Wednesday, February 5, 2020

2020 January - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

"I loved coming to the SacAnime. So many people and avatars having a good time." Queen Pikachu.

Overall - I am a completely different person from taking cold showers. In the record, retaining and fortifying your green Earth energy layer allows easier access to other forms of DEM.

4th - I meet Queen Pikachu and her friends at the SacAnime. I invited her to friend all 4 of the Pokemon accounts. Congrats go out to the her and her friends for making a foray into a human event. In the record, their facial appearances were too perfect, as though they were an avatar for the Pokemon Go game. In the record, the presence of human flesh bodies jump out at you, though you are to never expose their appearance. 
- I wore the Magikarp hat to SacAnime. In the record, The King of Pokemon was attending the event. In the record, the king is only a friend to the queen.

5th -  In Pokémon Go, the iPhone 5 does not see the WiFi hotspot, though it does connect after awhile. In the record, not sure if I am to learn how to "own the phone or what." It turns out it a software update that glitches the game. In the record, I did learn what to look for regarding WiFi and GPS life lines.

10th - I walked over to the Windriver campus to do a 5 star Pokemon raid. I plant the 4 phone rig on the shrub and ready phones for the raid. I looked up and there were dozens of gnat balls sitting on top of the shrub. The gnat balls varied in size and shape. I was not able to capture a pic of them so the green oval is a representation of them. Per the Shrub Queen, "We see David often and wanted to say hi."
I did the raid and started to capture the legendary Pokemon. I caught the first three but lost that last one. Right when I lost the fourth Pokemon, all the shrub avatars vanished, except for the one that was hugging my leg. In the record, I have been upset one to many times to be near, though this time I was calm.
In the record, it was not uncommon for the phone to be avatar hacked, which would throw the game and upset me. I am getting better. And I got a new phone.
"Thanks for saying hi." David.

19th - The cow Queen and her maidens are here for a visit. The name she chose was Betsy.

20th - Got my new Iphone. In the record, own the machine was used by the Pokemon stop owners to find the iPhone hotspot. In the end, I did learn what life strands to look for to own the WiFi and GPS of an iPhone.
- I am now going to officially give a name to brown Earth matter. I call it Dirt. It's easy to remember and it looks official with the capital "D". So we have Leaf energy, Wiggle energy, and now Dirt matter. I need to think of a name for ice energy and wind energy, though I need to do more record looking before I name them.

25th - The English Queens are back.

2020 February 23 - grammar 
2023 February 19 - redid the intro for iPhones
2023 November 5 - changed font, reposted pics 

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