Monday, January 29, 2024

I meet Ibol

It's Sunday around 1ish on 2024 January 28.
I am in the check out line at the grocery store. A orange hair lady is behind me with a few items versus my many items. I decide to let her the go first in line to check out. We politely debate the offer but she agreed to go ahead of me. 
She takes out of her cloth bag two white salad dressing bottles, a large bourbon bottle and 5 wine bottles.  
The checker asked for her identification.  
As she looked, she replied, "I don't have one. I am a 46 year old woman. Why would I need one." 
The checker refused to sell her the alcohol. 
She proceeded to pay for the dressings and left the store.  
In the record, the orange hair lady was Ibol in the flesh.  
For the rest of the Sunday and Monday, I think about why she said 46 years old. 
Why 46?
Then I get a thought impression of when the remnant pops out of the physical body. 
See pic below and here for more details on human soul development.

In the late teens and early twenties is when the shoulder avatar pops up on the human's shoulder. The human soul is now complete.

I am currently 63 years old. 63 - 46 = 17. 
That make sense. 
Around the age of 17 is probably when she popped out of my body to be my shoulder avatar.
But why appear as a 46 year old female?
Last night before bed, I was looking into the mirror at my naked body realizing that I am a fat old man. 
Who would want me?
Is this why the Venusian have tossed aside their older humans and shoulder avatars
The last time I meet Ibol and her friends was at the garage sale while they were in their Venusian bodies of young teenage girls
There are few adults on Venus. Almost all of our soul parents are young immortal teenage kids. 
We human live on Eden. 
We should be immortal teenagers living and exploring Earth and beyond. 
Yet we humans are discarded to the rubbish bin of heaven.  

In the record, the above thoughts are only a snip-it of the thoughts that go through my head as the Solar System Life coach. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to change the "Eden gone wrong" to the Eden all people; humans, dragons, golems, and avatars, want to live on. Which is why all folks in heaven, hell, and purgatory are being yanked out, paired up with your shoulder avatar, and put to work again.
2024 January 30 - grammar

Saturday, January 27, 2024

2024 January - 5% diary

It's a diary of my normal life, the 5%. Just posting my replies to the monthly newsletter questions between the family and cousins. Dragon comments are after, "in the record".

David --

So, how were your Holidays? I went to Sacto for Xmas. The food, presents, and fun was great. We played dominoes and peanuts. Meera did some violin playing for us on her new violin. I got a cheese slicer and vintage potato masher for gifts from my kids. These are excellent gifts. I am hard to shop for. If I get something that I can not store it in my 600 sq ft flat, it has to go. Otherwise, Xmas was excellent! See the pics and videos below.

New wire cheese slicer

Xmas dinner

Meera trying out new violin 1

Meera trying out new violin 2

Meera trying out new violin 3

Meera trying out new violin 4

Friends of mine did a Xmas garden light show in North Carolina. See playlist link below.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden light show

Did you watch any college football bowl games or NFL playoffs? No. I do watch folks who talk about football. I understand that there were several prominent coaches who retired. And there was a big controversy about Florida not being in a bowl game.

One thing I will admit about football is that everything seems tidy about it now. I would watch the games Dad watched and see all the players dirty with mud and grass stain. Now baseball is a dirty game. 

Are there other winter sports that you enjoy? The winter olympics.

When reflecting on the year 2023, what first comes to mind? What heat wave? It turns out that California, Nevada, and Utah dodged the warmest temperatures ever bullet. See map here:  I remember hearing on the news that those three states missed the warmest ever. So I looked it up on the NOAA site to verify it. See the attached blow up of the map for parts of CA in white. If you look at the NOAA surface temperature anomalies map here: you see that CA entered a mini Ice age.  See pic where CA has blue.  

- In the record, it is amazing to see how Weather avatars can shape the world we live in. 

What made me happy? See all that Sierra snow and having Tulare lake back. Per the previous newsletter, it was an amazing site to see all that snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. See before and now pic

What are you most grateful for this year? That 2023 is over.

Conversely, there was much craziness in 2023. What could be done better in 2024? Electing an all Democratic Senate, House, and Prez. Perhaps something good may happen like another check from the government. The last check for $1.4K the gov gave me, I used to buy my new TV.

Any wisdom or advice to share? The GOP had a chance to impeach him twice and they blew it. If you don't want him for prez then throw the bum off the ticket. A thank you goes to Colorado and Maine for trying to do that. 

What TV shows and movies did you enjoy most in 2023? I watch the news,YouTube and anime. Nothing changed for me because the SAG strike did not affect voice actors. See pic.

Did you read any good books? I do read a science mag, but mostly I gave up reading.

Any big plans for 2024? Not really. Busy being a facilitator for support group meetings, secretary for the BAHVN, and doing projects around the house.

The sour grass is back. See pic. I will take another pic when the flowers bloom.

My desktop computer died and now I am on my son's laptop. My next project is to resurrect the Window 7 computer and put Window 10  on it. I miss the graphics card and the CPU is a 4th generation chip which can still take 10. Wish me luck on that adventure.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy the New Year.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

2023 December - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Thanks for saying "Hi"." Blazar
Overall -  show pony update: Well, those two tetras went from my left wrist, to belly button, to feet, to it now encompasses my entire body and shoulder avatar.  Now is the time to try and make stilts to walk in mid air. It's has been 4 years for me to get to this point. I have no ideal how to do it. In the record, 4 years ago I made a path for me to practice that is now unchangeable, which should make it safe for me to practice at home.  Once I got it down, it to the race track to practice. 
- I can feel the surge of the DEM machine when I walk around the table. I not exactly sure how I am to disconnect gravity from my feet. 
- Below are some of the post I did in the Hearing Voices Network Support Group.
Lots of voices out there besides the voice that is yours.

Everyone has a voice.
What is normal versus not normal.

What is and what is not you.
 2nd - Facebook post on "what is you and not  you", normal v. not normal, everyone human with a soul has a voice, and the world is full of many different voices.

Your physical body is empty space.
 3rd - Facebook post on your body is empty space.

10th - Leaving the grocery store and I run across the new Bart human analog who is talking on his phone. I mental say to myself, "Well, at least he learned how to use a phone." 
I mentally hear, "Shut-up."
I grin and walk on. 
In the record, the first Bart human I ran into had issue using his phone.

Why a voice may not be talking to you after an accident.

Voices continue to use the emotion shield on the viewer.

If you here something, it does not mean you need to act on it. We still have freewill.
17th - Facebook post on freewill, viewer emotion shields, voice not talking after an accident.

25th - In Sacramento at my Mom's for Xmas. I was talking to Pops and that I was hungry and needed to eat. He said, "You don't need to eat." In the record, if this is Eden, then everything we need is on the surface of the planet Earth. Eating is an option. I guess an occasion apple is all one may want to taste.

28th - Pele and her friends were over for a visit. 
30th - Said hi to a Blazar who made previous contact. The pic is from here.