Thursday, August 25, 2022

2022 January - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Dowsing is a start on teaming up with the human race." Dowsing avatar
Overall: I used a DEM timeline chronopointer to track when things happen.  In the record, it make a click sound when it is properly lined up.

12th - Asked the tree avatar if I could to put a nail in the tree, which she said no. 

17th - I  think there maybe a way to replicate the dowsing rod phenomenon. 

19th - I asked the tree avatar if I could cut her tree roots.  She replied, "You can if you need permission to put your wood there."
23rd - There is an artesian well on the property. The physical signs of the well are in the picture on the right, while the DEM green energy is on the left. I guess that the dowsing rods/stick interact with the DEM green shaft when the DE wiggle strand pull the stick down. 

Four different tree dowsing "Y" sticks from the yard. 

Before I try the artesian well Wiggle strands, I try the bath tub which has Wiggle strands in the cold water pipes. I tried 4 different "Y" shaped tree branches and nothing happened. 
30th - I went outside the and used the dowsing sticks to point to the DEM green shaft and still nothing. I used my clairvoyance to put the stick in the green DE shaft and still nothing. I mentally looked at the timeline of the dowsing video and feel that I am being shut out. In the record, when I get shut out it because they don't want me to see what is really going on.

In the video above I use my clairvoyance to examine the phenomena on how the dowsing stick move on their own. 
The short answer is that the human's shoulder avatar moves the dowsing tool to answer the question their human asked.
How it works is similar to what happens in the Dr. Rice blog. The human's avatar, a.k.a. voice, puts their head and shoulders into the view bubble which puts them into the human's shoulder avatar.  The shoulder avatar put its head into the human's head to see the physical world plus the DEM world.  They also placed their hands in the human's hands. The shoulder avatar quickly lifts their hands up and pull a DEM strand from the human hand down the tips of the dowsing tool. When the human is at the correct destination and/or request, the shoulder avatar moves their hand. 
The process is like the magic 8 ball toy. You ask a simple yes/no question and get your answer when the dowsing tool moves. 
2022 October 3 -  changed the intro to fix iPhone formatting error
2023 July 15 - reposted pics