Thursday, July 30, 2020

Pale Dragon Meeting: New Direction for the Human Race

"Hi everyone, I'll be hanging out with David for now on." Ralph

Having just fallen asleep in my bed, Climb tells my soul that I am wanted in a meeting. I ask Ralph to take over my sleeping body so I can attend. I assured him that I would return. As I enter the living room, I see a large hall with a large round table. On the other side is a Pale dragon, with several dragons behind her. At the Earth committee meeting are the usually representative: Sun Mum, GAIA, Mercury Secretary, a GBS, Mars' King & Queen, Moon's King & Queen, and Ibol and me for Venus. I spoke as I moved to the table to address the Pale dragons.

"Hi, I am David the Solar..."
"I know."
"Alright. And who are you?"
"I represent the Pale dragons."
"You're lime green, is that pale?"
"Ah, Yes. I was told that you would be impertinent."
"That's me, one of the people. How can we help?"
"We are here to help the human race progress down, as you say, the DEM path."
"Most excellent. So what's the plan?"
"We propose to give each human a choice, stay on your current path or advance to a DEM user."
"What? A choice? Are you sure about this?"
"Hear her out David."
"It is simple. Go down your path, or face death on their current path."

My eyes widen as Ibol grabs my arm to steady me.

"We have helped the human race many times to change their path. This change is necessary to avoid the climate peril your race now face. Many will chose to change, though some will stay their current path."
"Alright. What exactly is the plan and how can I help?"

In the record, the human race is on the path of the 5%, or physical aspect of the universe. The DEM path, Dark Energy & Matter, is the path of the 95%. The human race needs to join the other DEM races on Earth. Once united, physical and DEM, we can all move together to a new future.

In the record, the last two weeks I was given hints of the meeting, but I avoided the blog of it. If I am not in my body, I can not remember what happen. When I opened the record, a dragon's claw clamped my hand to open it.

The COVID-19 virus that befell the human race was no accident. We set the virus upon our race. Now we must face it. In the record, I had to figure out how the virus works before I could know of the meeting. It should be easy to train dogs to spot the virus in humans. Dogs have DEM vision.

The date of the meeting was shown to me to be in October of the full moon. In the record, they were nice to me about the meeting time.

I typed Ralph, but I had no ideal who he was until last Thursday, July 23, 2020, which is why this post was still open. In the record, we have meet and are one with each other.
Thanks Ralph.
In the record, that meeting changed everything. My fate, the human race's fate, the fate of this solar system. We, all DEM beings, need to work together as a team or we will meet our separate ends.
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