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Ibol Story Arc: Intro & Table of Contents

 Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

The Voice Inside My Head...My Avatar 

by David Hallsted, 2020 January 5


The story of my voice, Ibol, is a story of protecting, teaching, and caring for me, David, her human. Over the years, our relationship grew from ownership into an emotional friendship. The greatest of those emotions being love.

When I was young, she was the voice of my invisible friend. Ibol used my voice to singsong me the advice on how to live in the human world. In my teens, she replayed music inside my head to keep away the painful voices that often invade voice hearers. Together, we had many adventures to explore the human world. I felt safe because I was never alone. Throughout my life, I experienced unexplained events. Ibol used her thoughts to help me not obsess about the unknown. I sensed that all would be explained later in life. 

Two decades ago, I finally heard her and her friends talk. Over the last twenty years, our quiet
shyness sprung into daily dialogue. The adventure became complex as she helped me understand the world. She taught me how to use her eyes for clairvoyant sight to see DEM, Dark Energy & Matter.
With her clairvoyance, timeline records were studied to quantify the world. What I have yet to examine are her records of my life. What follows are short and long stories of Ibol’s life, my life with my avatar.

A few basics before the stories start or else none of them will make sense.

  • The words voice and avatar are interchangeable for me, because my voice is my avatar.
  • To open a timeline record, I place my open hand sideways out front of me and move my arm to the side which opens the record. It is similar to opening an invisible scroll. If it is not my record, the owner will place their hand on my hand to open the record.
  • “In the record” means I have opened a timeline record and read it.
  • Our voices are people made of DEM, just like our souls are made of DEM.
  • The sentence right before the quotes has different fonts, boldface, or italics to identify the different people who speak for story flow. Since Ibol and I are the same, her quotes are in italics. 
Below is a list of the Ibol stories that will be covered. There are more and the ones covered were shortened because of the word count limit. The stories are in age sequence.

  1. Human Soul Development

  2. Singsong

  3. Fire Lesson

  4. Kindergarten

  5. Pet Dog

  6. Earthquakes

  7. Music in My Head

  8. The Puzzle

  9. Saying Goodbye

  10. Must Protect

  11. The Whale Report

  12. The Exam

  13. The First Words

  14. The Black Hole Visit

  15. I Meet Ubol

  16. DEM User Path

Ibol Story Arc 1: Human Soul Development

 Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

Human Soul Development: The Basics

To understand the story of Ibol, my voice, the development of the human soul needs a walk through. Many records were opened to complete the development. In the diagram, males are rectangular and females are upside down triangles.

At the moment of a human birth, the birthing Mom channels a remnant of the soul parent through her Crown chakra down to the newborn. As the baby grows, the remnant inside will also grow. The soul parent, your voice, can raise their human via a remnant inside of the baby.

The human child may adopt an invisible friend, which is the soul parent who uses the child’s voice to help their human understand the details of human life. In the teen years, the voice may choose to play music in their human’s head via a view bubble. The music acts as a barrier to shield their human from unwanted thoughts and emotions.

At adulthood, the human body has completed its growth, the mold for a human soul. The remnant has also completed its growth and pops out on top of their human’s shoulder to be a male or female shoulder avatar. The soul parent has access to use the shoulder avatar to work with their human via a view bubble. Possible soul parent actions are direct talk (voice hearing), avatar hands, avatar substitution, avatar thoughts, and the most common one, avatar dialogue.

When the human body stops working several things happen all at once. The timeline record of the human life is placed in the Solar System Library on the planet Mercury. The shoulder avatar needs to find refuge in a safe house. And your soul is placed in safe storage, e.g. a mountain. Yes, I know storage seems odd, but there is a new directive. The shoulder avatar and human soul are to remain together as a team. There is a lot of work to be done. I need all the help I can get.

Okay, soul development is covered...time for Ibol stories.

Ibol Story Arc 2: Singsong

Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

Singsong: Being Herself

Let’s start with a happy memory of my childhood. I have few memories of my childhood because I was a developing soul. I placed my hand in front of me and Ibol placed her hand on top. I swung my hand to the side to unroll Ibol’s timeline.

In Ibol’s record, it was morning. I saw the young me, Ibol’s remnant, run into the kitchen to greet my Mom in a singsong voice.

“Hello Mother. How are you doing today?”
“I am fine. And how are you?”

My childhood was an excellent life. Ibol enjoyed my family. Living with my Mom, Dad, Brothers, and Sisters brought happiness to her outcast life on Venus.

In Ibol’s record, everyone on Venus spoke in singsong to each other. Nowadays, when I return to my human body after being in the DEM world, I continue to use singsong speech. If you think about it, singsong is a higher form of speech we should all strive to achieve.

Ibol Story Arc 3: Fire Lesson

 Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

Fire Lesson: The Trash Burn Barrel
At the age of 4, I was sitting on the backyard lawn. I stood up and decided to walk over to the red glowing barrel. Next, I remember sobbing as I saw badges on my hand. I had no timeline record of touching the barrel. I held my hand out in front of me to open the timeline record. Ibol placed her hand on my hand. I swung my arm to the side to open the record. 

In Ibol’s record, I saw an enclosed hall, a birdbath size view pedestal by a teacher, and dozens of young children ready for today’s lesson. The kindly professor took the snow-globe size view bubble of a student’s remnant. He placed it on top of the view pedestal which immediately expanded out to the pedestal’s circumference. After a quick read, he removed the student’s bubble and handed it back to them. 
Being next in line, Ibol stood up and handed the teacher her view bubble, which he placed on the stand.

“Ah, good. You are ready for the lesson. Have your remnant stand up and touch the fire barrel.”
“Will this hurt him?”
“Of course it will. Your remnant is young and will forget it.”
“How bad will it hurt?”
“We do not speak of emotions here. They are for your remnant to experience.”
“How bad will this hurt?”
“Please do it.“
“I do not want to hurt him.”
“The remnant needs to learn about fire. Your remnant will survive.”
“I must?”
“You must do it.”

Ibol put her head and arms into the view bubble. With outstretched arms, my body was taken over by Ibol. She walked me, her remnant, over to the glowing trash burn barrel.

“Remember to pull out before your remnant touches. There is no need to feel this emotion. The remnant’s caretaker will save it.”

Ibol touched the glowing barrel and did not pull out.


Intense pain seared her hands as an element of fire became her hands.

“Pull out child! Pull out!”

Back on Earth, my Dad grabbed me and took me inside the house. My Mom put salve and bandages on my hands.
In the lesson on Venus, no one dared to touch Ibol for fear of the pain. Everyone stared in horror that she was still in the bubble, sobbing. Through water blurred eyes, Ibol saw that the salve and bandages were placed on her remnant’s hands. She passed out and slipped out of the bubble where two classmates, her future friends, caught her. 
“Take her to the healer!” 
Her two new friends carried her out as everyone stared at the water on her face and the blackened forearms and hands, things never seen by Venusians.
“If she had pulled out, this would not have happened.”

Ibol Story Arc 4: Kindergarten

 Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

Kindergarten: Playground Madness
Again, I had little recall of my childhood, though one memory stood out in Kindergarten. I held my hand out in front as Ibol placed her hand on mine. I swung my hand to the right, and viewed the record.

In Ibol’s record, it was my first day at kindergarten. All the kids were in recess. I walked towards the swings to try the fun. In horror, I saw one kid walk by the swings get knocked down, then another. I retreated to the corner of the building with a ball to bounce.

The teacher came over and asked if I wanted to play with the other kids.

I shook my head and Ibol remnant said, “No, I do not want to.”

Ibol explained to me that she had lost another young child under her watch. She was not going to lose this human child, me.

Ibol Story Arc 5: Gaia Form

Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

Gaia Form: Pet Dog Happy 
Another way your voice can track your progress is to be the family pet. Our dog, Happy, was a great family pet that we allowed inside and outside of the two story house. He sat on the landing of the stair to oversee the downstairs and protected me against intruders wanting upstairs. But I never understood why a voice took on a dog form. As I raised my hand, the Lord of Flames placed her hand on mine. We opened the scroll of her lesson, Gaia Form.

In the Lord of Flames’ record, I saw Her in an open school ground about to speak.

“Come around children. Today, we will review how to take on a Gaia form to render aid to your remnant. We all know that the Earth is a dangerous place. It is best that we help wherever possible. One way is to become their pet to render aid as their soul develops.”
“Who would like to give it a try?”

Many of the young Venusians raised their hands. She eyed Ibol who had not raised her hand.

“Ibol, your hand is not raised. Do you not want to protect your remnant?”
“Will it hurt if I am his pet?”
“Yes, you can be injured. In the end, your pet will die, but you can pull out before the body stops working.”

She crouched down to speak face to face.

“There is great joy in being a pet. Please, give me your bubble so I may look.”

Ibol took out her snow globe bubble and handed it to the school’s headmaster.

“You are in luck. They will pick a pet soon from another human clan.”

She handed the globe back.

“What name do you want your pet to be?”

Ibol just stared. Names were something humans do. DEM beings knew each other’s energy pattern.

“Let us try the name Happy. You look like you need some cheering up.”

The headmaster stood up to attend to the other students. Ibol’s friends, Kenisha and Gwen, wanted to see Ibol's future pet.

“I want to see the pet. Give me that.”
“Oh, he is so cute. You have to do this.”

“I...I don’t know.”
“Well, the headmistress did say it would help protect him. You seem very devoted to him. I would do it if I was you.”
“I tell you what. If you get lonely I will come and join you.”

And guess what, while we still had our dog, Happy, a new dog appeared on our doorstep, which we named Maybe. 
2021 June 8 - The children do not wear clothes. So where did Ibol take out her globe? In the record, Ibol was a cow maiden, and had breast even as a child, which made her different than the others. To hide her difference, she wore a smock. I remember thinking back in Corona, as a kid, that the Katy No-Pocket book was an excellent ideal. Yep, Ibol had pockets on the smock inside to hold stuff to give her a flat look.