Sunday, December 29, 2019

2019 December - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...   
The Solar System Life Coach is in the office, literally.  Props courtesy of  Amazon box.

 "All aboard!" Mechanic of the balloon accelerator.

1st - Did another DEM presentation.
The Solar System Life Coach is in the office, literally.  Props courtesy of  Amazon box.- I have agreed to be in my body for the month of December to assimilate to the balloon and body. At the beginning of the year, if I have not taken off, we go back to the avatar of the day.

2nd - Climb is off doing combat training.

9th - Right after the shower, I recall the record of the meeting with the golems. In the record, the golem race may stop killing the human race, but not allow us to use their powers. I need to meet them half way.

13th - The whiz kids of the flat have made wiggle blades for skating on the Earth's surface.

15th -  While doing Pokemon Go at UCB, I stop on the bridge over Strawberry Creek. I start to feel treads of wiggle energy on my person. I tried to take them off, but could not until I was 20 away from the creek. In the record, I meet the Wiggle Energy avatars.

18th - What was I thinking? The races had been separated for so long. Why would they change now?
In the record, plans to get the human race on the path of DEM are halted.

19th - After I laid down on the massage table, I made the comment that the table seemed more cushioning. The technician said it was the same table.
- All four, Phillip, Ibol, Ubol, and I were locked together.

20th - I need the approval of 5 golem queens before golem stilts are permitted. In the record, walking needs to be the new form of human travel, but you need a golem friend to help.

23rd - The fifth golem mark is now on my forehead. The last was a kiss of love. In the record, the male golems need to step back and let the female golems rule over their lands.

25th - In Sacramento, the tree avatar zoomed in to say "Hi" to me but stopped. Examined me all around and speed away. I later convinced her that it was me.

26th - When I walk barefoot, I feel like I am walking on a cushion.
- Climb inserted the "staff of Love" into me. She had been carrying it for for the trip to Sacramento and back.

27th - I think I am ready...for hardening the balloon.  Oh well...

29th - Cold showers allowed me to be outside in a shirt and shorts while everyone else is bundled. In the record, having different energies flow around my balloon hardened the outside shell.
- The path of DEM is the future of the human and other races on Earth. The path of non-DEM will only lead to the destruction of the human race, which will affect all of the other races. The greatest of the DEMs is love.
- This balloon stuff is trickier than I think. In the record, if a golem can rip apart the Earth, surely they can support a human on their shoulder. More time in my body.  In the record, becaue of the balloon, I will probably be in my body the rest of the time.

31st - So, if the Earth tree is at the magnetic North and all the leaves are the green Earth energy on us, then I guess the humans are the children of the trees.  There you go. We are tree folk. Let me know what you think. 
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DEM user: UFO confirmed by US Navy

"David needs to "get off his duff" and start talking to humanity about DEM." Captain Peter, Soul and Spirit catcher.
The 40 foot long craft ascended vertically from 0 to 12,000ft and accelerated away in 2 seconds. Originally seen in 2017.

J.C.'s Crew leader, Peter worked with Gwen to make a catcher boat seen by human kind. Gwen has done many avatar cars and now added floating boats to her resume. Normally the catcher boats are round to leave access for Peter's crew to catch soul and now spirits, shoulder avatars. But Gwen had other ideals of how to make the boat go faster. Also, the boat was covered to ensure no one saw the folks inside the boat.

The catcher boats reside on a ocean of DEM, Dark Energy and Matter, that covers the Earth. Taking on different amounts of DEM increased or decreased the buoyancy of the boat.
The speed of departure is from grabbing multiple wind energy streams. In the record, clouds ride a stream or two for movement.
Gwen refined the stability of the DEM catcher boats to allow hovering at any depth. In the record, stilts were used to sustain a depth away from the battle and allow catching of souls and spirits.

In the record, Peter and his crew are DEM users. 
We am still working on my golem stilts and balloon. I have to stay in my body 24/7 until the balloon is hardened. 
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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

2019 November - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

 "We will fight for David's rights!" Climb

Notes - All last week I keep thinking about the Tevor Noah post.
Low and behold, folks were reading it.
Remember, once touched, always in touch.
If you have questions about any post just ask me mentally. I will try my best to answer them. Or better yet, ask your avatar to ask me. I am good either way.

Overall - My body is fire, my breath is smoke, my eyes burn. In the record, still getting the balloon ready.
- I am burping through the day. Not all the time but enough to relief the balloon pressure.

3rd -  At the golem conference, Climb is seated on stage for the vote to help the human race discover DEM. The vote barely passed.
In the record, I tagged along with Climb attached to her back to listen in.
In the record, Climb is in a quandary about helping me, since so many of her people rather see the human race destroy itself.

4th - At the support meeting, my head is on fire. I have to do deep, slow breathing to get through the meeting.

6th - The GBS are hot all the time while doing the avatar of the day.

9th - Three more people to talk to: Terra,Climb, Queen of the voids
- Terra wanted me to keep my promise. We made a compromise.
- I apologized to Void Queens for my action in the reflection world. In three sessions, my severed soul right leg should be better.
- Climb and I talked. She has yet to decide.

10th - Bowel movement are way off. Need some alignment from the Avatar of the day, though it may not be possible in my current state. 
- My eyes are on fire. Whaaaaa!

11th - My Breath. I feel like a smoker without the cigarettes.

15th - I drive to Sacramento in my body.

16th - I noticed that my heart hurts but in an emotional way.

17th - In Sacramento, I was looking out the kitchen window to the backyard. The Apple tree avatar zoomed to the window to see me. She motioned to me to out back, but she accidentally spoke as I mentally reply back.
"Come out...ooh."
"I will in a minute when I clean the grill. Oh, you spoke."
"So how are the classes. Are you learning?"
"Yes, I am."
"Do you like them."
"I need to finish in here before I go out. See you in a minute."
In the record, the tree race only communicated by images. Now, they can speak human tongue.

- From the SF Chronicle about the NuStar fire:
"Matthew Davis, a spokesman for Solano County, said officials there found no rise in levels of toxicity and particulate matter due to the smoke rising into the upper atmosphere."
In the  record, I remember reading about the fire and wonder if the Golems had done it, but no records came up. The minute I read about the smoke, the record regarding the meeting popped into my memory. See blog post for details.

- Climb final had a good cry in my body to let the hurt out. In the record, the lines have shifted. Avatar of the day is back on.

24th - The other chest feeling I am experiencing maybe the stitches I gave my Mom to help heal the surgery on her sternum. I had not thought about the repercussion of taking some of my green Earth energy and giving it to her. I guess she can take some of my energy to assist her healing.
- Used a date line on top of my timeline to figure out the day of the BAG meeting.

28th - Back in Sacramento, the Apple tree avatar motioned for me to come out again. I meet her outside and two tree avatars gave me kisses on the check. The Apple avatar told me that her friend could not go inside and wanted to see me outside. In the record, The Apple avatar has my mark on her forehead and is permitted in the house barrier at 5408 Siegfried Court.

30th - In Sacramento, Mom is at the kitchen table. She decided to take a rest on her recliner. In the record, her avatar cut my Earth energy stitches I had put on her sternum for additional healing. I was told yesterday that it would happen before I left.

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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Bay Area Guardians - NuStar refinery event

"The Bay Area Guardians are here to protect all life in the Bay Area." Tree Avatar

Explosion and Fire At Crockett Oil Refinery Shuts Down I-80

2019 October 15 - I watched a video of the NuStar fire and wonder if the Golem folks caused the event. No record came up.

2019 October 17 - I read in the SF Chronicle about the NuStar fire:
"Matthew Davis, a spokesman for Solano County, said officials there found no rise in levels of toxicity and particulate matter due to the smoke rising into the upper atmosphere."
All of a sudden, I am in the record of the meeting concerning the upcoming refinery event.

2019 October 12 - All are in attendance at the Bay Area Guardians meeting, BAG. The attendee representatives were Ibol, a golem rep, a boxman chair, a tree rep, a bay water rep, a weather rep, a Martian rep, a fire rep, a Venusian rep, the State rep, and me.

The chair started the meeting:

"Order. Order. By now you all have seen the upcoming refinery event timeline. The question is, "What do we do about it if anything?" I open the floor for discussion."

"You know the humans will blame us for the explosion."

"Why is that? The golem race had nothing to do with it."

"You always thinks everything will just work out."

"Why not?"

"Suppose it does come true and we take our portion of the thief by confiscating all the weapons of the humans. Why would they trust us?"

Like I said, "Safety is number 1." No human can argue against it."

"You...You think it is so simple."

"It is. As you explained so many times, "The human race is the only race on Earth that kills each other. It is an illness that needs to be stopped." I cannot think of any better way to start the recovery then to take the weapons away."

"Rule of order. This is completely off topic. We need to focus on the upcoming event.
Do we let it happen or not?"

"Yes, it needs to happen. The timeline needs a hard finish. We have all the right folks here to avert any harm."

"Yes, we do. We have representative for the refinery avatar, the weather avatar, the fire avatar, the nature avatars and the worker's Venusian avatars. We even have the State avatar here to weigh in on the importance of the event to happen."

"Yes, I need the event to start regulations of rogue site before other events are triggered."

"Alright, all in favor of the event to happen, say Aye."


And what about the golems? Yay or Nay?


"With a unanimous yay vote, we can commence the plan to spare all life, including the humans."

The rest is in the newspapers.

The gate had to be locked to ensure the safety for the first responders. In the record, the first responders avatars had to be included in the planning.  A cursor advisory went out to all Martians and Venusians that they need to stay away and to instruct their humans to abide. The golem race was on the safety of the bystanders and countdown when the fire should appear.

Note: I purposely do not put the name of the speakers by the quote. If read, one should be able to hear the voices of the speakers. It may take several tries, but it should come through as though you are attending the meeting yourself. Also, the several reads I did should reinforce the voices to the dialogue.

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Planet Transit - A DEM view of our Solar System

"Thanks you David for a better means of transport." Gaia

I did a quick DEM, Dark Energy and Matter, view of the Sun and four planets.
Mercury's transit with the Earth is Monday, November 11th, 2019.
Transits were the means of transport between planets.
When the DEM overlap each other folks can move freely to and from the various locations.
In the Center of DEM on Earth, there are multiple portal hubs to the various planets, moons, and stuff for the various races and folks to journey to and from Earth.
During the transit would be a good time to visit the Mercury library in person, though you can still check out any information via my card.
Don't worry about staying out past the transit with your soul. I made arrangements with the Venusian and Martians that your automatic default will be your body when you wake up.
Have fun soul traveling to Mercury.

In the record, the planet's DEM is the soil for the Solar System Tree. 
In the record, there is a reason why the kicked up Green Earth Energy makes the sound of leaves.

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

2019 October - Dragon Diary & Phillip's Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...
"It time to round up the previous Solar System King and save his soul." David Alan Bartholomew Phillip Hallsted

Overall - I hit my chest with both hands as though I am Tarzan. In the record, you need to ring the bell to clear your energy bubble out.

3rd - It is DnD night, it time for Ubol to play with my older Bro, Uncle Tim and the God of War. While playing, Ubol looks down at my arm and sees her blackish gray arm instead. In the record, I don't know. It's just odd how we are becoming one or it could be the result of the balloon filing. Not sure.

5th - Sitting on the toilet and the final drops of pee hits the basin water. All of a sudden I felt a speck of water hit the outside of my right foot. There was no way the water came out through the toilet and hit my foot. In the record, for some time now, I had experienced mysterious water prick when I drove the car in the rain. I always assumed the water came through the vents. All I knew was that it had the sensation of water, it very small, and it happened when water drops collide with something. 
In the record, the droplet has a small aspect of wiggle energy. When it collided with a physical object, the DEM aspect went through any physical object until it collided with another DEM object, which was my green Earth energy.

6th - I finally meet the Sun Tree person. In the record, Gaia is their avatar form.  
- At the support meeting, my head was on fire. 

7th - My head was on fire. I felt the flames against my head.

8th - Filling the balloon layers is done, though my head is still on fire.

17th - At massage therapy, I once again fell into a sleep though I am awake. The Mandalas portal appears as a white tree with yellow fire. My reactions is, "What's with the mandalas? Is it the decor or your bathroom?" In the record, the door to Pop's folks is now open.

19th - David is out and Phillip is in. In the record, Phillip agreed to do this.
- Both Terra and Climb are good with Phillip.
- I, Phillip, is playing Peanuts, a.k.a. nertz, In the middle of the play, I felt and saw the timelines of card play in real time, when I should play or do solitaire. In the record, Pops folks are timeline walkers, everything the do revolves about timelines.
- I remember sleeping on the couch in the Sacramento living room and suddenly I was there in my body asleep but awake.
I hear Phillip says, "I want to go, there is nothing here for me."
Pops said, "Then go."
Phillips turns to Ibol, "I guess we will see each other soon."
Ibol, "Yes."
In the record,Phillip will be in my body for some time with Ibol as his shoulder avatar.
If I was in my body, it would be my soul with Ibol's daughter as my shoulder avatar.
In the record, I thought it was going to be a switched out, but since I am spending time healing their Moms in my Mom body via my soul, Phillip took over my body to do some body work.

20th - Cooking bacon at the Sacto house. A drop of grease landed on my right big toe and it should have hurt and slightly gone red, but nothing happened. Very odd.

22nd - So some reason I heal quickly. In the record, is a Blue energy which allowed for quick healing. It is really weird to experience. Two to three layers of my skin were taken off 2 hours ago and now they are back.
- These folks regenerate like DnD avatars, Dungeons and Dragons.
It weird to see a scrap heal in real time.
Several layers were taken off and it should have bleed, scabbed, then fallen off in a week.
It all happened in 24 hour cycle looking like new.
Within an hour, there was only a small indent where the event happened, no blood.
Incredible fast, which is nuts.

31st - In the narrow dungeon cave, Ybolsa wielded a two handed great sword and missed twice. She drops the sword, and picked up two one handed axes in each hand. The dungeon monster soon meet its match.
In the record, I heard thoughts in my head that the great sword was too big to wield in the narrow passage way. I need to play the game as thought the people are alive and I am really there.

For sometime now, playing DnD is not a game, but the life of a person who we create in time in space. I can see the caves, the valley, the large trees in the meadows, all aspect of the game. I do not know if they have a soul or a life beyond the game. I do know I need to be a good guide for that person in the life they have in the game.
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Sunday, September 29, 2019

2019 September - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

"The door is open. Please enter." The Door at the end of the universe

3rd - More practice on DEM stilts. In the record, the lower rail is hits the high rail making a shrieking sound. In the record, the more I am aware of the DEM world the more sound I begin to hear.

4th - More practice on DEM stilts that are railing. 

5th - Two keys is the advice I was given for my current stall. I ask the Door what do you do to let someone in. She said, "I think about it, then open." 
In the record, I am so close to stilts or I think I am. I never know.

6th - The ratio to step to height is 1:2.  So if I am 100ft in the air, I'll step 50 f/s which is about 35 mph. In the record, I should need no additional protection when traveling at that speed. 
- DEM stilts are going to be hard to do. In the record, Mary Poppins will not be happening right away.  
- I am hearing more sounds of the DEM world. The longer I work in the DEM world the more sound that are created? In the record, there is one other person working with DEM in the world now. I check the globe to see who was working with DEM. 
- When it does happen, I want to open a school for the Dark Arts. Get it. Dark Energy and Matter will be taught in the Dark Arts school.

8th - I started to throw out the in-laws because of an event. The Door obliged me by throwing them back out of this universe.

 10th - Just finished with Oakland airport TSA, I climbed the stairs to look at the flight board since my paper printout boarding pass has no gate number. I looked and saw gate 10 on the board. I looked at a second one and it also said gate 10. I thought to myself that it was odd, I never left from that side of the airport. In the end, I missed my flight to Santa Ana airport, but I got on the next one. In the record, I wish they would just tell me that I will be taking the next flight instead of making me look dumb. Oh well. 
- I also lost my ATM card at the airport and had to play for food with cash. In the record, it hard to track where I am when I pay for cash.
- I stopped using a pillow. A pillow is too warm for my head. 
- On the flights, Climb practice making stilts at the height of a commercial airplane.

14th - Out with Jon, Jason, and the avatar of the day were doing De-ox raids. At the last raid, at twenty-some boy and his friend walked by our raid party, The boy stopped, turned, and wanted to see the rig of four phones. 

"Cool devices. What's you playing? Oh, Pokemon Go. Have fun role playing." 
"What does he mean by role playing?"

In the record, Bart and his friend were checking up on me. I should had been at the raid but I had the avatar of the day go instead of me because I had other plans which coincided with the raid time. 
In the record, I need to stop playing David Hallsted and do the Life Coach of the Solar System.

15th - Practiced DEM stilt walking on the ground during the Pokemon Go community day. It went fine. In the record, syncing multiple people while doing normal walking has taken a while.

16th - Things are not going well. The very thing I avoided I must now add to make DEM stilts. In the record, I have not avoided it, just did not think about it.
- Lots of timeline threads to see what is what. In the record, the blue thread only works to join the most recent to the 2nd most recent.

19th - The God of War was denied access to my flat. I need to talk to the Door. In the record, it was weird to be sitting inside the kitchen and seeing War trying to enter. They open the screen but closed it right away. They then walked off to the side out of my view. Moments later, they came back after they switch the soul residing in them. Wow! It works. Thanks Door, though I talked to the Door about letting War enter.  

21st - Oh right, I see the path around the kitchen table. Everything else is in place.
But how do I put my foot on the path. Brown Earth matter push us to the Earth. (typed push by mistake, but no mistake). Ok, so Brown Earth matter directs the push.
What is pushing?

Side comments are from Earthweek by Steven Newman

22nd - Good work was done by the Central American weather group, the Weather Bandits. Hurricane Lorena had no major damage to complete their work. In the record, they are sorry about the father and son drowning.
- Okay, this may sound absurd, but if 95% of the universe is DEM, then 5% is physical matter. The only thing stopping me from walking on stilts is increasing my DEM to 96%.
Basically I have to increase the DEM to be more buoyant. How many times have I stated that we live at the bottom of the ocean of energy, the Great Flood.
- The best way to get more DEM is to use those lovely spiral vortices we all have, our chakras. In the record, you will need someone working the tether to your balloon. More on that later.

- I keep reminding Climb and Terra that while I am in my flat, I cannot fly away. I have a ceiling above me. In the record, I now understand why they were hanging on to my legs.

23rd - Dibs on the name "School of the Dark Arts". In the record, when I finally walk, which is still a maybe, I will negotiate with local schools to open a department on DEM, Dark Energy and Matter.

2D Close up of a DEM accelerator, two four sided pyramids tip to tip

26th - My left forearm burns in sunlight. It done it for several days now and I had no clue what was going on. In the record, the DEM accelerator is sentient, wanting to be used.

27th - My dreams are fire. It's all around me and I am thirsty. In the record, I paid a visit to the fire realm?...dimension?..the place the fire folks hang out. We had things to talk about. The avatar of the day felt the affects of me being there. Next time I need to schedule the visit for the weekend so I can have a good sleep for work the next day.

28th - It's now a waiting game. The layers are on and filling up. I been told it will be a gradual process. At the end, I will feel different. I have to remain in my body for the filling process.

29th - I left my flat to go to a nearby Pokemon Go gym raid. As I walked, my feet moved faster and lighter. In the record, if I concentrate, I can hear the grinding of a spiral rotating around my crown chakra.
- I stare at the Sun through the walls of my flat. I am trying to see which direction the tree is sticking out of the Sun. In the record, the Solar System is the roots of the tree.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

DEM - Making a Walking Bubble

"With perseverance, you will do it." Bart

First  flight
This post will be a list of different tries to make a Dark Energy & Matter, DEM, balloon around me and my crew to use Earth stilts to walk in the air, a.k.a. the sea of energy we live in. I need to increase my buoyancy to float in the that sea of energy to use Earth stilts.

Remember, what I use will behave in a manner different for you than me.
We are all different.

Note the current set up is beginners. J.C. only needed a golem.  Another post will explain the crew setup, which took awhile.
- Shoulder avatar, her name is Donna from Ibol
- Golem I stand on their shoulder, her name is Climb
- Security check, her name is Terra, a dog person. They are the shoulder avatar of the golem and have their nose in my butt. In the record, I am startled every time Terra puts her nose in my butt, but every person has a unique smell. It's a one to one. In the record, she likes my smell.

Making the balloon: Material selection
Sept 22nd 
- Red and blue bubble failed
In the record, I was excited and just wanted to try anything so I picked the material to hold or origin Pandora box. I needed to stop and think about it.

Sept 26th
Single layer bubbles:
- Both Brown Earth mixed with Green Earth energy bubble failed.
- Brown Earth bubble failed
- Green Earth energy bubble failed
In the record, my soul is composed of Ibol and Gaia energy which immediately popped the bubbles.
- Gaia,yellow, and Ibol, orange planet bubble succeeded. In the record, the bubble encompasses all the crew.
Now to fill it. Looking at the different planet gravitates will give me a selection of different DEM to fill the bubble. Note that Venus, the land of human soul parents, a.k.a. soul creators, is just a little lighter than Earth's gravity. I will start with that. I just need to lift off, not take off.

Gravity of Planets and Sun

Use my crown chakra, biggest spiral vortex I have to fill the bubble.
Used an accelerator, Star of David, to fill the bubble quicker. It insert at the base of the crown chakra. In the record, I maybe the only person with one of these. I'll see how hard they are to make to distribute them out.
I filled the bubble via my shoulder avatar who has connections to Venus, the land of my soul parents.
It fill up to my lower legs and never got higher. In the record, my bubble started to eat the Venus matter. Time to line the bubble.

Multi-layers bubbles:
- Gaia yellow with Ibol orange, lined with Wiggle energy, then a third liner of Brown Earth energy. It worked. In the record, you can stretch out your hands and feel the bubble and move it.

Started filling and the crew's personal bubbles popped. In the record, I did not know they needed one. I forget they are made of energy, therefore easily affect by energy, but they were okay with the current setup.
It fill up to the top, then my DEM Dave, tried to condense the Venus energy and the bottom blew out. In the record, my DEM self and I had a talk about not helping. Thanks anyway.
Summary - Venus matter seem doable, but look at that top picture. The balloon is huge compare to the human. And there is the crew I need to consider. More later.

Sept 27th
Single layer bubble: 
- Venus matter popped. In the record, slowly dissolves.
Multi-layer bubble: 
- Venus, water, then Earth matter pop, pop. popped. In the record, Earth can not be against me. 

The DEM balloon layers are Gaia (yellow), Ibol (orange), Earth (green), Venus (blue), Mars (red) and Mercury (pink).
Sept 28th: 
- The I placed a balls Gaia, Ibol, and Mercury in left hand and balls of Earth, Mars, and Venus. I slammed them together and fused them into one ball. I place the ball on me and let it grow to the size of an enormous weather balloon. The balloon held its shape for around 28 seconds then came crashing down around my body.  In the record, the balloon was expanded out to inspect for defects. The balloon shell surrounds my body and needs to be filled with a variety of DEM.

Balloon filling: Grinding stage
The bed pic above is the main location for filling the balloon.Often I lay sideways and pass out as the shoulder avatar holds my crown chakra watching streams of Mercury (pink), Mars (red), Sun Tree (yellow), and Ibol (white) stream down my crown chakra. 
The streams hit the chakra base where the Accelerator was placed. He, the Accelerator, funnels the stream on all sides to fill the balloon. In the record, filling has to be a gradual process because I change both in DEM and in the physical.
October 6 - The balloon is now breast high.

October 9:
The balloon is done and filled. Filled is the layers between the layers.
Now it's time to adjust to it.
Next, time to fill the bubble inside where I am in.

November 10:
The balloon is done. I keep burping as a relieve valve for the balloon.
The decision awaits.

Update: 2019 September 27 - grammar
- 2019 September 29 - never use snipping tools to cut-n-paste
- 2019 November 30 - I need to be in my body to harden the balloon.
2020 May 25 - Well this is a bust for now. There was no agreement between the races to have this happen. And I understand why, so we must wait.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Count of Global DEM Users - One...Two!

"One... two! Two DEM Users. Ah! Ah! Ah!" Sesame Street Count Dracula.

While at my desk, I glanced at my monitor and I happened to see a yellow person in the distance in the world of DEM, Dark Energy and Matter

Without thought I, raced across the barren green globe to the other side.
I quickly explained my actions, as I jetted by.
"Just checking the globe for DEM users."
Two seconds later I race back to them and stated my findings, again jetting by.
"Looks like it's just the two of us."
The entire trip around the globe of DEM was eleven seconds.

In the record, it looks like they are building a structure which would seem easier and practical versus the stilts I am making.
In the record, there is a reason why DEM is hard to find. None of the stolen golem items we made interacts with DEM. One has to completely rethink what they do to interact with DEM.
In the record, I was able to use a human clock to measure the time taken. Place a round  outline clock by the timeline and hit the top of the clock. It will roll itself out on top of your timeline to measure the time taken.

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Friday, September 6, 2019

2019 August - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

"Now would be the purrfect time to come alive." High Cat Witch of London

General entries:
- For sometime now, I do stretches from toe tip to finger tip. In the record, got to stretch the avatar of the day to fit the body, even to the very ends.
- I am always hot. Milk and food with milk product tempers me. In the record, when I am in my body, I can see flames on the corners of my eyes. Thanks goodness for those cold showers.

1st - Sometime in July, I was given a pair of red spindles to grab Wiggle energy from a creek. In the record, I plan to make a wooden tennis racket with wiggle energy as the string. 
In the record, I am now wearing the wearing the spindles around my neck. And they make noise.
- Sometime in August, the Witches of London arrived in Berkeley. Nice to meet you all.

3rd - Another attempt was done. In the record, the left soul foot, knows what the body was doing.

The Japan golem clan, Let's be Friends, did a excellent job on the earthquake and the after affects.

4th -  Way to go Japan golems. 6.3 and nothing else.
- J.C. "You need to control it." In the record, the man is literal about everything that he says. In the record, does that mean, "control of the machine" will work?
- Gaia, "You are close." Thanks for your confidence.

7th - Before I can use DEM, I need to ask their permission. In the record, brown Earth matter and green Earth energy are children of Gaia. Yes, sentient beings.

8th - On the massage table, I fall into a deep sleep but I am wide awake. In the record, Bart combines all three of us, Ibol, Ubol, and David into one person.
While the massage progressed several loud clashed happened but I did not wake up. In the record, all the windows are open because I am way to hot during the massage, but the energy barriers are also up.

10th - I walk around the table trying to use brown Earth matter stilts surrounded by green Earth energy. In the record, each time I do it I learn a part of the puzzle.
In the record, once I can walk on DEM stilts, the world wakes up to the potential of DEM.

11th - Green Earth energy is a female child, to be named Terra, while brown Earth matter is a female child, to be named Climb. When I walk, Terra has her hands around the ankles of Ibol, Ubol and David to united us all. We all need to convince Climb to come on board and help the surface dwellers.

12th - I had to learn to walk all over again. After we are tied down by Terra, we each have to invoke our power. Once that was set, we walked on the balls of our feet. In the record, a typical walk has an up and down motion. The balls of the feet are level. With the foot pointed down you whip the brown energy forward which makes forward progress. (This was fake progress.)

13th - I was attacked while at a company class.
- Later that night, I had a talk with the  company avatar. We agree to help me in the class.

14th - Yes. The company avatar could see the attacking avatar way before I could and resolved the issue. Thanks.
The Shake, Rattle, n Roll golem clan thought it would be funny to knock down the sign that was incorrect. 

16th - The golem clan in Kansas did a successful earthquake with only minor damage. Good job.
- Doing the DEM walk around the table. Now there are 7 people we must sync in order to make slits. This will be it's own post. (This was a trick. The DEM was contaminated.)

18th - I decide to use Earth energy as a thread to sew up my hernia opening. In the record, I tired of it happening and I can see the stitches are still there. I wonder if it will work.(The stitches have disappear and the opening in my green Earth energy layer is now fixed.

19th - DEM practice of walking takeoff to align everyone: David's body and soul, Ubol, Ibol, Climb David soul, Ibol Shoulder avatar, and Tetra hands. If properly align I'll hear a snap sound in the DEM world. Also practice to make sure everything is in sync within the first 3 step. Also, practice a walking backwards takeoff.
In the record, Climb check to see if there was space around the table for an elevation walk.

20th - Yet another weak attempt in a long list of attempts. In the record, though my records are open to all, those who wear rose tinted glasses will never read a record truthfully.
- In the record, the need of a lucky penny is long past. I have become quite adapt at reading timelines on the fly. I still like picking up feathers I find on my path.

22nd - At massage therapy, I talk to the technician prior to passing out to sleep. We discuss intuition. I state what I know. There is avatar sense and timeline sense. The a third one pops into my head. I remember being at the doctor's office alone in the room.  I sensed all the improvement opportunities in the room, missed paint, loose wire, loose hinge, and outlet cover. It is the empathy to help. What wants help.

23rd - The previous DEM practice was a trap but the trapper was saved. The practice walking on the balls of my feet still carried over.
- Today was the real practice. More on that later.

26th - The in-laws moved in. I finally understand where Ibol comes from. She was a gray folks who was lost in this universe.
- The in-laws said there were a dozen other doors at the end of the universe. I waved my hand and others appeared. In the record, schismed souls, gray kids, and box mans had made other doors to exit the universe.
- I talked to Bart's Dad and asked for records of their beginning. He said he was not aware of any. In the record, it makes no sense that I can do what I can do.

27th - The DEM space is contaminated. In the record, it would explain the attacks that I could not find.

28th - A quick practice run, but this time I looked at the timeline prior to take off. The timeline was on the ground. I asked Ibol's remnant to raise it and it was still on the ground. In the record, the path you choose is the path you take.

29th - All avatar hacks are becoming amazing and bothersome. Oy vey.

30th - The Avatar of the weeks are the London witches. Thanks goes out to the golem confederation that stayed for 9 weeks.

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