Saturday, August 29, 2015

Avatar Shell: Half Moon Lake Marmot

"Avatars are willing to help, even though it gets them in trouble." Clueless Wonder

I am done packing the backpack to hike out of Half Moon Lake camp when a marmot peeks up over the rocks and starts coming towards me. I immediately guess that the marmot is an avatar shell and play along taking pictures. Oddly enough, she strikes a pose right before I click the camera. After eight pictures, I decide to switch to movie mode and take a film. The marmot avatar does not understand what happened when I start to film so I say click as though I am taking a picture. The added prompt works until after I say the 2nd click and she says, "You are not taking pictures are you?" I continue to say click even though I have been found out.  She continues to strike poses coming closer with each pause. She is really close and I panic and say a bunch of gibberish. I know it is an avatar, but I still did not expect her to get that close. She backs away and I say goodbye to her.

Below is the movie I shot.


In talking to the Marmot avatar about the records, she has a different story to tell. She wanted me to have pictures of her to remember the visit since I had spent time talking to her. She materialized a marmot image and blows into it creating a 3D animal shell. She steps into the shell as though she is putting on a costume. She was about leave when an elder tells her not to go. She ignores the warning and leaves to see me while her friends cheer her on.

Below is a pastel drawing of the three records she gave to me to examine. I sometimes do drawing to better understand the invisible records. 

The top left is the Marmot avatar creating the marmot shell.
The top right is an elder warning her not to go.
The bottom is me taking pictures of her shell while her friends cheer her on.

I am indebted to her that she showed me her avatar shell, even though it caused her trouble with her people.

I was reading The Tao of Pooh when I was there. Also, A GBS was the avatar of the day when I was up there.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Once Touched...Always in Touch: Narmada River Stone

Quote: Avatars need our help. Be open to lending a hand.

My brother, Mike, gave me a four inch long Narmada River stone for a present. Once in a while, I would hold the stone and suddenly I would feel a moving river around me. I held it again today to talk to the river avatar to see if the stone is from the Narmada River. She shows me a higher view of the river so I can find the location. I start looking online here and there and finally I end up on a video on how the stones are made. 

They are hand carved into elliptical shapes that you can purchase. I read the comments and one person thinks that they are fake since they are hand made. I comment that the beautification by the stone cutters does not take away the feeling of being in a river when the stone is held.

In talking with the Narmada River avatars, they care about the stone cutters way of life. The avatars want  the river stones sent around the world to help those who need the stone’s energy which allows the cutters to make a living.  

Avatars need our help, even if it is just a positive comment on a video.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Once touched...always in touch: Watermelon Avatar

Quote: Once your avatar is coupled with you, visiting other avatars is as easy as a thought.

I was eating an especially delicious red seedless watermelon from Andronicos. I wanted to thank the avatars who made the melon. Using my avatar’s vision, I was immediately connected to the watermelon avatars at their patch. I mentally said, “Thanks, that was really good.”  Wearing watermelon caps, they acknowledged the compliment with a curtsy.

In talking to the melon avatars back at the house, it turns out that different caps signify different responsibilities. The ones they showed me were: a sawtooth cap for a Mum, a small cap for the child, a helmet cap for a guard, and a half cap for the ones tracking the melon status.

If you eat a delicious fruit or vegetable, make sure you compliment the person who made it. Everyone likes a compliment for the work they do.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nasturtium Avatar Agreement

Quote: Working with a nasturtium avatar is rewarding and pain free.

In the side yard, in the middle of the nasturtiums is a pile of gravel I use for drain rock for various landscape projects.  I would rip back the flowering vines and get the gravel.  Unfortunately, I would end up with a small pain for destroying the work of the nasturtium avatar.  I now obtain permission from the flower avatar, before I gather the gravel.

The nasturtium avatar wanted me to plant her seeds in exchange to access the gravel.  With the avatar’s direction, I gather the seeds and plant them where she wants. I can now proceed to get the gravel pain free being careful not to damage too many flowers.

I asked her why I had to experience the pain. The nasturtium avatar and I both look at her records for a root cause of the imbalance. Tearing the vines creates a ground level green-black cloud where the rips occurred. Getting hurt absorbs the cloud in my wound.  Working  together, she will gather the cloud and deposit a compact yellow-brown energy enveloping the planted seeds.  The deposited energy will be used for the germination of the seed.  

Teaming up with other avatars is always rewarding. Your avatar neighbors are always willing to help, especially the 7 inch avatars with a flower for a head cover.

The other day I trimmed black berry vines to clear the pathway. I did it knowing there would be a price to pay. As I put the vines into the green bin the vine's thorns scratched my arm. I saw a swirl of green and black DE enter the scratch. In the record, the black DE entered my DM body while the green DE covered the scratch like a bandage.

2021 March 20 - added my comment into the blog and added DM. Though I am not sure while the blackberry DE entered my body.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


"Never a dull moment in the avatar world." Clueless Wonder

My physical is almost done as I sit on the exam bench listening to the doctor tell me why I need to lose 20 pounds to achieve my ideal weight.  I hear her voice say, “Are you going to tell me about the ice cream?”  I noticed that her mouth did not move. My eyes widen as I mentally replied, “Perhaps...”, as I desperately try and figure out which avatar snitched on me.

My only vice is a three gallon container of mocha chip ice cream in the freezer.  You know, the good kind with Guittard chips bought at Tucker’s Ice Cream in Alameda.

In looking at the record with the doctor’s avatar, we see a miniature image of me hovering over my ice cream container greedily spooning it in my mouth. The 3-D picture slowly rotates while it circles my body. The image glows green with red streak across my face like a flashing sign saying, “Look here!”

There are no secrets in the avatar world. The harder you try to hide it, the easier it is to see.

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