Sunday, November 29, 2015

Avatar Hack: BART Ticket Machine

BART ticket machine - Top: mock up hack. Bottom: real display.

Quote: "The third way...your avatar counters the flick...parry, lunge, and touché!" Clueless Wonder

At the BART ticket machine, I purchased tickets for next month's commute. My ATM card and code have passed and waited for the next display on the monitor. I stared in disbelieve and whispered "dang, they hacked it". The "buy multiple tickets" selection was blank.  I pressed cancel to reset the program to nullify their hack. I did the card and code again and the F selection was still blank. I canceled out and went to the next machine to purchase my tickets.

In the record, part of the avatar of the day training is avatar hack of electronics that I use. Before the machine activated in the record, I saw numerous green potential timelines within the machine. The lines connected to the various parts of the machine: monitor, buttons, mechanical parts, electronics, and power. When I interacted with the machine, the green lines change to white to complete the action, though the other green potential lines were still present. I expanded the record to look closer at the F selection and saw a stack of lines. The blank display was at the top while the "buy multiple tickets" display was sixth. I watched the timeline again and saw how the blank display was selected. Before the intended line was activated, an avatar flicked their finger to the blank line which displayed a blank F selection on the monitor.

I had experienced this phenomena when I played Tread Marks online. A missile is about to frag me when I sense the flick of a finger and the missile miraculously turns away. Electronic timelines are constantly monitored by avatars. To redirect a line is easy if options exist.

There are several possibilities I intend to try to stop the hack.
- Instead of an action that select a potential line of many, an action for each potential is needed. In other words, if I was a car on the freeway and all the off ramps were closed except one, then I have to take the correct one.
- Another way is to be "one with the machine", you own all the lines and the machine will work as intended.
- The third way is the intro to this post, a counter flick.
- Go back to the source and put them in check. Once touched, always in touched is in affect.
- Tap the machine twice. The EFT should take affect and reset the machine, though an energy barrier around the device would ensure no repeat hacks.

Avatar hack has branched out to all electronics from a garage door opener, electronic soap dispensers, washing machine, Iphone, any app or software, to the Pokemon Go world.  There is a reason I never use the electronic car door key. I already know what may happen. The alarm may go off.

2018 April 3 - changed look and feel, grammar, added other electronics, added more ways to combat a hack. Comments: I purchased a ticket for each day because I had lost a ticket with lots of money on it. 
2021 March 9 - clarified that when the green lines change to white.  added quote owner, link to new window.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Avatars: The Good, The Bad, and The Stuck

If you think your micro manager at work is stuck, just wait until you get to the avatar world.

I have delayed writing about the question, though I put it out there when I did the windstorm post. There is a reason I use the term "people without bodies" to describe avatars. Avatars do not behave any better than humans.

Many avatars have the view that a human death is of no consequence. At death, the soul keeper scope up the soul and take it to the next world. Whether we live or die in this world is of no differences to the avatars. Others avatars view each human life as precious, not to be thrown away. Let's go back to the windstorm and see the two views in action.

Photo by Steve Bloom/The Olympian via AP
In the photo, a fallen tree barely missed a women who had gone to bed early. In viewing the avatar's record, I can see the tree avatar checking with the woman's avatar to ensure that the human will not move before the tree's energy flow is cut. The tree has to fall but there is no need to kill a human for the event to occur.

Photo from Snohmish County Sheriff
The next photo is a tree that hit a passing car killing the driver. In a prior post, I stated that the deaths had the "hallmark precision of an avatar". If the car is traveling 30 mph and a one foot area on the car needs to be hit by the falling tree, the window of opportunity is only 0.03 seconds.

And why did the deaths have to happen?
"Where there is a violent storm, there is always death." was the answer the storm avatar was given by her brother who committed the three killings. I have never seen an avatar cry so much as she for human deaths.

So there you go...avatars are just people without bodies.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Game Avatar: One Roll Yahtzee

The cup and dice color are right, just Imagine the dice are five fives.

Quote: Hello Las Vegas...Lady and I promise to never visit.

I am sitting at the dining room table playing Yahtzee with my Mom and Aunt Helen. It's Aunt Helen's turn to roll. She covers the cup with one hand and shakes the cup sideways with the other. After several shakes, she releases the top and out comes a tombstone that hits the table cloth. To our surprise, five fives are face up to make a Yahtzee on her first roll.

The game avatar and I looked at the timeline of the roll. The line started when my Aunt picked up the cup and ends with five dice woven in a block hitting the table cloth. Before the first shake, the game avatar put her thumb and forefinger together and separated them to draw out an avatar thread for stitching. I watched the timeline over and over and saw the fives being stitched as my Aunt shakes the cup but I never saw her hand. She slowed the movie frame by frame for me to see a hand stitch. In only one frame, I saw a faint image of her hand sweep and stitch two dice together.

Never take on the Moms...Lady Luck is always on their side.

2019 February 22 - The avatar thread is timeline thread. Since Lady Luck showed me how to make the thread I can use it to see if things are the same. It is a very handy tool. I am using is all the time to see who is who and what is what. Thanks. You are welcome. 
2019 July 14 - changed how to who.
2019 November 10 - The thread can be used to stitch up physical wounds. I did so on my Mom's sternum to help the healing after heart surgery. A post will be done on this.
2020 September 19 - Using your thread to stitch up someone else means you on take on their pain while it heals. 
2021 September 23 - Last comment about DEM thread. When she was better, her shoulder avatar took her fingers and cut the thread to release me from the connective healing. 
2022 November 13 - grammar 
2023 August 29 - changed font, reposted pic 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Storm Avatar: Northwest Windstorm Chaos

Northwest Windstorm - photo by Doyle Wheeler
Quote: Even in a storm...chaos happens.

High in the clouds, a storm avatar matches timelines to the present storm conditions. In a flash, a black streak touches three lines that cannot be changed. As the lines merge into reality, three fallen trees bring forth human deaths, none planned by the storm avatar. The deaths have the hallmark precision of an avatar bent on killing.

The storm avatar, her maidens, a forest avatar and I discuss a tree fall and look at the three tree timelines. The forest avatar explains that a tree avatar monitors several trees through a daisy-chain energy flow.  Before a tree can fall, the flow is cut and rejoins the remaining trees. The weather conditions now determines the tree's fate. The tree's storm timelines shows all three energy flows were cut premature of the expected fall. Once cut, little can be done to change the altered timelines.

After some discussion, the forest avatar agreed to add their own energy flow on all potential tree falls. To avoid surprises in the storm area, humans and their avatars will be added to the storm timelines, with avatar substitution being plan B.

The big one is coming...cross your heart and hope not to die, stick a needle in the black timeline.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Avatar Hands: Dr. Rice's Miracle Hands

  Dr. Hal Rice, Photo from the Copper Queen Hospital

Quote: There are no miracles...just your avatar lending a hand.

At the Copper Queen Hospital, Jim Hallsted waits for Dr. Hal Rice to stitch his eye brow cut. The doctor's hands shake back and forth as though the needle was a baton. Moments before contact, Hal's hands suddenly calm as gracefully stitches close the wound. After the final tie and cut, Dr. Rice's hands resume their shake.

Hal's avatar and I examine the record to understand the transition to smooth hands. I view the timeline and decide to pastel four records and show the last two below. The first record shows Jim sitting in a chair in front of Dr. Rice. The next record is a location far, far away, where Hal's avatar observes the wound preparation through a bubble viewer. Right before the first stitch, Hal's avatar inserts his face, forearms and hands into the bubble. Hal's avatar is inside the avatar on Dr. Rice's shoulder. In the last record, the avatar bends down and imposes his face, forearms and hands over the doctor's face, forearms and hands. Dr. Rice's hands immediately calm to stitch the cut.

Left - Avatar inserts face, forearms, and hands in bubble viewer.
Right - Hal's shoulder avatar imposed his face, forearms and hands on Dr. Rice, in blue.

I know of a massage therapist and a painter whose avatar's hands aid their work. Ibol uses her hands when I game online, more on that later.

View bubble pic is from this blog post.

Typically, the large viewing bubble are hidden in caves that all Venusian use to track their humans. In the record, the hidden caves were a standard part off the dysfunctional Venusian culture. They are now starting to bring them out of dark and into their homes.
2020 April 29 - minor edits and arrangement, added link
2020 May 30 - added viewing bubble pic and text
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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Avatar Hack: Tread Marks Random Weapon Spawn

Tread Mark Online Game: Dwarf tank and cruise missile 

Quote: Before you play, pray to avatar Ping...or your game may lag.

I am playing Tread Marks, an online multi-player game. My tank spawns and attaches the random weapon. I start to leave the point but hear a mental voice say, 
"Stay, a cruise missile will come." 
Low and behold, a cruise missile spawns as told. I quickly unload to pickup the one weapon that is impossible to dodge. I fire the self-seeking missile, load the next random weapon and head off to battle.

 Ibol, her two friends, Ibol's avatar, and I look at the human record and the attached avatar timeline. In the record, I am sitting in front of the computer with Ibol's avatar coming out of my shoulders. The timeline shows Ibol and her friends in a distance viewing room watching the game play through her avatar's eyes. Her friend dares Ibol to predict the next weapon. Ibol views the game's timeline and sees the next random generated weapon is a cruise missile. She speaks through her avatar to tell me about the missile to complete the prediction.

In latter posts, I will explain how the avatars take control of the game. The game play seems impossible if it weren't for avatar timelines.

The goal of playing TM is to train the avatars, dragons, and golems on how timelines work. With the knowledge of timelines, a clear mind, and love in your heart, you help all in the timeline event. Seumas McNally, TM creator, runs the class.

2018 April 3 - look and feel, added goal, title
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to see your energy bubble.

Quote:Remember, don't'll miss it.

In one of Dora Kunz's books, I remember she stares to achieve clairvoyance to read a person's aura. I decide to see my aura, or energy bubble. I stand in front of the bathroom mirror and try not to blink. The first several stares are hard and I blink, though with perseverance, I make it through the burn. The reflected energy is a misty green-yellow patch.

Dora and I look at the record to see what I missed. The single pane record shows me in my energy bubble in front of the mirror. I see vivid green and blue diagonal swirls across the bubble. She says I see parts of my energy reflected. To see the rest, clairvoyant training is required. In the mean time, I will use my avatar's eyes for clairvoyant vision.

So give it a try.  Anyone can do this. Make sure you have a white sheet or wall behind you for a blank slate to see your energy.

2024 June 5 - Changed font