Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Trick Question: Do humans have a soul?

Quote: "David is a fine example of a role model...minus the humor." Pops

My Bro, Pops, and I, the avatar of the day, were eating dinner at Cactus Taqueria. One of the conversations asked if humans are immortal or not. The shoulder avatar pulled up my current record response for the avatar of the day, who said, "Aren't humans soulless monkeys?"

Pops went on a tirade that humans are immortal because of their soul, all the while a silly grin appeared on my face. I wanted to say "gotcha", but had to do the dumb blonde trick to keep a straight face. We talked until we finished dinner, said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways.

Later the evening, I heard an external knock at the bedroom door, yet no one was there.
Pops blurted out, "Hah, hah, very funny!" and left.

Ah, he finally figured it out.
"Humans are soulless monkeys" can also be said "Humans are soul less monkeys."
The monkey being a force thought. 

The dinner was in December of 2013, and I was not sure if I was a human with a soul.
I needed confirmation that my soul was taken out of my body for avatar substitution.
How else do you figure out that your body has a soul?
You have to die or ask an expert on human souls, which was my Pops.

2020 July 23 - clarified the I
2023 January 8 - There is another way to confirm that your soul is in your body. Just ask yourself if you have a memory, a.k.a. timeline, of doing something else right before you asked the question. If you do, then your soul was inside of your body. Because to remember a timeline, your soul has to be in your body. 
2023 August 29 - reposted pic

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Avatar Catch: The Boy that Twirled.

Picture from SF Chronicle - May 12, 2015

"I love all the people of SF. It is my sworn duty to protect every last one of you." SF City Avatar.

SF Chronicle:
"According to police, Andrew was running across San Jose Avenue in a crosswalk before being hit and was almost struck by two cars driving south. The boy did some sort of “pivot move” in front of one car before landing in the path of a northbound train traveling on San Jose Avenue, police said."

ABC News:
"What's not clear is how, but the boy made a pivot move off of that secondary vehicle," said Officer Albie Esparza. "As a result, he landed in the street on northbound San Jose Avenue where the LRV was traveling."

In the record:
The SF City avatar saw the boy's future timeline which kills him. She decided to save the boy's life without injury. The night before, she instructed each driver's shoulder avatar to have their human brake their car before they hit the boy.

As the time approaches for the fatal accident, three dark souls raced towards their newest victim. One broke off for the train, while the catcher and pusher closed in on the boy. The SF avatar was powerless to stop the catcher from holding the boy's foot, as the pusher grabbed and twirled the boy toward the oncoming train. With heighten fear from both the boy and his avatar's remnant, the train ran him over as the third dark soul retrieves their newest member.

Back at the house:
A day later, I read the article in the paper. We had a short meeting to discuss a possible different outcome of the event. We reviewed my avatar substitution and how I had a hard finish that made an unchangeable timeline. The monkey on boy's back sent him blindly into traffic that would have ended his life. It was suggested that the boy could have bounced off the second car, fall, then injury his arm which saves his life. The boy needed to learn not to let a monkey determine his actions.

2024 May 12 - changed font, reposted pic 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Avatar Process: War Invasion Soul Collector

 After the Devil's Bridge blog post, I was curious about other events in human history. I viewed online war images and decided to investigate the Omaha Beach landing

Quote: "When J.C mentioned we would be fishermen of souls, he meant it literally." Fisherman Bob

Upon entering, my shoulder avatar and I saw several soul collectors walk the beach as the avatars reeled in the soul after soul. Behind me, we saw more collectors ride the Flood sea into the war zone to help collect souls.

We flew close to a collector and the fisherman avatar motioned me to take a line. I saw the fisherman throw a line which snagged a soul in a dead soldier's body. He immediately pulled the soul out and reeled it back in the collector. Once in the collector, a fellow soldier grabbed the new soul to revive them.

Inside the collector, another green avatar commanded other soldiers to pull and push the peg legs to move the collector down the beach. I heard the command avatar mention the urgency to retrieve all the souls before the monster even gets one. Beneath the sand, a black shadow seeks souls in terror for their purpose. It's a race between the fishermen and the shadow to retrieve the souls.

In the record, when JC said to his apostle, "I will make you fisher of men", he meant it literally

2016 October 21 - add labels and location
2017 February 1 - added Peter is fisherman Bob. He just like the nickname.
2017 June 23 - Changed fly to the Flood sea we all live which was placed on the Earth during the Flood which protects all of humankind but dulls our abilities. More on that later.
2018 May 12 - spelling, added in the record
2024 May 3 - reposted pic, changed font


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pandora's Box Strand: Two Souls, One Strand, Different Worlds

Rurouni Kenshin Episode 29

Quote: "Life without the other is not possible. Make amends and unite." Ubol

To break the spell of the cold and distant manslayer, Kenshin made a fist and punched himself in the forehead. Blood trickled down his arm as he regained his soft-spoken humble personality that Kaoru wants for a future husband.

The manslayer and Kenshin are two different people.
How are they in the same body?

It was the same story for Ibol and Ubol. Different worlds bound two different people by a strand. Until they met and resolved their differences, neither could go forward. This fate awaits the Elders, many of you, who are on this Earth.