Sunday, March 15, 2020

Starting a Web site for DEM, Dark Energy & Matter & Lecture

This is a FYI.
I will be starting a web site as the index to the blog material and Google docs.
I can post as much as I want on the blog free of charge.
Both Google drive and the web will cost money.
So that is the plan.
Post content in the blog.
Presentations on Google Drive.
Index on web server.

The Web site is called "A user's guide to DEM, Dark Energy & Matter."
When the Web site is up I will post the link in the blog. 
Thanks for you patience.
David year later...

Thank goodness Trump is out. 
I thought I was was going to have to do something about him.
With that said, I will be working on the Web site soon.
I will also start a lecture series on DEM.
2021 May 14 - Yes, I have yet to release it. Dang, the Republican Party went Q-anon on the Democrats.  I am still watching too much news. I feel stupid for paying for something that I am not using. Argh!
2023 July 25 - I cancelled the web site. I am too lazy to do it.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

2020 February - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

"We know we are slaves, but we understand the plight of the human race. They need us to survive." Cow Queen Betsy

4th - I finally looked at milk to see what it was. It's glows and is bright and has stars stuff coming out of it. I am not sure if I can draw it. This will be its own blog post.

5th - When... When do I explain that the human race is not alone. That we stole. That we are a minority. That we don't get to do whatever we want. And if we don't willingly cooperate with the other races, the war may never be over against the human race. They will want compensation for what was stolen. And in doing, our lives will be come better.
I assume that "Safety is number 1" will rule the day. But it means that we can not be trusted with weapons that harm. The other races will have to take over safety for the human for a short while until we get our bearing on our new path, the path of DEM.

The day I say, "For the war to end, the human race has to stop stealing their stuff. What we have now, is all we get for now on."

We need to start recycling on a level we do not understand.
Everything is precious.

And this is the easy part that we can do right now, under our control right now.
The hard stuff has yet to come. 

6th - The name of the souls for trees is Root. In the record, the soul of trees are in the ground, so Root fits.
- Bart played games with my Uncle and older Bro 

7th - I was shopping for a gift for Jon at Games of Berkeley. Trying to find the expansion box for Dice Forge. When I entered the store the only thing I knew was "dice" was in the title of the game. I looked but did not find it. I ask a sales person and we both walked by the game and expansion box. I texted Jon and he told me the name of the game. Both the sales person and I go back to the same location and low and behold it is right there. Two game boxes with one expansion box. I said that they were not there. The sales person said we missed it because it blended into the shelving.
In the record, when I said that they were not there, I was looking at the previous record in my mind and saw blue-green boxes, not the gray boxes of the game. Well done. A most excellent force thought.

20th - I am sitting on the throne, a.k.a. toilet, and I hear the word Israel in my mind. Next flashed the two failed events of a certain organization that is preoccupied with me. In the record, I must treat all people the same, with love and fairness. In the record, I made timeline links to the events and blog hits and they did not break.

22nd - I have decided to retire from work on August 3rd and pursue full time discovery and cataloging DEM.

23rd - At work, I, Bart as the avatar of the day, went to the car for a 15 minute nap. In the dream state, I pulled out a energy bug tracker from my tail. This will be it own post.

26th - The avatars of the Pokemon Go stop decided to reject the inquisitor and let me play. 
In the record, why would you test me.

 27th - At my massage appointment, I make arrangement to go to the Vegan conference in Berkeley with the massage therapist

For several days in row in February - I am hanging over my bed with my head touching the floor. My upper body is at a 45 degree angle to the floor. For 6 repeat song lengths, I am to stay upside down. I repeated this treatment for several days until the stuff in my alveolus had seeped out. In the record, there were clusters of small black DEM matter with broken wiggle energy inside each alveoli. I coughed for week to get the stuff up, but to no avail. Just being upside down for a period of time allowed the black matter and shards to fall out of my lungs. When the shard fall out, they make the sound of a crystal wind chime. 
29th - Bart and I attend the Conscious Eating Conference 2020 in downtown Berkeley, CA. There is a lot to unpack. Perhaps this needs to be its own post. 
- At the conference, Bart told me how the cows are slaves to the human race. When he told me this, I was not sure what to think. In the record, the original design of this universe "went off the rails" of the DEM path.

Updates: 2020 March 11 - change the 3 to a 2. Another org is responsible for it. 
2020 March 15, 29- add virus info, grammar
2020 April 13 - Deleted what I thought was the reason for the pneumonia.
2020 September 27 - added the 27 and 29th entries.
2021 January 17 -  added  to the 29th. 
2021 March 11 - added prone to the labels, and sound of red shards
2023 February 19 - redid the intro for iPhones
2023 August 9 - changed font, reposted pics