Monday, June 26, 2023

Shiver Me Timbers! Me pics are gone!

Well, I got this email from Google archives that they were going to delete blog archives. 

So I could either download all 800 or delete them by July 2023.

So I deleted them, which is why my blog has no pics now.

My guess is that Google wanted to get money off the storage of the pics and the blog archives was not making them any money. 

I will replace all the pics via a URL at my avataroftheday account or I thought.

Well that did not work. 

Still working on it. 

When I find a home for my pics I will let you know.

Yeah...the pirate talk. I have to find the humor in it all. Argh!

 FYI. When all the pics are back this post will be deleted. 

2023 June 26 - It looks like I can not link my other accounts ... I think. 
2023 June 29 - just going to put them in my photos and post deletion date.

Friday, June 2, 2023

2023 May - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Yes, I am that person." David's BroSis
Overall - The pic above is similar fabric to the crimson red velvet dresses of the female avatars that hang out in my flat. In the record, previously they were naked. When you think about it they don't need clothes for warmth. Mind you, the dresses don't cover any of the private parts.  They believe in transparency, literally. In the record, I have had to adopt a different view of the world to not just include the human perspective but also, the avatar one.
4th - Watching the Mythbuster Duct Tape Island episode. For some odd reason a white chicken decided to adopt the camp that both Adam and Jamie made. In the record,  Pele wanted to say hi.  

5th - Former President Trump points to the wrong person as his human wife. The pic is from here. In the record, Donny, his soul, allowed an avatar to take over his human body. I have talked to him about the avatar substitution and I told him that he is heading for jail. He is okay with going to jail and taking down the avatar that is in his body along with the fascist right in the USA. I have no sympathy for his path. In order for a corrupt avatar to take you over, you have to walk the path of corruption. 
In the record, every once and awhile the Former President Trump says something ridiculous. That is Donny doing avatar dialogue. 
In the record, I am not sure when the substitution happened. It is not uncommon. Mr P in Russia had the same happen. I would say that the major of dictators have lost their soul to a corrupt avatar.
13th - Watching YouTube with my Uncle and Older Bro. All of sudden, an abdominal pain is turning into a hernia. Discretely, I massage the area to push the hernia back. Then I come to the realization that some DEM being is planting a DEM worm in me. I take my soul's hand and dragon claw it out and crush the worm. I still have to massage the trauma area but the intense pain is gone. In the record, I have notice the various animals staking out my flat. It's a good sign that I am getting close to a break through or they would not be attacking.

14th - Updated post: Avatar Collector: Night Terror Up Close
- Updated post:  2022 October - Dragon Diary
15th - The family newsletter came out. One of the questions was "what is something..." My two replies are below.
What is something you want invented? Clairvoyant glasses. I wish folks could see what I can see.  
What is something you wish was never invented? Seeing 100% of everything. Yeah, those clairvoyant glasses are a bummer.  The phrase, ignorance is bliss is quite true. But since high school, I wanted a manual on how this place works.  I got my wish.
21st - Updated post: 2022 December - Dragon Diary
 - Updated post: 2023 April - Dragon Diary
25th - Updated post: 2023 April - Dragon Diary
26th - Sitting on the toilet and I flush. The thought pops into my head that it will not flush, which is what happened. In the record, I am still trying to figure out when to listen to an event impression. Or what is an event impression. Or how do I recognize an event impression, which is knowing the timeline before it happens
I can do this in Pokemon Go. I know right before a Pokemon will run when you fail to catch it. I just know it. Every time. I have no ideal how that works. Think about it. How am I connected to the toilet timeline. Well, it is because I flushed it. Okay I know why I am connected. 
In the record, when a not-so-nice avatar decides to hurt me, there is a moment. An every so slight moment that my current timeline is interrupted. I have been trying to nail it down to stop it. It happens so quick that there is no time to stop it. I can react to the event but not before the event. But if I can sense a toilet clogging I should be able to sense any event that occurs in my present timeline. But if my timeline gets temporarily hijacked, then it is a collision point I need to find. But I should be able to sense all timeline coming at me, even hijack lines. 
In the record, I had to adjust the toilet float to allow more water to flush the toilet empty. 
In the record, all right who are you?
In the record, my BroSis does seamless avatar substitutions that I can sense after the fact. I do the blog quote right before I am ready to publish the blog post.
28th - updated post:  Earth Energy - Velvet Hands
- Published my Avatar Research CV
2023 June 29 - reposted pics