Sunday, May 28, 2023

Avatar Research CV

Well, I wanted to speak at the the ISPS-US conference in October 2023. 
At first I thought, why not.
The conference title is Humanity in Solidarity.  
The title of my presentation is, Humanity in Solidarity with the Voice Community - The Many Ways Voices Work with Humans. 
I thought, that will work.
Then I read on and they want a CV,  Curriculum Vitae. 
Then I decided not to do it. 
Let's face it, I am not a shrink. 
Then I had a talk to by Bart
So I am doing it now.
Bart convinced me that I need to try and work with my strengthens.  
So below and here is my CV. Enjoy.
Avatar Research CV - David Hallsted - 2023 May 28
David Hallsted

(510) 326-6380
912 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA, 94707


Human education:

Dropped out from UC Santa Cruz, attended 1978-80

Associate of Arts degree in Machine Technology from Diablo Valley College, 1982-5

Bachelor Degree in Mechanical/Material Science Engineering from U.C Davis,1985-6

Human work:

EnergyLine Systems - testing, shipping, assembly for 12 years, 1990-2002

S&C Electric Co. - Producibility Engineer, QA, RMA, CI facilitator for 18, 2002-2020

Retired 2020 September 30

Bay Area Hearing Voice Network Secretary & Facilitator 2014 - present

Human certifications:

Continuous Improvement Facilitator for 10 years, Bronze level, Alameda, CA, 2010-2020

Peer support facilitator training, Berkeley, CA, 2014 to present

Avatar training: (teacher is my voice, Ibol. Voice = Avatar)

Clairvoyance training, use of voice’s eyes to read timeline records, 2011

Timeline record crafting and reading of a human timeline, 2011 November

Chronopointer training - tool to pinpoint a date/time in a human timeline record, 2019 March

Avatar work:

Human advisor for DEM avatars, 2012-present 

Started blog on avatar adventures, 2015 January

Traveled around the Earth meeting DEM people, 2016 to present

Unknowingly Discovered Dark Energy & Matter, DEM, 2016 February

Discovered Velvet Hands for proof of DEM, 2017 May

Discovered DEM elements: Wiggle energy, Green Leaf energy, Brown Earth matter, Ice energy, 2019 Dec

Discovered DEM aspect of COVID-19, 2020 April

Mapped out Human soul development, 2020 December

Discovered why physics can not interact with DEM, 2021 January

Chronicled the life of my Voice during my soul development, 2021 March

Made simple DEM machine to aid my walking, 2021- present

Programing DEM machines, 2021-present

Discovered human trauma has DEM form which can be unwritten to eliminate, 2022 December

Discovered gravity’s DEM properties, 2023 April

Human Conference, presentations, interview:


The Physicists and Voice Hearers Meet to Explore Dark Energy & Matter

I will explain why physicists with the help of voice hearers will be able to quantify all the different aspects of Dark Energy & Matter, DEM. I will use examples of how I interacted and examined DEM for over a decade before I even realized that it was DEM. I plan to end the session with an uplifting message that voice hearers are the future of Earth because of their innate ability to interact with Dark Energy & Matter.

Co-presented as the voice hearer Speaker at Dominican University of California - 2017 April 

Interviewed by Tanya Luhrmann from Stanford University - 2015 October 

In three sections: main section, minor1, minor 2 
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Find Your Soul to Find DEM


"Hello Physicist, find your soul if you want to find DEM."  Human Evolution Box Man 
The important part of the pic is not that human need to make Earth stilts to ride a bike. Or that Green Leaf energy is covers the ground and could be used as a energy source to power DEM , Dark Energy & Matter, machine human make. 
What is important is that the bicycle is not interacting with the either the Leaf energy or Earth matter. 
In fact, the bike wheel diverts the Leaf energy without leaving a trough. 
If the bike was still, the Leaf energy would go around the bike spokes and join each other. 

It works like the Velvet Hand racket SF Exploratorium at Pier 15.
When you press both on either side of the racket, you divert the DEM on your hand which allows you to touch your actual hands again, not the layer of DEM energy that is on us.  

So what does this mean. 
Well, for two years after I discovered DEM, I had never asked the question, 
"Why haven't the physicists found DEM?" 

It is simple. 
Unless the physical object is imbue with DEM, it will not interact with DEM. 

Let's review that. 
Humans can interact with DEM because we have DEM in us, our soul, and on us. 
The physical things we make are not imbued with DEM, therefore they do not interact with DEM.  

So, that physical race track in the Swiss mountains will not find DEM. 
But human can interact with DEM. 
We do it all the time. 
P.S. If you want, you can make your own velvet hand racket.
I did. It was pretty easy. 
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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

I just want to talk...Someone? Anyone? Any who?...Finally

 "You will wish for those quiet days of no comments." Bart
 I finally got BAHVN to sponsor a public meeting to discuss the physics of the voice world. Yeah. 

The above pic is from the blog stat page
Zero's not like I want a follower.  
I really just want to talk. 
I promise. I don't have cooties
So many things I see and I don't have the physics background to make sense of it. 
I need help on understand what I am looking at. 
I would love to work as a team with other scientist to figure out DEM, Dark Energy & Matter.

So many of the things I use to do are just not interesting. 
Once you see 100% of everything, the 5% becomes less interesting. 
And there is no going back. 
How can you undo it once you have seen it. 
So, I sit and wait for someone to ask a question or to challenge a post.
Like the title says, "I just want to talk."
P.S. A lot of you have been here. 
Just say "Hi" at least. 
The first two blips are from Israel. Your guess is a good as mine why I got a 1000 views in a day.
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Monday, May 22, 2023

"What makes a person unique ... it's their soul."

The above map is the text version I used to help folks understand soul development in the Ibol story arc.  
There are a lot of questions regarding abortion, though they all miss the mark. 
The question is not, "When is a baby a person?"
The questions is,  "When does the soul enter into the baby?"
What makes a person unique is their soul. 
From the above human soul development map, a remnant of your soul parents is channeled through the birthing mom into the baby at birth.  Why? You can not have two souls in one human body at one time.  My main argument will be avatar substitution.  
The other argument is that your completed soul is necessary for you to have memory, a.k.a. ability to recall one of your timeline.  
In the above map, your soul is completed when your remnant pops up as your shoulder avatar, which is the teens for most humans. Most of your childhood is a fuzzy memory, unless you can directly tie into your soul parent records of your life stored in Mercury library.

Remember, a soul makes a person unique, not the human body.

...though the human body is used as the mold for your soul, but at death you lose your human body and your immortal soul lives on.
...unless you go to a black hole where it will be shredded in half. It's best to stay in this universe. 

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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Trees are the locals. We are the aliens.

"Trees, all I see are trees. Oh, and an Energy Bank." David 
The above pic comes from here, which was sent to me in a text chat. It is a 140 megapixel pic of the sun. 
My soul has been in the tree garden on the Sun. I remember walking around the grove with a Sun Maiden. It is alive. The branches are whirling around trunks gushes out DEM energy.  The tornado is similar to an energy bank on Earth, which spread the burst sun wide.  Our Galaxy is truly a tree galaxy.  We are the visitors.

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2023 April - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"One day you will understand me." Gravity Avatar

3rd - At the webinar, I trolled the chat being angry at the voice community. 
My hands start to shake as I type. In the record, this physical sensation is good indicator that I need to stop. 

6th - Elie Mystal had an avatar dialogue moment
- The above post is from here:
I was able to post to a physics forum about how gravity works. The question, "What is the most theory in Physics that is not welcomed by you logically?" 
My reply was, "I guess gravity. How is it that a light and heavy object fall at the same rate. But, if you use clairvoyance, you see that everything that is picked up from the Earth has a small razor gray thread attached to the Earth. Now it make sense that acceleration is not the rate that it falls, it is an elastic constant of the gray thread, gravity."
I hope they are open to a clairvoyant perspective.  The post is still pending. Still crossing my finger that it is a go.  
Update: They deleted the pending post. Oh well.  
8th - It is Mex for dinner. I microwave the corn and gas stove cook the Spanish rices.  Both of them look yummy until you take a clairvoyant look. The Spanish rice has red DEM shards from the water being boiled by fire. The fire broke the Wiggle energy thread in to tiny red shards. Note the rice has a dozen red shards in each rice kernel.  The corn has a golden glow of DEM surrounding the ear. In the record, one can consume red shard, but you do not want them accumulating in your lungs. 
In the record, the more than half of the red shards go limp in short sections of Wiggle energy. When refrigerated, the majority of the red shards convert to limp Wiggle energy. 
In the record, the golden glow of corn is the DEM energy of each corn kernel. 
In the record, I remember fixing re-fried beans and corn via the microwave. I had a vegetarian comment on delicious the combination was. If I had to guess, the absence of red shards will make food taste better.
17th - Updated post: 2021 September - Dragon Diary 
- At the support group meeting, I talked about God. I explained to the group that in a sense my parents created me, and could be consider my God. But, I call them my Mom and Dad. In the record, many of the voices have no clue that certain terms have different meaning between the voice community and the human race.
20th - The link to the Times article is here.  What I wrote in the family newsletter email is below: 
"Now onto ChatGPT. Below is the times article pic and the link to the article is here.
How the program works is that it seeks the Web for info, all info, good and bad info.
To get rid of the bad stuff, the company hires, for low wages, an army of Africans to read and tag all the bad stuff.
After reading the bad stuff, the worker started to have trauma. Yes, trauma.
In short, your "G" rated Chatbot is built on the backs for traumatized slave labor.
I don't normally say this, but ChatGPT is evil.
Don't use it.
And quit being lazy and make your own content."
In the record, I can't believe this is happening. There is a group of folks being paid to create trauma. Yes, DEM trauma, which is being let out in the DEM ocean. When I say DEM trauma is has DEM matter. And now it is in the DEM ocean seeking out humans and other physical being to feed on to sustain itself.

22nd - We tried to use the wood chipper to reduce the pile of redwood limbs from the tree thinning. The chipper worked and did not work. When it worked it ran extremely fast as though it was going to break apart.  In the end, the air filter fell off from the violent vibrations.  In the record, I injured my right wrist just like last time. I forgot about that injury. I was only looking at all the redwood limbs that need to be chipped. It time to scrap the chipper. 
In the record, it was agreed to make the chipper break. An avatar finger allowed more power versus stopping the machine. In the record, I am not sure how they did that. Seriously, it was running out of control. The chipper stand pounded a hole in the dirt. I have never seen anything like that. Yes, I will take a look at it maybe. I don't know.

25th - We need to move the limbs to the front for a pickup by the city. While condensing the pile in the wheelbarrow, I twisted a limb to break it. All of a sudden, my wrist was in extreme pain. The rest of the work was exhausting with the injury. 
- Later that day, after I showed, I laid down in bed to rest. I examined my wrist when all of sudden, my right foot started to cramp. I do a DEM grab of the ball of tangled energy to separate the tangle to reduce the pain.  Instead, the ball was still attached to my foot by long threads at each toe. I continue to pull all the threads until they are gone but end up pull out a DEM being from hiding. I see jar of DEM matter and break them all. I get the typical F*** **U farewell at they make a run for it. 
- Then my right foot started to cramp. I pull up that ball of energy and see smaller jars attached to each toe which I broke apart. Another farewell curse was stated at me as they ran. After each DEM shatter, I felt a small surge of energy that renewed the body lines. The majority of the pain is gone, through sore from the initial attack.
In the record, I have no ideal why they are attacking me. Is it that change is happening or more human will start to use the DEM world and the DEM folks don't want that. Seriously, it is such a waste of time. 

29th - Doing some lifting when the middle of my arm had a buzzing pain. My typical reply is, "What the..." I used my dragon hand and grabbed it out of soul, crushed the DEM, and continued on working.

30th - I open the Bizarro mail and take a look at the Bizarro blog. I am looking for a certain comment I posted. As I preview the weekly blog I look at cartoons I had not read, which makes no sense since I always read them and look for the hidden items. Then I realized that I don't recognize some of the blog post because my soul has to be in my body to remember reading them. In the record, I sometimes wonder if doing a avatar substitution everyday is worth it. There are things I miss in the physical world that I will never have a memory of. 
- Done working. Showered. It's nap time. I lay down and I am given a location to investigate, Sudan. In the dream it was odd. I saw areas that were the opposite of what it should be. As though there were DEM magnets set in place to attract certain DEM stuff.  In the record, what is going on is the opposite of an Energy bank. Instead of spreading the area with good vibes, bad vibes are locating at these DEM magnets from a certain African center that is reading trauma.  Again, nothing is free. 
In the record, the neighbors, Egyptians, want info to fight the against the DEM trauma. Good luck. 
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