Friday, March 15, 2024

2024 February - Dragon Diary

  It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Long time to see David. We need to talk." Princes Poodle.
In the record, I am in so much trouble with so many female avatars.
Overall - I know that I have to be a show pony. I still have not figured out how to disconnect my feet from gravity. As a walking tree, I would make brown Earth matter stilts while wearing a cloak of Green Leaf Energy. See the picture above. I am a dragon now with Gaia stilts and a coat of fire. it should be easy to disconnect from Earth? I still don't know. The minute I do and it goes public, my quiet life is over. In the record, humans are walking trees. As I said before, this is a Tree Galaxy.

11th - At the Sunday Voice World meeting a person came. They stated that they were from outside of this universe. I thought, "oh, okay". Then I tried to see if it was a dimension versus a universe location. But they insisted that they came from outside of this universe where our laws of physics did not apply and everything we good and beautiful in their universe. They stayed for half of the time. Then the subject turned to gravity and that I can see it and knew how it worked. They immediately left. 
Later in the week we would have mental conversation about them being in this universe. Then it happened. They closed a door at the edge of the universe. 
In the record, well, they were telling the truth. I try to not look at anyone in the meeting with my clairvoyance to preserve their unknown status of non-human.
In the record, I do know when a door closes at the edges of our universe, because I just happen to have a redheaded door on my flat. 

Zoo Hypothesis only considers 5% of everything

Link to the Sunday Voice World meeting is here.

14th - Facebook comments on Zoo hypothesis and when the Sunday Voice World meeting is.

Every human with a soul has a voice. Some talk, some don't.

I had gone into an in depth explanation of something that their voice did not want them to know. So my comment got deleted by them avatar hands on the keyboard. This is not unusual. It happen when I found out about heaven.

The voices can left the viewer room or use speech balloons.

There are lots of voice to talk to other then the ones assigned to you.

How to block out intrusive voices.
24th -

Link to the article is here.

25th - Oklahoma has a fracking issue. In the record, The golem races has full permission to cause minor earthquakes to stop the humans from dumping the wastewater in their land under ground where they live.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

2024 February - 5% diary edititorial correction about AI

It's a diary of my normal life, the 5%. Just posting my replies to the monthly newsletter questions between the family and cousins. Dragon comments are after, "in the record"
I decided to make this a separate post because I need folks to understand the limitations of AI. 
Below is an editorial correction I had added to the February newsletter about GPchat AI. 

Editorial corrections by David: 

A newsletter ago I labeled AI programs as evil. Well, that is not true especially since I use AI programs for pattern recognition all the time. 

In the record, I stated that AI GPchat was evil because it forced people to view trauma to label it trauma so it does not come up in a search. The repercussion is that it started to create trauma in the folks viewing the trauma.  


To the right is me using Google Lens to identify the plant that is growing from the bird seed. 

AI programs are good for reading QR codes,

And the AI program I love the most is the grammar and spelling one. 

All the above is pattern recognition


For creative content, AI program can’t do it. Whether it’s creating a story, picture or movie, it fails. 

It’s a subtle fail, as though something is not quite right. 

The first time I recognized it was in the Captain America movie where special effect made a skinny young  Captain America. As I watch that scene the voice and the body did not match. It was subtle but something was wrong because the voice was not coming from the body.


In the record, back in August 2023 dragon diary I talked about a sexy AI Asian lady look like a Frankenstein cut and paste picture.

How I know something was made by a human is that the creator has put a part of their soul in the creation which AI program lack…for now. 


in the record: FYI. You can train animals to see what has DEM versus an AI creation. Dogs or parrots would work. In fact, all of nature see's DEM, but for some reason we were left out of that benefit, though we, humans are a part of nature. 



2024 may 14 - grammar 

2024 March - 5% diary

It's a diary of my normal life, the 5%. Just posting my replies to the monthly newsletter questions between the family and cousins. Dragon comments are after, "in the record".

David --

The bittersweet meeting of perception and reality… Summer vacations away from the Bay Area. Summer vacation in Hawaii was hot and humid. Summer vacation in the St Louis area was hot and humid. Summer vacation in Switzerland was hot and humid. The reality I have come to experience is that the temperature and humidity in the Bay Area makes it a perfect place to live. Yes, I retired to be on permanent vacation in the Bay Area.

A mention about the walks to the playground that Mom used to supervise. To kill time as a kid on those walks, I would pick up some of the small bird feathers off the ground and put them loosely cupped in my hand. Then I would put my hand up to my mouth and pretend to cough and the feathers would go flying out just like that cough medicine commercial in the 1960s. Nah, commercials never influenced my life...LOL.

In the record, below is what I originally wrote but decide to only include the 5% life.

The bittersweet meeting of perception and reality… Well yeah, my clairvoyance and voice hearing. Normally, I don't talk about  this part of my life in the newsletter, but if Mom asks, she gets what she asked for. If folks are interested in my work with the avatars go to my blog here:  The bittersweet meeting of perception and reality is how that voice hearing community has accepted me.

I remember the first voice hearing meeting I went to I brought a small white board and markers to help explain how the voice world works. As the meeting progressed, the only desire of the attendees was to get rid of their voices. I felt completely out of place because I was working with various voices, a.k.a. avatars, to help change our world. 

Another example, the voice hearing congress is doing an event on how the voices have caused trauma in the voice hearer's life. I submitted a proposal to discuss how to use the DEM, Dark Energy & Matter, that we have in and on us to fix the trauma without therapy. They were not having any of that. 

I remember going to a physics forum to help explain how gravity works because I can use my clairvoyance to see it. No go there.

Being the premium clairvoyant on Earth gets me nothing other than several hundred blog views a week from all around the world.  Mind you, not one comment. I continue on knowing one day I will have the bittersweet smile of saying, "I told you so."

Any new weather stories.  The two that I can think of are the vernal lake in Death Valley and the Trinity Lake watershed snow pack. Rare opportunity to kayak in Death Valley National Park


In the record, I asked the weather avatar if the vernal lake is going to be an annual event, and he said that it is a 50/50 chance. 

In the record, why is a large percentage of Earth's fresh water locked up at the poles. Perhaps it is time we had it back. 

In the record, I mentioned the Trinity watershed because it was not part of the original restoration by the weather avatars. They have now fixed it.


Both are covered in this YouTube video here and below: 


The TimeBomb website is about California water issues from an engineer's perspective. Yeah, set the view speed to 1.5 to get through it.

And the snow pack is up with more snow to come. 

In the record, the weather avatar is still good their excellent work. 

Are you a snow person or do you like snow at a distance? I used to go to the snow all the time. But my two arthritic knees and left hip ended those fun times.

Pi Day March 14th…what is your favorite pie? The pies that Sandy brings are good. The only pie that I used to like eating was a pecan pie. But due to the amount of sugar in pies, they have all gone to the wayside like ice cream. Yeah, I need to avoid that sugar in everything.

March 21st…Common Courtesy Day - serves as a reminder of the behavior that keeps society from melting into a sea of madness. In addition, the day brings awareness to how crucial common courtesy is in our lives and provides examples to help us improve.  What is your favorite Common Courtesy? I like to bow with praying hands to thank someone. It's quick, direct, and avoids COVID touching.

Any special Easter stories or special meals or desserts? Yeah, the Easter egg hunting dog, Copper. So there we are in Sacto for Easter and we are all stuck inside because of the rain. So we take turns hiding the eggs inside and low and behold, Copper starts collecting eggs in his mouth as the others were also looking for eggs. Copper must have found a half dozen eggs that Easter and did not break any he found.

In the record, I usually let Ibol be me for Easter. She likes looking for eggs and all the fun games that come from being with the family. I decided to be Copper the dog. Yes, the dog. It is not odd that all of a sudden Copper was this fantastic egg hunting hound. 

In the record, there is a portal between here and the dog planet. Also, I am married to Princess Poodle of the Dog planet. Asking a favor from Copper the dog to be them for the day was just fine. 


The Olympics are coming up soon.  I guess the four new sports that they are adding could be exciting. The four new sports are Skateboarding, Surfing, Breaking, and Sport Climbing. I always like watching the Olympics.

Any special plans for Easter or trips?  I guess I will go up to Sacto for Easter weekend. Cya soon Mom, Mike, and Steve.

As always…how is your life going? Slow. Rain and more Rain. Sour grass (in my backyard) is blossoming.


The only project I did with Ben other than clean up after the rain was clean the machines, a.k.a. single purpose robots, and drains in the house. 


For the LG side washing machine, we drained the water and cleaned the filter. Then I popped in an Affresh tablet and set the washer on the clean setting to freshen up the washer. For the dishwasher, I put the Glisten bottle between the pegs and set the dishers on sanitize. For the oven, I took out the racks and I set it on the self clean. I vacuumed up the ash after it cooled. On all the drains, I cleaned out the black slime that builds up with a wire brush. The one you see pictured is used to clean out 1/2" drill holes in concrete.
So I did a "Dad" the other day and started to shout at the TV, but not about sports but about heavy towing. So why did I start watching the heavy tow truck stuff? I remember back in the old Fauland's house in the back room, Pat's hubby, Joe, talked about some of the difficult operations of moving a wreck. That piqued my interest, so I taped a few of the "Highway from Hell" series on the Weather channel. These folks are pros doing real time physics with large wrecks that weigh multiple tons. After watching a dozen of them, I thought, hey there is this other show called "Highway 401" about heavy tow trucks. After watching just one, I started to do the "Dad" talk to the TV. For example, "No, what are you doing?" or "Let gravity do the work" or "Tow it out the way it came in" or "Just flip it. Why are you lifting it." or "You need to watch the other show." It turns out these tow truck drivers have modern trucks with rotator booms. They think they can just lift everything up instead of using a tow line. On the show, they are causing their truck to almost tip over all the time. I remember in one episode, the operators were looking at the instruction chart embossed by the controls to figure out what to do. Really. It is a little late to be looking at the instructions when you are about to lift a wreck. So, I have a new direction in life. I want to be a heavy wrecker....LOL.

Hey everyone, be safe, stay dry, and Happy Easter.


 I also include fun facts in the family newsletter:


Origin of odd Berkeley motto is here.

2024 March 15 - added Prince Poodle to the Easter story.