazmat suit on in an instant would be possible.
In the record, the boy's avatars force-thought their human boys into believing that the almasty was hiding behind the reed to avoid explaining how a person can sudden appear out of nowhere.
In the record, the golem ran to escape the humans. Human can not be trusted. We are the only race on this planet that kill our own kind.
In the record, I have explained to the golem race why the human race is the way it is. They want to help the human race and if possible, join us topside.

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Sunday, June 7, 2020

2020 May - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

"Thank you for my new job." Mr. Floyd
May 2020

Overall: I hiccup more then I used to. In the record, yummy red shards.

4th - I go to work.
- The light was on. No avatar was there to hold it off. In the record, the light on the left side is usually avatar hacked off.

5th - At work again and the light is back off. In the evening, I have a sore throat and cough.

6th - I report to work and tell them that I have a sore throat. I am sent home.
- I am sick again except the body aches only last for an hour

9th - I got sick again, this time it was twenty minutes, then I got better.

13th - back to work

16th - Around this time I was practicing pushing my face in to a view bubble. In the record, I guess I need to use one? Not sure.

25th - Finally we talked about sex in the support group, though only vaguely. I mentioned that it was fun and enjoyable. At the end of the meeting I mentioned that I rarely talk about sex because it is not always a safe subject. In the record, they have tried multiply times to have me talk about sex but I always skirt the issue.
- At home, as I sit on the toilet, a.k.a. throne, Bart and I try to help one of the support group folk's avatars understand their fear.  Bart puts one of the human's avatars on the receiving side of the viewing bubble and proceed to speak nice words.  Out come horrible words that would distress any human. We all decide to remove the emotion barrier from the view bubble's lens. When nice words were spoken, nice words were received on the human end.
In the record, a certain dark person convinced the Previous Venusian King that to protect the Venusian people from further infection from their human's emotion, you need to add the reflection lens, a.k.a emotion barrier.
In the record, the purpose of the emotion barrier was to drive a division between the Venusian and their humans.
In the record, the barrier also protected the human race from the bad habits of their soul parents, the Venusians. Note, some have parents on Mars.

26th - As I watch MSNBC news, there is a person being interviewed. Their face was three dimensional on the screen. In the record, the interviewee's human did a full avatar speak.

30th - I finished making my quesadillas. I use clairvoyance to inspect the kitchen. I see red shards in the pan steam, off my warm food, and even in the cooked turkey thigh meat. In the record, I always drink milk after the meal to wash down the red shard that may be in my mouth and throat.
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