Friday, April 21, 2023

2023 March - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"We willing give our blessings to David." Black Hole Mum. In the record, the blessings are the new attributes of my soul. 

The above Bizarro cartoon is from here.
Overall: Well, what can I say. Cross training with a cow maiden or any other avatar is quite interesting.
My walking gait is much better. Just had to find that one DEM being to get them fixed. Still need to work on the other simple DEM machine to make my hip and knees whole.
The picture of the Dulzura kangaroo rat is from this site.
2nd -  I walk naked into my lower flat, which is also the great expanse of the Hallsted Energy Bank. A person I previous cross trained with mentions that I have a yellow fire tail. I look behind me and say, "Oh yeah, I did not know it was there." In the record, the end is like a kangaroo rat tail, where the fluff at the end is the Gaia fire coming out.

5th - Shopping at Andronico's for my weekly groceries, I come across 5 Asian females and a black haired female with her the green dragon. In the record, the blue dragon is with Green.
7th - I cross train with Blue and 5 other dragons. 

10th - As I fall a sleep, I felt the tug of dragons on my head, elbows, feet, and tail. Blue is on my tail. In the record, I need to draw a pic of my new soul.  In the record, they are dragon flames.

11th - Binge watching RWBY anime. No two souls can be in a person at the same time.

12th - A funny Avatar speak: from @haleyybaylee, It happens when she starts talking third person, "This is why we don't make manic decision Haley."  In the record, her voice made sure not to look in the camera when she spoke.

13th - At the support group meeting, we talked about getting sleep. I said, "Well if you sleep you get to leave your body and do things."

14th - Small cow maiden crossed trained. The above picture is from here.  She has this golden glitter that surrounds her breasts.  In the record, I now have the same golden glitter from my lower jaw in my saliva glands. In the record, Hathor has moved in.

16th - Yet another attack. This time it was pain above my right hip.  Later that night, I caught up with him and his schism. I took his schism and placed in my soul's right eye to see what he saw. 

18th - I am given a choice from Bart. A simple life with a human Ibol or the current path of solar system life coach. In the record, it turns out that his corrupt BRO. Seriously, once on the path, how can you not stay on it.
20th - At the support group meeting, we talked about the 5% v 95%, physical v. DEM.

21st - Crossed trained with Ice, rain, wind, and the Magnetic North. When the Mag talk, she had an echo sound in her voice. In the record, Ibol had a similar voice.  

25th - The Black Hole Mum, her 3 daughters and a daughter came over to cross train. 

26th - At the grocery parking lot a raven cawed at me loudly several times. Later that afternoon I crossed trained with the raven.  It all went south. The training never did climax and she had a lot of stuff in her. It was like the unclean river spirit in Spirited Away. See pic above from here.  In the record, she was a valley Mum who needed a place to rest.  Two days later we crossed trained again. This time a purified dazzling white Valley avatar Mum left refreshed. 
In the record, she showed me the location though I am not sure whether it was the 5% or the 95%. In the record, the reborn Tulare Lake has a refreshed Avatar.

27th - I forgot to get meatballs when I went shopping on Sunday for Tuesday's spaghetti meal.  Since it is only one thing I am walking without a shopping cart. As I walk towards the meat department Bart's and my path cross. As always, you say nothing and walk on. After paying, I drive back home and think that it was a test. Bart is checking up on me to make sure that I am doing the work. In the record, Bart was only interest in my progress.
- Watching a taping of the Daily News TV show and Ronny Chieng is doing a skit about the Florida school board banning Michelangelo's "David" as pron.  Then he goes into the size of its penis as being small, and it hits me. Here is proof, prior to hot showers that a man's penis is suppose to be small and in the center. 

30th -  Crossed trained with a Sun Mum and her three daughters and a senator. 
- I wonder why the golem race is not showing up for cross training. All of a sudden a male golem walks into the energy bank and told me that they need to separate their race from me for now. In the record, if the golem race is to seek war reparations and be the Earth's security force, a.k.a. human time out supervisors, they can not have contact with me. Anything I see, the rest of the DEM world sees. 
- Updated post: 2023 February - Dragon
31st - While on the toilet, I have an side ache out of nowhere. I reach in my right hand dragon crawls and put the DEM knot out and hand it to a helper. Off to my left, I reach out my left dragon claw through my black bubble to the offender. I grab them and they are restrained outside the Hallsted energy bank. In the record, the visit from the Black hole Mum and maidens has given me a new portable energy bubble layer which no one can escape from. 

2023 April 4 - spelling and added in the record about blue
2023 July 15 - reposted pics