Sunday, July 14, 2019

DEM: Homemade Velvet Hand Racket

"I'm so stupid. Of course, it does not work like normal." David, the clueless wonder

I plan to make my own Velvet Hand racket to experiment with DEM, Dark Energy & Matter. I got the measurements and material list for the SF Exploriatorum. I decided to use tennis rackets for frames and order two different tennis rackets, one aluminum and one wood. 
I start to cut the strings, knowing that I will replace them with metal like the original. Half way through cutting I decide to try rubbing my hands on the remaining strings. To my surprise, I get the velvet sensation.
In the record, DEM may be 95% of the universe, but there is a reason we have not harnessed it. It behaves different than the materials that humans create. I thought the metal string conducted the green Earth energy away. Any round string with 2x2 inch spacing will push the energy away from your hand, thus allowing you to touch your hands.

The velvet hand sensation is similar to how a baby's skins feel. In the record, a new baby has not taken in enough green Earth energy to form a harden shell of protection. One way a baby has to rid itself of unwanted energy is to cry it away.

How to make: See pic below for an example.
- Get a wide mouth tennis racket and cut the string.
- Unthread the frame.
- Rethread the frame, by hand, allowing for 2x2 inch space.
- Tie off all strings and cut off excess.
You are done.

How to activate velvet hands: a.k.a. remove the green Earth energy from your hands.
- Place one hand on each side of the racket.
- Close your finger together.
- Rub your hand, together, back and forth until you get the velvet sensation.

Velvet Hand racket strung by hand. 

Update: 2019 July 14 - added link to velvet hand blog. 
2019 August 11 - added a better pic on how to activate velvet hands

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