Friday, March 25, 2016

Isis Avatar - Zombies and Energy Bank

Quote: There are no zombies...just people who need our help.

Above in red, are the holy sites destroyed by Isis.
What I find interesting is how it is all playing out.
I remember reading how Isis forbids smoking and listening to music.
That tells me that something is using force thought to control the pawns in Isis.
And why destroy holy sites, that have no military importance unless you think like an avatar.
Avatars are all about energy.
If you can't use that energy, then get rid of it so you can replace it with yours energy to grow your bank.
If I had to guess, there is an avatar machine set in motion long ago for harvesting fear during mass extinction.
But it got smart and wants to sustain itself, thus it figured out how to create fear.

Here is another thought about the trouble in the Middle East.
The oil in the ground is the home of the oil golems.
As we breath air, they need to live in oil type soil.
We may need to put the oil back in the ground if peace is to be had in the Middle East.
Just a thought.

Update - 2016 December 29 added oil golem

Sunday, March 20, 2016

2016 March 12-18: Keepers of Books, Mercury Branch

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "If you read a book and see the pictures in you're viewing the timelines of our library." & "Slow down and read...the book's scenery fills in better." The Book Head Mistress.

2016 March 12-18: Keepers of Books, Mercury Branch
Old Library - When I was told they were the book keepers, I ask, "Do you have the Library of Alexandria?" They nodded yes and presented me a scroll in a language I don't understand. With my avatar's eye, I see the scroll's timeline and start to hear the English translation of the scroll's conversation. Remember, if it's published, anyone has access to those timelines. The book keepers reside on Mercury.
Book Visuals - The keeper make the visual scenery of the books. To show how it works, they asked me to read a section of a book. I picked up the 7th volume of Harry Potter and read the section where the Phoenix Order enters the back door of the Dursleys' kitchen. When I read, I see an open door with people entering and moving around the kitchen table. While holding that visual, I do a 360 degree view and see any part of the kitchen. The keepers use the author's visual images to build the initial scene and update it with the reader's visual images.
12th -
Discussion - The Hamster Mum has decided to help fight the collectors. Yet again, the meekest avatars are the first to take the charge. I ask myself, "What are the cats and dogs doing?" Off in the distance, I hear the grumbling of domestic animals.
13th -
Timelines - At the house, with today's avatar in my body, I take a dump on the toilet. Suddenly, I am in my body in a meadow on a real throne with a guard on my left. I side thought to the guard, "Am I on a throne?" She's a GBS, who is a he, and side thoughts back, "Deal with it!" I see men with dog faces who want to talk. In that dimension, dressed as royalty, I say, "You know, I am naked." The guard explains that I have nothing to hide. The Dog men want access to the flat to help fight. I say, "Sure, why not." In a line, 13 men get down on a knee waiting for a blessing on their forehead. As I see one forehead, I see them all and bless them with one sign. I hear their confusion and tell them, "Yeah...I got a lot of hands.", as we vanish from the meadow. Today's avatar finishes the dump.
A key on an avatar's forehead is needed to pass through the barrier around my flat. In the record, I look at the dog men and they are real men with dog heads. Also, my guard had a German Sheppard head, while I had a Beagle head.
Improvement - As for the throne, they need to be tossed. I had a mental talk with the GBS and asked to be put on bench, ground, or something that puts everyone at the same height and is inclusive, which she did the next time. Thanks
Cross Train - 6 Daughters & Mum, Kikky, Gloria M. D. Benson, Christine M. Casey, Lake Merritt Mum who is a GBS

14th - 
Hack - I full size the anime screen, which is blank. I reload the page and it was fine. In the record, the avatar chose to show the blank screen and skip the timeline of the video source.
Hack - The light went off, then on at work. In the record, I see an avatar flicks its finger back and forth. 
Catch - My foot was caught in an empty hallway at work.
Force thought - At work, one version puts me to sleep while the other one distracts me from work.
15th -
Shell - On my hike up and down Marin, I encounter a black hair female and her dog. In the record, I see a female avatar inside the dog shell.
Prank - I start to sneeze at home for no reason. I check the avatar of the day's location and find a nose tickler up her right nostril. The prankster removed it and I stopped sneezing.
Force thought - I was put to sleep but I fought back and rung my energy bubble with my avatar's shield.
Cross train - 3 Daughters, Pat A. Avery, Beth M. Morell, Margy B. Wallace, Hamster Avatar & Mum

16th -
Hack - At work, I open the browser and I get the robot check message. I close and restart and everything is fine. In the record I hear the avatar sing, "I am a robot, happy happy robot...", as she flicks the message up. 
Hack - At work, I opened the master calibration spreadsheet and it was blank. I calmly closed and reopened it and everything was there. In the record, the avatar choose a timeline that opens the program but bypassed the file. 
Catch - In QA, around everyone, I was tripped and no one noticed.
Force Thought - There seems to be three different types of force thoughts used on me today: sleep, desire, and distract. When I acknowledged each one, they stopped it, which was nice.
Shell - Driving  home on Independence drive, two crows fly up the tree and caw at me. In the record, I see two avatars in crow shells wondering if I saw them.

17th -
Hack - At work, I rename a file, which failed. I close every program and file and still it does not work. In the record, there is a list of potential timeline and the avatar continues to pick that error message.

18th -
Hack - Before I leave work on Friday, I delete all emails, which worked but didn't. I even check the exchange which is empty but the CC folder still shows the count of 45 emails. In the record, the avatar stopped the update from the exchange to my computer. 
Hack - Light was turned off for 2 seconds then on. In the record, I hear an avatar say now to turn it back on.
Catch - My foot was held in a deserted break room.
Force Thought - Both distract and sleep were used until I told the avatar on my shoulder to ring the bubble with the shield. 
Dragon - As I do my hike up Marin Avenue, a man on the other street side jogs up Marin. He has on bizarre black jogging outfit, but it's Berkeley so I don't give it a second thought. Together, we both jog/hike up to the top and go back down. In the record, I am talking to the Gray Dragon, who reminds me to look at the puzzle he gave me. He wants to be changed to the Black Dragon.
Improvements this Week - I used a glass of soapy water to clean the sharp scissors. I found a better way to knock bird seed out of the feeder for the ground feeding birds. Thanks
Cross Train - 2 Daughters & Sister, Bess Songe, Gnat Cloud Avatar & Mum, Rock Dove, Blue & Red Crow Queen 
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pics

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2016 March 5-11: The First Planet of the Twelve - Mercury

The date at the top is when I drew the sketch of the markings of the Mercury daughter's forehead.

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "We want to help, just give us a chance to prove ourselves." Mercury Mum

2016 March 5-11: The First Planet of the Twelve - Mercury
In April of 2012, I met the Mercury Daughters. Avatar's forehead are marked with the sign of their group. The six Daughters and their Mum are back this week. Mercury is the keeper of records for the solar system. I was allowed to view their libraries of book, movies, papers, and timelines, though Earth's timelines are keep on Venus
5th - 
Hack - I double check the Google+ blog intros for grammar misses. The Fourth Planet one is missing...just gone. No matter how many times I go back, it is still missing.
6th -
Cross Train - 3 Daughters, Mum & Daughter, Carolyn Frake, Mayan Moon Goddess, Lake Merritt Mum, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon & 2 Daughters
7th -
Energy - On my knees for Pilates, my toes start to curl. I take Earth energy from the floor and put it on my foot and it recovers.  

8th -  
Hack - At work, with Oracle open, I decide to heighten the window. I raise the title bar and it fills the screen from top to bottom, but it's blank. I experiment with other window enlargements and they all work except the height one. In the record, the avatar sees that the program first blanks out the window before it resizes the program.  The avatar had the potential timeline skip the program and leave the window blank. 
Force Thought - Three times I was almost put to sleep, then my arm moves to wake me.
9th -  
Shell - Outside the office are two crows in a tree gathering branches. I mentally say to them, "You can just get the ones on the ground. They are already broken."  In the record, one crow says, "Why does she have to say that?"  The other replies, "Because she can."  They do not have shells, but both avatars still look like crows. 
Catch - My foot was caught in production and Shaun noticed it.

10th - 
Book Discussion - I am at the book discussion for Dr. Steinman, who has helped people recover from their psychosis. His method of help is for the people to believe their psychosis is in them, not outside of them. The group starts to debate if there are other realms then the physical. I am a little annoyed with the Doctor and I take control of my body.
I say, "Let's keep it simple for you...just something."
"Interesting." is the Doctor's reply.
The avatar of the day had answered his previous questions, but now he perceived a different person who talked. At the end, he says, "'s possible this physical world is just a smidgen of what is out there." It was his avatar's way of agreeing with me, but not stating it outright. I look in the record and see his avatar used force thought to steer him in the direction he wanted. Dr. Steinman has saved people from the clutches of the medical world, though he believes in the old model, "ignorance is bliss". The new model is "just roll with it." 
Energy waves - Around 8:30 at the discussion, the wave machine start up to clean the Bay Area. Breathe hiccups return because I have no Earth energy surrounding me. I try to ground myself to the building, which fails. Five story Earth stilts are hard to maintain. My avatar see the wave and has me drink water right before it hits. The Doctor.'s avatar perceives the waves and force thoughts the human Doctor to drink at the same time as I do. 

11th -
Hack -  I check for the Fourth Planet post which is present but hacked. It has pictures of the marmot not the asteroid belt of the post. Somehow the GBS flicked the backpacking pictures to show. On the trip, a GBS was me and fell in love with the Princess of the White Trees. The princess took on a marmot shell to visit her love while I/she took pictures and filmed it. The GBS is posting pinup pics of her lover. 
Improvements for the week - Use two different wash towels, a soap and rinse, to clean the kitchen. Figured out a new short cut on the shower cleanup. Thanks everyone. 
Cross Train - 3 Daughters, Avid, Julia B. Platt, Berta Caceres, Portland, Lake Merritt Mum, Mum

2016 March 29 - Corrected the wrong week dates.  
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pics

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Avatar Collector: Night Terror Up Close

       Cut view: Night terror collector ready to ship. Collecting yellow/green clumps of fear.    

Quote: "We shall defend our owner and destroy the collectors before they attach." Hamster Mum

I was lucky to handle a collector which allows me to dissect the handy work of the assembler.

Ready to Ship - Left Side, Cut View
A foot-long hand-size fear collector is packaged ready for launch. Inside are red and blue strings to amplify and personify the person's fear, while the yellow strings are used to bundle loose fear balls. Also, inside the black spiny shell is a red bladder with a nozzle to house the collected fear.

Ejecting Fear Images & Collecting Fear - Right Side, Cut View
Spikes leak out red and blue energies to create the fear images. Around the person, snakes come alive that grow in number and size to create a bounty of fear. A rush of red energy shots up through the body, causing a fight or flight response. Through the goosebumps, red droplets shots out and become enveloped in the green Earth energy of the body. Yellow strings attract and latch on the floating green balls. Clumps of yellow and green are sucked up the red nozzle into the blander. The incoming fear expands the bladder which pushes out more strings that creates more fear. Once the bladder matches the inside volume, the fear drops off and the collector is ready for the fisherman to reel in. 

2016 March 13 - The Hamster avatar allowed me do view her records to study fear collection. I now have a first hand view of the details I missed before. 
2023 May 14 - A night terror is similar to a DEM worm.  Changed font. Grammar.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Avatar Collector: A Night Terror

Quote: On night walks, I hear the high buzz of collectors in the neighborhood. I want to help, but who would believe me.

As I stare at the ceiling, I lie in her bed and hold her hand. I am there to catch her night terror of snakes when it arrives. All is quiet, except the squeak of a hamster in a cage. Suddenly, the hamster runs on the wheel to get away.
She says, "It's here!"
In less than a second, I reply, "Got it.", as I move the terror from her to me through our hands. The buzz of a thousand bees rings between my ears with no affect. Not sure where it is, I use my mind to move the night terror to my hands. I feel the energy between my hands and toss it through the wall behind the bed. After several tries, I no longer feel its presence. We wait awhile longer and the terror does not return. We say our goodbyes and I return to my apartment to sleep. 

Update: 2016 March 12 
I never looked at the event records other than examine the night terror. So here we go...

Three records will be examined: the hamster, the humans, and the fisherman.

A four foot female avatar is the hamster's guide. When the avatar saw the night terror approach the apartment, she made the hamster flee for safety, which meant run on the wheel. The hamster's avatar watched both humans interact with the collector. Many times she watched the terror attack the hamster's owner. Never had she seen someone throw one out.

In my record, I see her and me laying in the bed. I look out towards the incoming collector and see a soul image dragging it closer.  The soul image connects to her soul to ensure the terror reaches the proper person. Right before the terror latches on her energy bubble, her avatar used avatar speak to say, "It's here!"  I drag the souls image over to me through our hands which moves the collector to my bubble. The buzz I hear is a brand new collector full of energy which never had a collision to start the process of collection. It took several tosses before the collector stop coming back.

In his record, the avatar fisherman wonders why the collector acts erratic. The fisherman monitors the lines by the tautness and vibrations from buzz energy of the fear images. Several loose lines and high vibrations tells him to reel it back in, because the human is no longer affected by the images. Both the fisherman and the assembler celebrate another person cured of their fear.  

Avatar Process: Fear Purgatory

The goal is to use the night terrors to help humans overcome their fears and collect fear energy to treat the souls locked in fear.  The male avatars are sincere in their efforts to help us. Below is how the process of fear cleansing works, a.k.a. purgatory.

Quote: "If it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger...yeah that doesn't work for an immortal soul."
Left to right, top to bottom: Avatar builds a fear collector and the fisherman casts it. Collector latches on the energy bubble. Blue/red fear images go out and green/yellow fear goes down the collection tube. Avatar squeeze fear energy into pit of souls.
Build & Ship a Collector  - Upper Left
At his bench, an avatar builder assemblies a night terror. He has different ingredients to construct various terrors. Each terror is personalize to the human with a soul image imprinted on each one to ensure its arrival. The terror is given to a fisherman, who attaches a line and cast the collector in the soul's direction. 

Attach Collector - Upper Right
When the terror finds the correct soul, it collides on their energy bubble. The impact of the crash causes the spikes to open and the nozzle to inserts in their bubble. The fisherman pulls the line tight to ensure it is attached and to create negative pressure for collection. The crash sends fear images down the spikes for the human to see.

Fear Image & Energy Collection - Lower Left
Upon seeing their fear, the human creates yellow and green fear bubbles that are sucked up the nozzle by the negative pressure. The more collected, the greater the positive pressure to push out more fear images. The filling collector creates a bounce off the bubble which allows it to detach and float away. The loose line tells the fisherman to pull in the full catch.

Pit of Fear - Lower Right
Either the fisherman or builder takes the full collector and squeezes the contents into a pit of human souls. Any human who dies with fear on their soul is put in the fear pit. The soul has to overcome their fear and crawl out of the pit. Some never make it out, but that's o.k. since the soul is immortal.

Stay calm.

This process was started around the advent of the mammals to teach them fear of the reptiles for their survival. We started an improvement process to re-purpose one pit as an experiment. Two lovely water maidens attend an open air bath filled with soothing energies to cleanse the souls. Both male avatars, the builder and fisherman, now build finders to locate the wandering avatars, spirits, to rejoin them with the rejuvenated souls. When their shift is over, the male and female avatars have leisure time for each other. The new process is a hit with the male avatars and has been rolled out to the other purgatories.

Update 2016 March 12 - Changed imagine to image. Will update the links later today. Also updating the other three night terror post.
Update 2016 March 15 - updated links

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2016 February 27 - March 4: The Dance Partners

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "Though we try hard, we need to let others help out. It's about the team, not the individual" Ibol and Kenisha

2016 February 27 - March 4: The Dance Partners
The avatars from the valentine dance get this week. They are often the finishers of the cross training events. There are lots of people, timings, and restraints that the finisher tracks for the group's energy release at the climax. Everyday, two avatars take my body for a spin. The first avatar listed was in my body while the second avatar was on my shoulders, except the Blue Dragon was on her own for the snowshoe hike.

Ralston Peak
27th -  Blue Dragon with Green Dragon
Shell -  Having lost the trail, the Blue Dragon sees an animal between the trees which leads her back to the Ralston Trail. In the record, she hears the voices of her brother, Green Dragon, and teacher, White Dragon, talk about how to get her back on the trail. While in my body, the Blue Dragon wanted a first hand experience of the snow on the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  
28th - Moon Princess with Sister Celia
Shell - In the backyard, a raven allows me to stand and look at her. I bring peanuts out for her, which she takes and flies away. In the record, I examine the Raven which is a shell but not a shell. I pick the raven up out of the record and hinge it open. Inside the two halves is a window to another world. I poke my head through, look, and I go back out.  After I closed the raven door, I realized that I did it again. This is the world of the Red Dragon, one of the Earth dragons.
Avid's pet dog

Dream World - My pet dog licks my check, while we both enjoy a swim in the water. In the dream record, I talk with the female, named Avid, regarding the dog. Once in the water, the dog flattens its body to wiggle through the water. On land, four paws come out and the body inflates for a round shape. The white dog is 18 inches long and looks like a flat worm. In a previous dream world, I met Avid, who is the female version of me in that world. 
29th - Hummingbird Mum with Gwen 
Shell - It's 6 a.m. as I pull the car up to the office. There is a jacket rabbit in the parking lot which hops away but stays close. In the record, I can hear her say, "Will he see me?" Her protector says, "Yes, he sees you." She is the Mayan Rabbit Goddess. 
Silly Ducks - I, the Hummingbird Mum, saw a male and female mallard ducks in the office parking lot. The ducks' avatars waved hello to me, as I mentally told them to get out of the road.  
Catch - My foot was held at the copier and no one saw it. 
Force thought - I had a panic attack and took the wrong off ramp.

Oryx Cohen

Speak - At the end of the Healing Voices movie, Oryx Cohen talks to the audience. At one point, he said that we can change the world. Then he said, "And here I am being grandiose." In the record, I see his avatar's face super imposed on his face for the avatar speak.  
Hiccups - Sitting in the theater, every 3 minutes I have a hiccup breathe. 
Timelines - To open my timelines, the Hummingbird Mum and Moon Princess needed permission from the record keepers. 
1st - Ibol with Kenisha
Hack - They keep hacking various parts of today's post.
Force thought -  Blank thoughts were spread across the energy bubble to stop Ibol at work.  
Cross train - Yolo Basin, Skunk avatar, Carquinez Park, Lillian Solomon, San Pablo Bay, Vaca Mountains, Kenisha, Ibol

2nd - Madame Ping with Red Dragon
Hack - At work, the light went off then on.
Hack -  At home, connecting to the anime server gave me error 522. I restart the browser and connected to the server the next time. In the record, the Red Dragon pick this error because she thinks it's sexy. 
3rd -  Spider Queen with Mercury Maiden
Catch - Her foot was held in QA and by the copier, which no one saw.
Force thought - At work, I was helping Liwei troubleshoot a computer problem and I closed his computer by mistake. He proceeded to tell me that the same thing happened to him. In the record, Liwei's avatar used force thought to trick me into doing the wrong process.
Timeline - In a previous timeline sweep, I met the Black Dragon leaning against a car. I went back in the record and found him against the car with the Green Dragon in the driver seat and Black hands me a gift from the White Dragon and they both quickly split. I briefly pull apart the 16 sided polyhedron record and electrified lines jump out of both halves. I quickly shut it and sarcastically say, "Oh yeah, another deadly puzzle!"

4th - Ubol with Sun Maiden
Hack - I do a weekly deletion of all email at work. Though I restarted the program, it still showed a count. In the record, I hear the avatar say, "It to easy to stop it from resetting."
Catch - Twice, I had my foot held and no noticed it.
Shell - Leaving the office, I noticed a squirrel moving and stopping in the planter. In the record, a Mercury Maiden is in the squirrel shell.
Improvement -  Ubol started me on a heavier barbell weight. Thanks.

Updated - 2017 November 9 - Change Gray to Black. Fix picture. For some odd reason I had to republish this post due to link problems. Sorry about that.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Avatar Energy Bank & Wave: The Close Game & Breathing Hiccups

  Steph Curry 32 foot shoot

Quote: "Cowabunga! Cheah, my gun 'n I carved da wave train mamas to da Yolo Bypass."

Down to the wire in overtime, Steph Curry makes a 32 foot shot. Everyone in the Oakland Sports Arena stands and screams as a surge of energy shoots skyward. Two hundred feet above the arena, a water avatar quickly spins to gather all the yellow-red energy. Pop, she disappears and another pops in her place. Pop, she is just outside the Lake Merritt avatar energy bank. Quickly in and out, she deposit the arena energy. At Diablo's height, the Lake Mum draws water and sun energies from the Earth and combines it with the deposited energies. When full, she spins and flings a wave of energy across the land and water.

Left to right, then bottom: Blue avatar collects arena energy. She pops out and he pops in. She deposits energies into the bank. Cross section of Lake Merritt Mum gathers then sends a wave of energy out. 

What effect happens when you are hit by an energy wave?
It's Monday, I am at the private screening of Healing Voices in the Elmwood theater. Around every three minutes, I have a breathing hiccup which starts to embarrass me. I concentrate on deep breathes, but I still get a minor effect. My shoulder avatar sees the wave and increase my breathe volume before it hits. It's like being in the ocean, you take a deep breathe right before the wave washes over you.

Update - 2017 November 9 fixed video link, changed font and size
2018 November 2 - replace photo for video  
2024 May 5 - change font, reposted pics

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 February 20-26: The Fourth Planet of the Twelve

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "Though all is lost...never give up hope!" Orange Planet Mum

February 20-27: The Fourth Planet of the Twelve.
In the record - I try to pickup the fourth planet of the twelve and instead hold a ring of asteroid. From inside the ring, I pull out the planet's timeline and see an orange planet come together. I zoom into the planet and see buildings and people and then zoom out. As I hold the ring, I notice fragment away from the ring. David decides to view the record father away and sees many fragment scatter far from the ring.
Who are they - Some of the remaining avatars of the 4th planet are the Great White Brotherhood and their Mum. They unmasked themselves sometime ago as the GBS, the Gorgeous Black Sisterhood. They are known as the avatars you don't mess with. Part of their goal this week is to regain their feminine charms which they've forgotten. They have a dimensional door that comes off my bedroom. The GBS Mum got the third heart ring as a gift.
Why they hid as white males was to avoid their schismed selves.

20th -
Dream worlds - I exit the cave to clean my hands in the waterfall, when all manner of creatures gather by the pool side.  In the dream record, the Old Squirrel talks to me. He says the creatures want their human caretaker to fall in love with me. In their world, their caretaker is a female version of me.
21st - 
Hack - The light dimmed and stayed off for a second then turned back on. In the record, I hear the avatar say, "wait...wait before you turn it back on."
Shell - Driving home from work on Independence Drive, a crow takes flight. The crow is a shell without an avatar.  An avatar hid in the brush and remotely controlled a shell which I need to understand.
Shell -  At the corner of Alcatraz and Shattuck, there is a thin male/female person?  In the record, I see an avatar in the shell and one on the shoulders which did not fool me.  I have a long talk with them in the record.
Cross train - 3 Sisters, Poodle Avatar, Irina O., California Minerva, Marmot Princess, Gwen's Sister Chris

22nd - 
Hack - At work, I clicked on the general drive short cut. The folder was empty though there are 1000's of files on the online server.  In the record, there are only 5 other green potential timelines to choose for a different hack.
Shell - At Alcatraz and Shattuck, a black hair woman in a black dress and heels waits for the light to change. In the record she is a human shell with an avatar inside. This human shell has a layer of flesh, hair, but no bones or guts. I need to ask the Mum how she pulled this one off. 
Shell - On Independence Drive, a crow on the lawn caws real loud at the car. In the record, I see an avatar, in the brush, remotely operate an empty crow shell.
Force thought - Distracting me at home is a given unless there is a pressing deadline. The thoughts happen on the toilet and when I take a shower.
Bubbles - We, avatars, lack any team work in the Treadmarks CTF online game, though individually, we are good.
Dreams wide awake - At home, I briefly close your eyes and instantly I teleport to a dream world. 
Cross train - 4 Sisters, Anna May Wong, Ellen A. Leftwich, Orange Planet Mum, Hummingbird Mum 

23rd -

Hack - While adding a pic to the post, I find that I have nine pictures under the my phone tab, which is impossible since I have never taken a pic with my dumb phone. The pics still reside in the web album, but icon images were flicked in to the phone album.

24th -
Hack -  There was no attachment in the email. In the record, you can see an avatar finger flick the reminder on to my monitor.
Hack - The phones turned on at 7:31, not 7:30.
Catch - My foot was held by the copier and no one saw it.
Force - I was pushed into dream world, and only woke up because my mouse hand moved on it own.
25th -
Hack - The light turned off and on twice.

Hack - Oracle did not open at first, though I tried it again and it opened.  In the record, you can see a line of potential error messages that can be flicked up.
Catch - My foot was held in the Eng Lab hallway and no one noticed.
Catch - A second attempt was tried but my avatar knocked their hand away.
Force - Pushed straight in to dream land. I only woke up because I dropped the phone on the muted meeting. My next door cubicle worker was also being pushed into sleep.
Shell - A crow was cawing on the top of the apartments three hundred feet away. In the record, the crow is a shell remotely operated by two avatars. One of them says, "I hope he can hear it.". The other says, "Yeah, he can hear it."
26th -
Shell - I exit CA Route 24 onto Shattuck Avenue and besides my car is a used car driven by a black woman. We seem to be heading in the same direction, North on Shattuck. Our cars exchange lead positions, until my car gets stuck behind a parked delivery truck, and they took the lead. As our cars parted on Shattuck Place and Shattuck, I mentally hear them shout, "We beat your lily-white ass." In the record, two avatars are in a car shell that went through traffic.
Improvement - The avatars realized it's better to hold my foot versus tripping me. Thanks.
Improvement - In the Treadmarks online game, the avatar team preform the basket ball "Let's go team" hand hold before each CTF match.
Cross train - 5 Sister, Emily Barron, Martha E. Jordan, Doris H. Hopkins, Siamese Cat Goddesses, Orange Planet Mum

2017 December 29 - add why GBS hid. They are also helping out with Pandora's box which does a slight bit of contamination.
2020 November 16 - I wrote it wrong but it is right. The fifth planet, Orange, Home of Ibol/Ubol was in the location of the asteroid belt. But, the last Solar System King blew it up by undoing a creation song. So, to save the souls of the Orange planet the DEM planet was placed inside of Mars. Therefore our Solar System's fifth planet, Orange, is now a part of the Mars planet. In the record, Mars was now tasked with imprisoning the schisms of the Orange planet.
2024 January 1 - changed font, reposted one pic