Wednesday, November 30, 2022

2022 October - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"We want to be with David, though he will need patience with us" Many Hands of the day.

Overall: I am aware that when I start to cry about the war against the human race it is someone I have yet not meet.

9th - Cross trained with Dahlia.
10th - Cross trained with Moon Queen, Princess, Maiden and Deborah.
11th - The "Many Hands of the day" asked my Older Bro for the salad spinner, but said, "spinning cauldron".  I quickly came back to my body and said, "Did I just say spinning cauldron?"
As I chucked to myself, I mentally heard an embarrassed female say "Shut up".
In the house, two mischief makers heard their phrase alarm go off. They turned to each other and said, "We need to go!"  They taught the Many Hands female to use the phrase "spinning cauldron" instead of salad spinner. As the mischief makers made a speedy exit, the Door talked to them.
"Where are you going?"
"We are stepping out."
"He will find you." 
"Not if we go to the Ends of Hell." as one of them pointed at the door, both running.
In the record, yes, I will find you, but this time it was too hilarious. The pic is from here.
In the record, the DEM immortal folks spend to much time playing jokes on each other and I am guilty of that. The my salad spinner pic is below.
In the record, I am constantly telling all the avatar students to be helpful, not harmful in their class lessons. Not being helpful will get you standing outside the house door just like in the anime NIchijou - My Ordinary Life.
15th - My Older Bro said, "Many hands make light work". In the record, he hinted that I can call upon all the previous Many Hands souls on this Earth and other locations. 
16th - Just finished watching news of the January 6th riot. I finally understood that the purpose of the riot was violence to stop the counting of ballots to invoke martial law.
The DC Dragon team spent a lot of time reading the future timeline records of the insurrectionists. The one timeline that seemed to change all other timelines was the two bombs in the nearby neighborhood. In order to have a less violent insurrection, the bombs need to be avatar hacked. In the record, two dog avatars used their avatar finger to stop the bombs from going off.  Also, some of the insurrectionists mysteriously lost their guns. Don't mess with the Golem Police and the White Dragon. 
2022 December 1 - grammar, added future and DC Dragon
2022 December 7 - corrected cauldron spelling 
2022 December 8 -  grammar 
2023 January 22 - added flying cauldron pic, spelling, you know when I think something is funny there is something wrong with the spelling or grammar. In the record, I am blind to it because of the emotion. 
2023 May 14 - replace flying cauldron pic with spinning, added door link
2023 July 15 - reposted pics

Sunday, November 13, 2022

How we got here? Index

"You really want me to say something here.  Maybe? We will see who lives the longest." Me trying to get the Dark One to do the intro quote. In the record, I could talk to him because I am in my Energy bank fortress.
 Intro: I am willing to let folks see me gradually piece together "How we got here?" and all the post that follow the index. Cue the Talking Heads. It will be done when the location is published.

I am watching the "The End is Nye" series. Then I hear Bill say, "We will also answer the question, Why is Earth so dam dangerous? Sometimes does it not seem like our planet is out to get us."

The link to the video is below in case it does not play. Remember to turn up the volume to listen because I taped it off the TV. Bill Nye video link

Now to unpack what I said in the video descriptions which was: "In the record, it is no coincidence that our planet is out to get us. I do not talk about it, though it is changing. The important thing to remember is that we attacked the Dark Energy & Matter, DEM, folks first. They are answering our attacks."
As mentioned above, the short answer is we attacked first, while the longer answer is complicated. 
Below is a list of events to unpack: 
- Why did a boxman go dark? a.k.a. dark one. In the record, a Gray folk goes corrupt from not tending the garden.
- Why did the dark one mislead the past Solar System King, a.k.a. Orange woman, to blow up her planet?
- No one dies, but schisms occur. Orange planet schism onto Mars.
- The Mars wars begin and the Great flood on Earth.
- Why our soul parents have emotion fallout shelters and human have shoulder avatars.
- Why did the dark one lie to the golem race to have them destroy the human race, a.k.a. DEM wars?
- If all of nature can see Dark Energy & Matter, DEM, how come the human race can not?
- Is the DEM ocean, a.k.a. the great flood, destroying the human race?
- Eden was lost to the human race, though we live in Eden
- Why we take hot showers?
- We lost DEM powers and rely on the 5%, mining and drilling.
- Why does all of Earth's DEM races view the human race as a death cult? a.k.a. the 5% undead.
- Is there a new solar system king? Why a flat structure of continuous improvement is best.
- How does the DEM war stop against the human race, a.k.a. ending the big lie?
- What are the human race reparations to the DEM races to stop the DEM war?
- All Dem races are thrown under the bus by the Dark One.

2022 December 19 - orange man change to orange female
2023 January 22 - I look at the list and start to cry. The Orange female is with me. In the record, the list makes sense but is missing details. 
2023 March 23 - added in the record about gardening
2023 September 24 - added bus

Sunday, November 6, 2022

2022 August - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"It was hard to see David with another woman who was not me." Ibol

Overall:  Just working on the patio and learning to walk again. 

2nd - I look at a  pictures of younger adult me in the Hallsted calendar.  I whisper, "Who is that person?" The left picture has a sad smile compared to the happy smile on the right. 
I would come back to this unfinished post to just look at the sad picture wondering why Ibol was sad. A few days ago, I looked and saw a flat picture. I quickly surmise that she is blocking that timeline from me which she can do because she is me.
I placed my hand in front of me to open the locked timeline records. 
Ibol joined my hand knowing crying will come from reading the record.
On Earth, Susan is about to take a picture of me on the hike as I get ready to smile.
Back on Venus, in Ibol's emotional fallout cave, she does not want to do the smile.
"Why, why, why? I want to be there not here." Ibol quickly pushed through the shoulder avatar face and placed her smile over my smile.  In the record, Venusian were taught to join their human for the smile to make it extra special. I am glad she did the smile. It is good to know all aspect of the one you love. 
- In the record, sometimes you can see the avatar smile for a picture, like in the avatar smile blog post.
3rd - Walking back to the car from Home Depot, I noticed two females talking while their gray Great Dane dog pooped. It was etched in my mind the form the dog had to poop. In the record, Climb, Donna, and Terra, my support personnel, showed me a better way to get the poop out. 
24th - I stand in front of the step after just laying down.  I concentrate on my legs and see and feel the tug holding it to the Earth. I calmly raise my right hand and and do a flick motion with my thumb and forefinger. I hear a DEM pop. I lift my right leg up as though the drop foot never existed. In the record, I think I finally understand what the sports doctor said, "It just disappears."  The doctor was not talking about the physical baker's cyst, but the energy that holds down my right leg, the new right leg that created the baker's cyst.

31st - I am watching the "The End is Nye" series. Then I hear Bill say,
"We will also answer the question, Why is Earth so dam dangerous? Sometimes does it not seem like our planet is out to get us."
The link to the video is below in case it does not play. Remember to turn up the volume to listen because I taped it off the TV. Bill Nye video link
The short answer above is we attacked first, the longer answer is complicated. This will be its own post here. The link is the index of a multi-post explanation.
In the record, I know the major details and I have hinted throughout my blog what is happening. It's time to tell and wake up sleeping dogs.

2022 November 7 - added link to emotional fallout cave & grammar
2022 November 10 - add dog event
2022 November 13 - added DEM wars label
2023 July 15 - reposted pic

Thursday, November 3, 2022

2022 July - Dragon Diary

  It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"If you needed, drink of my water for your health." Spring avatar
Overall: It is weird having drop foot in front of others. I guess I am suppose to get over being embarrassed? In the record, how is it possible to have temporary drop foot? You either have it or you don't. In the record, little did I know that I was being handicapped on purpose.
- I am able to put weight on my left foot.
- For sometime now, I no longer check the door is locked. The locked door makes a DEM sound of sizzling metal. In the record, simple machine have a DEM voice.
4th - In the support meeting, I pulled out a timeline of person who said they had an addiction.  As the person was fueling the addiction I pulled out the entity that was on his energy bubble. As I looked at it, it opened it mouth as though it was trying to grab on to me.
10th - Cross train with Maria.
11th - Cross train with Gaia.
18th -  I am on a different path with my walking. I need to reduce the panic I have with "drop foot". It seems to be working.  In the record, my panic allows others to enter into my space to stop me from walking.

21st - I meet that Lady in Green and did some cross training.  In the record, she is the avatar of the green shaft. In the record, she want to be known as the Spring avatar.
25th - I closed my website.  I was never going to do it. Instead I but he money into Cruchyroll to watch anime with the DEM kids.

2023 July 15 - reposted pic