Friday, June 16, 2017

The Mask King: Human War

The Badge a.k.a mask, The Blood Gateway, The Door, shoulder avatar Ibol (orange) and David (yellow) meet the Mask King - Drawn 2015 October 15

"Through war or peace...I support your cause to seek the truth." The Mask King.

I, my soul, landed by a recent pool of war blood. My shoulder avatar, Ibol's remnant, stepped out of my body and held my hand. She stepped into the pool as we both teleported to the mask cave entrance. We appeared in front of large stone carved doors as ancient as the first Mars conflict. Once inside, I saw a tall man on a throne dressed in a purple gown. Behind him was a wall of mask, literally thousands of them.

Ibol curtsied but I bowed, then showed the Mask King the badge once shown to me.
"What is this?"
"It is a mask."
"The men of conflict wear them to brave the killing of their kind."

I go over an pick another mask off the wall.
"And this?"
"It is a different war mask."
He waved his arm towards the wall.
"These are all the different wars that men have fought."

"You see, here is the problem."
I grind the mask faces together.
"One war may solve a problem, but it starts another war."

I put both masks in his hands.
"The wars have to stop. Until they stop, peace can not exist." 
"What is it you want me to do?"
"Stop the wars." 
"You may say that, but it is not that simple. A Dark force needs to be righted by the use of force. Men wear masks to overcome the cursed one. Until you solve the puzzle, masks will be used to stop him where ever he appears."

I reach into my body and pull out the purple ball Pops gave me to show him.
"You mean this, the schism."
"Yes, until solved, mask are used to staff off his dominion of the worlds."

In the record, the Mask King resides on his throne to govern conflicts of men. The brief time he afforded us took him away from several conflict timelines in his current agenda. The complex preparations to stop the dark advance are decades in the making, centuries for the tools of conflict.

The avatars of the world can no longer turn their backs on human events. Working together, avatars and humans can find a solution that evades the Mask King.

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