Sunday, August 28, 2016

Soul Possession: Dream World Access Denied

Quote: "Peace would come from the most unlikely source...the ones bless by the touch." J.C.

My Sister, Dawna, sent me a video on dream interpretation by Kevin Todeschi. Around 3:04, Kevin mentioned that the criminal psychotic do not dream.

So why? The answer is easy. 

I already know that I visit one or more dream worlds a night. When I sleep and my soul is in control of my human body, my shoulder avatar connects my dream worlds together. If another avatar controls my soul or takes full possession of my body, the connection to my dream worlds would not be found.

If the criminal psychotic were freed of the possession and trained, they would be the protectors of the world.

Why? Once touched, always in touch applies.

They would know where to find and then control the avatars that are causing the mischief in this world.

Update: 2019 October 9 - I need to look at this again. It needs clarification.

Dog Planet Rescue: No Dog Kiss...Dog Possession

Dog kisses have health benefits.

Quote: "Never pass up a dog's a healthy choice." Princess Poodle

Jon came downstairs to tell me that the neighbor wanted to know how the dog watching went. We, the avatars of the day, thought it was suppose to be tomorrow. We quickly grabbed their house key and headed over to the house to see if the dog was OK. We searched throughout the house calling for the dog, only to realize that the owner has already returned and is out walking the dog. We went home and realized that we were in trouble...or were we.

In the record: 
Back at my flat, I, David, quickly sat down at my desk and pulled up the record of the house search. I hear a voice say, "You have to do this quickly. They may be back at anytime." I flew through the house record and saw a dark figure jet by me. I continued the hunt but Princess Poodle and her guards found the possessed dog soul. They took him back to the Dog Planet for a cleansing bath.

How it was figured out:
On July 16th, we had walked the same dog and he tried to attack the white dragon.

On August 13th, we returned from a Pokemon Go hunt and passed by the neighbor yard. The neighbor's dog lunged to get me.

On August 24th, we accidentally erased my emails which included the only one with the date for the dog watch. There was no other reminders to know the day.

On August 26th, we were upstairs and listened to the neighbor's instructions. We crouched down to get my usual dog kisses but the dog was neutral about kissing my face. The dog is doing the dumb blonde trick to hide who they are. I know that trick because I do it with the female avatars of the day. Force thought was used on the avatars of the day to think that the dog watch day was Sunday, not Saturday. We started to make plans for the weekend. We even told Jon that on Sunday we need to walk the dog at 7 a.m. Then Jon and avatars go Poke Go hunting. After the hunt, we bring the dog to my place for the day.

Why possess a dog?
To have access to where I live and all of the portals that are here. There are multiple barriers to pass to enter, however if they possess a person, animal or thing they can come through. I will have to key the foreheads of both animals' and people's avatar to allow passage.

- 2016 August 28 - Added forgotten part and grammar.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Avatar Revolt - It's the Female's Turn to Run Things

"You males's OK if the females run things for bit." Clueless Wonder

My sister, Dawna, sent me the video from Danielle Egnew.
My take away of the new cycle, the females will be in charge of all avatar processes.
Processes are from plant growth to galaxy arm guide.
Everything is being turned over to the females.

And it will not happen on its own.
It will be a fight similar to the take over of Venus from male rule in March of 2012.

Also, Danielle avatar popped in the living room wondering why she was here.
I asked her why she uses the term angels with her human.
She said it was easier for her to understand.
There are no angels, devils, or gods...just people, the physical body is optional.

 She does one main avatar dialogue at 2:34 and some minors ones throughout.

2020 December 13 - fixed font, need to fix video link, added avatar dialogue

2016 August - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

- I finally attended the BAHVN meeting in soul and human body. The room was safe for me to attend in person. Right before and after the meeting the avatars of the day took over. There is a reason I left my body that I have yet to explain.

- The Green and Blue Dragons attended the BAHVN meeting. In my Earth record, they had human flesh.

- It's deja vu of June 21st for Gwen. As I round Marin Circle with two other Pokemon Go hunter friends, Gwen and her lover round the circle in the opposite direction. As we cross the Los Angeles intersection, she waved to me. In the record, Gwen was the same male human body as on the 21st with her male lover in a female body.
- Further down Solano, I see a red jogger who is the Red Dragon. 
- Close to Safeway on Solano Avenue, we saw a white haired blind man with a cane almost crash into the wire sculpture artist and his human wires creation. It was the White Dragon being funny. 

- Walking up Solano at Masonic Avenue, I see a winked faced female in a blue outfit and one in a red outfit opposite of each other waiting to cross Solano. I know they are the Blue and Red dragons. In the record, I viewed a cross section of their arms and see human flesh. I view a different record and they now have dragon forms. Yeah, they are really dragons, but they took on human flesh to be here. The second record was from Mars, the Dragon planet. 

2016 August 24: Redid post that did not show in Google Plus. Nothing is new. Deleted the Gregg Braden post because all the pic disappeared. Never use snipping tool for cut-n-paste pics. 
2016 September 7: I deleted the duplicate post and added 29th comment. 
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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Avatar Substitution - Naragami Divine Possession

Quote: "Avatar substitution is the coolest trick...a real life saver." Clueless Wonder

Avatar Substitution - Naragami Divine Possession
Just finished watching the OVA anime, which was hilarious. In the anime, Yato pushes out Hiyori to possess her body. In a typical avatar substitution, your avatar pushes your soul out of your body to control the upcoming event which is beyond your soul's ability to save yourself.

One of my avatar substitutions was a bicycle crash in the Posey tube.

Other avatar substitutions that I read and reviewed the records were:

Sam Maynard's accident - "Maynard said all he remembers was being at the gym one minute and waking in the hospital’s intensive care unit the other."

Sebastion Johnson's cliff fall - In the record, his avatar took over the remnant in his body to have his body survive the fall.

Window washer survived a 11-story fall - Pedro Perez said that "he did not remember the fall". To make sure the catch net was in the proper position, Mohammad Alcozai's car was avatar hacked and "his car’s navigation system went blank, so he slowed down" just in time to catch the falling avatar substitute in Pedro's body.

Your avatar, always has your best interest even if it means taking on the pain for your survival.

Nikolai Gorokhov fall: 

NBC News Lawyer Probing Russian Corruption Says His Balcony Fall Was ‘No Accident’

Nikolai fall has all the hallmarks of an avatar substitution, lack of memory and a miracle.
There is a certain person in a certain country who is just a pawn like ISIS.
All the wealth that person is collecting is worthless to the avatars.
I highly recommend that they rethinks what they are doing, if that is possible. 

Update: 2017 July 15 - added Russian lawyer fall. 
2020 September 19 - The person responsible for the Russian event is the Dragon of Russia. I would not mess with her. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Avatar & Pokemon: When Worlds Collide

Quote: "If I use an avatar Poke ball to catch an avatar Pokemon, will it show up on my Iphone Pokedex?" BlueDragon2401

Avatar & Pokemon: When Worlds Collide
It's a Pokemon desert in South Sacramento County. I decided to take over the only gym in  the area, which Rhydon took easily. I healed him and placed him in the gym. 

Then it happened.

I saw the gym on Earth with my avatar's eyes. It was huge as it should be, just north of the brick signage. 

In the record
Back home, I pulled out the record to understand the details. At the platform's base, I looked up and saw Rhydon and the BlueDragon at the top. She laid down on the platform and waved to me over the edge. Then she transformed to her picture pose. I examined the gym's location and found out that the Church Avatar moved the gym outside of his church. He did not mind the gym, but wanted it outside the energy bubble he created for the church. 

The Twelve Worlds
I had suspected it, but this confirmed it. Just because a planet is a frozen icicle or a fire ball does not mean there is no life on it, just not human life. How the Twelve Worlds work, I do not understand, but they are overlaid on existing planets void of any physical life. 

Update 2016 August 4 - Grammar