Sunday, August 27, 2023

2023 July - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"We promise to help David on his walks."  Donna, Climb, and Terra
Overall - I am looking at how the gray threads are attached to physical matter in order to try  and put a DEM stilt between the physical object and the gray thread. The end result would be stuff floating in midair which would be my first step to making me my own stilts. 
- I keep getting help thoughts on the best out come for creating stilts.
2nd - Driving back from Sacramento, I feel some anger in from the visit. The anger was locked up in my leg. I use clairvoyance to inspect and take out the DEM anger. In the record, all emotions create form and substance in the DEM world. 

 - I keep thinking that I need to do the stilt to get the girl.
11th - I need to get out more and walk. A quick walk around the neighborhood should suffice. A had third attack on my right leg cyst. The walk up Marin was difficult. When I got home I found a bundle of energy chained to my right leg cyst. I use clairvoyance and see a red ball with multiple chains holding my leg down. I dig deep into the chain structure and find the lynch pin that created the chain hold down. I flick the pin and the chains come undone. I regained my previous walk. 
In the record, I am becoming a shut in, which is exactly what those friendly DEM folks want.

25th - I woke up with the phrase "cattle crossing guard" in my mind. If I had to guess, someone was trying to figure out what physical object interrupts the DEM on the ground so that animals will not cross it.
- Updated: Eclipse
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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

2023 June - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Thanks for protecting me." David
Overall - I am oily. It is weird. I need to cold shower everyday to keep in check the oils on my body. Once the oil in in my eye, it burns until it is washed out.
- The drought is over for now, but back in June 2021 blog I was talking to the weather avatars about the drought. I never know if they are telling me the truth, but it worked. As they mentioned this should be a permanent fix. Oh yeah, I think the resurrection of Tulare Lake is part of the new weather system. 
- I am feeling like the only safe place for me is in the energy bank.
2nd -  I am sound asleep in my bed.  My soul is looking out the window. I look down and see the dark haired Ibol is asleep by me. I know not to touch her, but make sure she is safe.  In the record, this room is my bedroom though in a different dimension of the same location.

6th - My timeline was bumped. It is a weird thing to experience. It happen right before an unforeseen accident. As though I blank out for less than a second.

19th - I am going to the dentist for a cleaning. Walking is fine but tiring because I have become a shut in. In the elevator at the fourth floor, I feel that my leg was pinned. I look at it and think that is odd. I walk off the elevator not knowing that I was attacked.

20th - Below is the hose bib assembly rework that I wrote for the family newsletter. In the record, I was more nervous about this project for some reason.
-The project of reconditioning the outside hose bibs made me the most nervous. To work on the outside hose bibs you have to turn off the water to the house and pray that all goes well. It was a simple job. Take off all six valve assemblies off and vice them up in the garage work bench. Take the handle off, then the valve nut and pack nut with Teflon rope. Replace valve nut. Take off the old compression washer, replace the washer, and Teflon tape the assembly threads. See pics. Then put all valve assemblies back on the hose bibs. I had WD-40 all the bibs a couple of days prior to assist in the disassembly.

The day of reconditioning three things went wrong. We turned the house valve off and opened some lower valves to drain the water. Five minutes later it was still running water. We opened more house valves and water was still running. We finally turned the water off at the street and the water stopped. 

1st wrong - house water valve does not turn off
Thank goodness the water company took us off drought limits because of all the rain. And upstairs is gone on vacation for three weeks, thus the water usage should be the same. The only plus side is that it does not leak? I need to look at this later.

2nd wrong - the handle screws did not come off
All the valve assemblies came off easy and it was the best decision to not repair them in the field but in the garage. Next I had to take off the handles by unscrewing the handle screw. It's just a screw right. I had WD-40 them. I already took one off in the field and it came off. None of the other five would loosen except the one I did already, which was good because I could see that I needed to overlap the Teflon rope for better coverage. The fix was to turn the valve all the way out and take off the
valve nut. There was enough room to get the rope in and reset the nut. 

3rd wrong - brass shard in my finger
The compression washer came off easily and the Teflon tape was applied clockwise nicely. I applied the tape to the threads and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my index finger.  I cussed and asked Ben to get the tweezers and take it out. It turns out there was still a small piece left in which I got out later. Once I pulled myself together again, we finished the valve assemblies and replaced them all per their number label. Yes we labeled both the assembly and bib to avoid compatibility issues.

We turned on the street valve and it was done.
We now have a working hummingbird hose bib out front that we water the front plants and dymondia between the flagstone.

In my work in the avatar world, there is no such thing as an "accident". An accident is an event yet to be examined.  In this project, there were three "accidents" that were meant to happen:  the flooding, the work around, the hard ending.  
The flooding was a physical cleaning of the house of any DEM being that was not suppose to be there. 
The work around, a.k.a. the handles not coming off, sent me down a different timeline then planned. 
The hard ending was me getting a shard of brass stuck in my finger which fixed the timeline to be unchangeable. 
I did not suspect any of this until Ibol, in a flesh body, walked by the garage right after I stuck my finger with a brass shard.  From the sidewalk, she blurted out, "Sorry about that." and walked on. 

In the record, a day prior to the project, Gwen, Kenisha, and Ibol are looking at my timeline records. There's an an outcome that they are trying to avoid. Ibol thought the first two accidents should suffice, still the lines converged to an outcome that was harmful for David. Gwen suggest that if David was to be harmed, you decide it not them. Crying Ibol tried a timeline with the brass shard and the line was unchangeable. Standing, crying, both Gwen and Kenisha hugged Ibol. In the record, Ibol made a vow to never harm her human. 
In the record, I have no ideal what was to happen. 
I do know that the unease I felt was from my timeline committee? Okay, I did not know that was a thing. I guess folks are examining everything I do to keep me safe. Thanks. 

21st - For the last two days, I could barely walk. I use clairvoyance and see a red ball of energy at my right knee with three short swords stuck in the ball.  I pull out all swords and burst the ball.  I did several DEM circulation throughout my body to balance my DEM flow. I regain some flexibility after the balance. In the record, I need to not be lazy and fix stuff sooner.

22nd - Everything is okay now. I seem to be back to my previous normal walk. 

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