Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dragon Task: Rescue of the 4th Horsemen

Top: A Door Planet exist between Earth and a Schism World. Bottom, left to right: The Blob. Blue Dragon Betty shackled in a rock prison. An Ubol maiden on the altar in the Cathedral with nine followers, a priest, and the smiling controller.
Quote: "My hero, my rescuer...I am forever yours." Blue Dragon Betty

Part 1 Blue
Part 2 Blue 
Part 3 Blue is below.
Our first meeting after the rescue on January 4th, 2016

Part 3 begins: 
The White, Green, and Black dragons follow me and my shoulder avatar to the Schism world's Cathedral as I physically step into my bedroom.

The priest stops his chant as his followers break formation on the arrival of four new people in their cathedral. The dragons sing their verse:

"I have come to bring peace to you and your world."
"I have come to free you from death."
"I have come to bring hope for all in despair."

"You cannot recite the fourth can you, because I have her."

"I thought so."

I thrust my hand downward and each finger turns into a 9" avatar blade. I fly out of the cathedral and start my zigzag pattern to find Blue. Within seconds, I find the barred prison window. In a fluid motion, I slice the grate, fly in, face Blue, slice her shackles, catch her with my shoulder avatar, and teleport back to the Cathedral.

"We're leaving."

I looked and saw Ubol had freed one of her people from the altar. We all teleported back to our home locations.

In the Schism world's record, the controller used force on captured avatars to beautify and power his world for his followers.

In White's record, he communicated to Ubol to come and free her follower from the altar.

In my record, I had to trick the controller to admit he had Blue. With confirmation, I used the the Black Hole maidens' zigzag ability to locate Blue. After the rescue, I teleported to my flat and threw Blue on my bed. I helped raise her energy levels to cleanse her avatar body.

In the Door Planet record, sentries were stationed at the Blue door that lead to the Schism world. The door was change to a one-way door. One can leave but never re-enter. One by one, the controller's followers left their world to seek help. The other four doors were not explored but are watched for activity.

Update - 2017 March 11 - spelling

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