Sunday, May 17, 2020

Cold Shower Regimen: Physical Benefits

"We can buff you up, when the heat is off." Wiggle Queen & King

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It is Wednesday and I arrive at work. Once inside the door, I go over to the medical check in table. I am asked what symptoms I have and tell them I have sore throat. I am told to go home, though my temperature was around 97F. Once at home, I take my temperature with the Kinsa and get 98.8F. Both the office and home temp were higher than normal, but they are not a fever temperature. Two hours later I had my 4th course of the virus. In the record, with a nice thick dark energy layer on my skin, all temperature readings are lower.

In the picture above, if a house is well insulated, less energy is wasted to keep the house at comfortable temperature. The same is true for the thick layer of Dark Energy, DE, on the outer skin surface.

With a regimen of cold shower every day and the avoidance of red shards of man made steam, one can achieve a thick layer of DE. The benefits are listed below that I have experienced.  Also, DEM is Dark Energy & Matter. The green DE layer in humans is called Leaf energy because the layer is made of individual leaves.

Note: I will continue to add to this post when I notice something new. Read updates at the very bottom for what is new.

Workout: A cold shower is a work out. While showering, I am hit by long strands of Wiggle energy that are hitting my body inside and out. Prior to the shower, I always poop just in case a Wiggle strand causes me to poop while showering.  Proper breathing is necessary or the Wiggle strand can over take your body. You want the strand to go in and renew your respiratory Wiggle strands, but the intake needs to be through your nasal cavities. After the shower, I always stand tall. In the record, the Wiggle energy is pushing your physical body back to the shape of your DEM soul. Yes, it is a workout.

Cold shower water: With a thick layer of Leave energy on your body, a cold shower feels cold but you do not shiver. In the record, no two DE can occupy the same space.

Always warm: I place my hand over my eye socket to squeeze out the DE into the socket area. My face is always warm, never cold.

Wider temperature comfort: Folks normal comfort range is 65-75F. My comfort range is in the mid 40F. I am not sure of the high range, because it is still winter. I will update the post when summer is here.

Insulated hands: I can pick up hotter stuff than normal. I can put my arms in areas that are hotter than normal.

Hair color returns: This I find hard to believe but my dark hair color is coming back on my face and head. I was not sure and email my brother to ask what color was their facial hair, which they replied mostly white. My decision on this attribute may change as time progress.

Nail fungus: I tried several remedies to heal my nail fungus, though none worked. Now, all my nails are healing up nicely. In the record, my DE layer was very thin on my finger tips. Once the DE layer was thicken on my hand, my nail bed has finally grown back to normal.

Damage Fingers and toes heal: I still find this amazing. I had dropped a piece of bar stock on my right big toe thirty some years ago which resulted in a small nail bed. It is now growing back all the way.

Reduced mucus production: Yeah, the running nose is gone. Phlegm only occurs in the shower when I accidentally force water down my throat. In the record, I use clairvoyance to see my respiratory plumbing coated with a white lining of Wiggle strands. 

Facial hair sensitivity: With the increase of DE layer on the face, I can have a beard that does not bother me. In the days, prior to cold shower, my beard would itch me constantly.  Now the beard is inside the DE layer. Most of the time I am unaware that I have a beard.

Hiccup more frequently: I replenish my inner Wiggle energy with cold shower. The excess was either spat out or ingested. In the record, both the red shards and excess Wiggle energy are dissolved inside the stomach's digestive juices. The white Wiggle energy dissolved quickly and cause hiccups. The red shards took around 10 days to dissolve. The the record, I looked at my stomach record while I watched the sun rise and set for the day count.

Any skin issue: I do not have this problem, but I would guess that it would disappear with a nice thick layer of green Leave energy on the person.

Sexual stamina: The current thought is to take a cold shower to kill any sexual urges. Well, it the opposite with a regimen of cold shower and it makes sense why it is true. A human body has several different DE and DM. The wiggle energy will buff up and concentrate those energies and matters. The red energy around the scrotum is condensed by the Wiggle energy buffing during a cold shower. In fact, scrotum and penis rarely feels any cold. It is as through the water was not there. (The stamina was confirm by various female avatars, dragons and golems.)

Butt scratching: Okay, this may sound odd, but I scratch my butt checks often to get out the dead hair follicles. I don't get butt zits often, but there is nothing to get the dead follicles out. So I have to scratch them out. And if I don't get them out it feels like this small shaft jabbing my butt check. So you have to really work, a.k.a. scratch, to get them out. Sorry for the tmi.

Extra benefits:
No red mold: It seem that the red shards latch on to the tub, tiles, and shower curtains. This allow a location for mold to grow. A switch to cold water and the red mold is gone.

Living space mold: This too seem to have disappeared. I originally purchased an air purifier to reduce the m
old in the other living spaces outside the bathroom. The problem seems to be gone.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

2020 April - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

"If possible, we will identify the other bridges that need fixing." Golem Bridge Crashers

April 2020
3rd - Bart was the Avatar of the day.
- The stay at home shelter has caused me to lose purpose. I woke up at 2pm. It time for the alarm clock.

6th - I get sick. I was out for 2.5 day just sleeping and barely moving. In the record, I look at the lungs and see red DM virus. In the record, the virus was missing its DE bubble.

Road bridge collapse in Italy

7th - An Italian bridge collapse with only minor injuries. In the record, the golem group, The Bridge Crashers, waited until there was little traffic on the bridge to let it fall. There are several other bridges that need to be inspected for a similar defect.

7-9th -  hit again by the virus. I will be wiped out for several days.

9th - While watching the National Geographic special on Valley of the Kings, I meet Queen Hatshepsut.
- While watching the National Geographic special on Ramses II, I meet Nefertari, Harthor, Isis

 13th - Updated the post on Venus-Earth law
- I felt like someone beat me up last night. I was sleeping and saying ouch at the say time. I took a couple of deep breathes to make sure there was on respirator issues.

15th - I still have a cough.

16th - Watched "Weird World" and they showed how a killer whale put to sleep a great white shark which caused it to drown in the water. The winning whale then paraded their kill around the human observer boat. In the record, the killer whales had seen it done in a amusement park and wanted to thank the humans who showed them the trick.
In the record, I asked the whales which park it was and would not tell me.
In the record, the killer whale communicated the information via the water comm?
- still working in the 2020 pandemic post when it hits me that we we develop as embryo, we have gill slits. In the record, I am still trying to figure out how I see inside my ailovues a bright white lining, was though it was wiggle energy.
- In the record, while doing a cold shower, I am constant spitting out part of wiggle energy into the tub basin.
- in the record, when I worked out hard, I would always spit. I open the record and see a smidge of wiggle energy in the spit.
- Oh yeah, the Covid virus leave a red DEM energy print where ever it is. I can monitor my own lungs for the virus and see it on stuff. In the record, the DM off the virus red-pink. The DE is black-red

18th - We are not fish, yet our lungs are lined with wiggle energy strands. On second thought, we are fish.
- when we spit, we spit up portions of white wiggle energy strands. In the record, we are constantly renewing our wiggle energy.

- Red wiggle shards get into our lungs via steam and drinking hot liquids.

21st - A Nonprofit called on the phone asking for money. He explained that he stuttered and maybe hard to understand. I listen and he stutters every other word. I mental say, "Honestly, you're not going to help your human." Miraculously, he said the next four sentences without a stutter. In the record, sometimes it takes a human to hear on Earth to tell a Venusian the issue on their side.

24th - I get sick again. This time I was sick over night. And took a few days to recover.

27th - update post

28th - 30th feeling better and I will need to go back to work next week 
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Sunday, May 3, 2020

DEM view: Asymptomatic People

This me thinking out loud. 
I want to get this out so others can think about it also.

I do not think we can every get rid of the COVID-19 virus.  
In a previous post, I mentioned that a pair of neighbors dropped off their virus covered belongs for storage at my place.
They appeared to be asymptomatic people.
Also, I did not understand how it was possible that everything was covered with a fresh layer of the virus. It was fresh because it took 1-3 day for the virus to go away.
If I had to guess, they are producing the virus but at such a low level that its livable. 
How do I know? 
Well, everything they left was red-pink in color, which means it the virus minus the dark energy bubble. 
Also, inside their lung was a red color, but the virus DE bubble is brown red.

Remember the pic below from this post. There is the DEM virus sitting on red shards on a layer of alveoli dark energy. Below that is the actually alveoli. 
Let's say the dark energy bubble of the virus is popped by the red shard. 
Think about it, if it can wear down the alveoli dark energy layer, it can do any DE. 
Once popped, the dark matter virus has to get past the shards, migrate through the alveoli DE layer, then it can make it into the alveoli. 
Both the shards and the DE alveoli layer will take out the majority of the virus provided the layer is thick. 
I would imagine it would be a small percentage that would make it.
Once in, it would reproduce, but without the dark energy bubble. 
Now it makes sense why all their stuff and their lung were red in color.

The only way to defeat this and other virus is to stop the inhalation of red shards. 
I will redo this post later then delete this one.  
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DEM view: Know thy Enemy, COVID-19

"Half the battle is knowing what it is." Pale Dragon King

I watch too much of the virus news coverage. In one news back ground I see a real picture of the virus. I saw the round glob of dark energy surrounding the virus move around like a soap bubble. The energy bubble was elongated, then round, then back to an elongated shape on the other side. In the record, I now see the COVID-19 virus in real time.

In the above picture, the COVID-19 dark matter has a distinctive red-pink color from other viruses. The close up of the dark matter around virus should be round in shape, though the Power Point program created the matter with sharp angles. The dark energy shell covering the virus and dark matter is a red-brown color. As mention above, the energy shell moved like a newly blown soap bubble, where the shape changes are quick.

I carve to drink milk, as though I am pregnant. In the record, milk will grab any of the virus in our mouth and throat and take it down to the stomach for digestion.

For some reason, I now cough twice and then sneeze. I do it without thought. In the record, the cough gets the stuff out of the lungs. The sneeze expelled it out of you. 
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DEM View: Where is the virus?

"Once touched, always in touch allowed David to see the virus." Pale Dragon Queen

My neighbors are heading back East to live rent free while their jobs are closed by the pandemic. I agreed to store some of their belongs while they are gone. They left the bags of clothes on the outside deck to avoid getting a virus infection from me since I am in quarantine. I move their belongings inside and take a clairvoyant look at what I brought in. 

All of their stuff has the virus on it. The white trash bags are red tinted. The table is dusted with red on the top but the bottom is clean. Everything is covered in red. Within a day, the table is virus free. Within three days the clothes bags are white again.

In the record, as they walked back to drop off more of their belongings, I took a clairvoyant look at their lungs. They were full of red tinted virus.
I don't understand how they are able to cover all their items. It is as though they are producing the virus, but they are asymptomatic.

In the record, little did I know, the virus is here to stay. 
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Friday, May 1, 2020

Davy Jones' Locker: Souls lost at Sea

"Aye, it a mighty fine locker to stay at." Captain

Below are pictures from two different National Geographic show about stuff hidden under the sea that I was watching while I shelter in place.
In the record, as the Winchester Mystery House is used to store souls on dry land, Davy Jones' Locker is used for souls lost at sea. There is a Captain that sails the open seas to collect the souls.

As I watch the National Geography show on the Titanic, many folks who drowned on the ship start to wave at me from the ship. I wave back. In the record, the Titanic is one of the safe location for souls lost at sea to reside.

Above is a picture from the National Geographic show about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. Of the 900 men who jumped into the water, 600 die in the water from exhaustion dehydration and shark attacks.

From below the treading sailors, the shark watched both the human soul and the shoulder avatar of the human. Once the shoulder avatar left the human, the shark immediately attacked the human to drown them. The soul is then loaded on the Captain's ship. In the record, the soul needed to be rescue before it becomes corrupt.

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War Dragons: Don't mess with dragons.

"We are here to help the human race. Please accept our guidance." Freedom Dragon

Below are pictures from two different National Geographic show about stuff hidden under the sea that I was watching while I shelter in place.
In the record, when a miracle happen, it was planned.

Above are the remains of Kubla Khan’s Mongol missing fleet. The Mongol fleet arrived on the Japanese coast in the late summer of 1281, which was typhoon season. Khan's fleet were river boat used for shallow waters and were missing a deep kill, which is important for boat stability in choppy waters. When the Kamikazes typhoon hit the fleet, most all flipped over and sank. The Japanese dragon, Kamikazes, which means God wind, saved the Japanese people from the invasion.

The Freedom dragon, (a.k.a. Washington DC dragon), blew the US Army landing at Utah beach off course to secure a safer landing area. The increased waves action flooded the canvas flotation screen of the aquatic Sherman tanks trying to land at Omaha beach. In the record, the Dragon knew the U.S. battleships had not taken out the German gun posts at Omaha beach. The Dragon had looked at the timeline of the tanks and saw that they were not useful for taking the beach head.

In the record, the dragons work with the Mask King and the Soul Collectors as a team. 
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