Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Avatar process: Avatar of the Day

"Remember, you got one day to be David...and action."  The alarm rings to wake up.

An every growing number of avatars, golems, and dragons want to help humanity. In order to help, they need to become human for a day. Every week a different avatar group are invited to the house to be me for the day, a.k.a avatar of the day.

Everyday, they practice their various abilities: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, and process improvement.

In avatar hack, they get to hack some electronics I use.

For substitution, the avatars become me for the day with a friend along on the shoulders.

With hold, a.k.a catch,, I allow the avatars to trip, pull, or shove me without injury. This has moved from me to other object. Part of the reason are injuries that had occurred to me. The catch was moved to hold for the benefit of everyone. The food containers are a good example of avatar hold.

I am constantly being hammered by the force thought at home and work.

Timeline practice happens when I game online with the avatars. The game is TreadMarks. The goal is to see the timeline to plot the best possible line for the greatest benefit.

We have computers, while avatars have a viewing bubble that allow them to interact with a human at a distant.

For speak, an avatar insert their face in a view bubble, which forces the shoulder avatar to insert their face over your face to talk.

In avatar hands, they inserts their hands into the view bubble, which forces the avatar on your shoulder to place their hands over your hands to move them.

When I am asleep, I enter one of the dream worlds and meet folks of this world in those worlds.

At work or at home, they implement a process improvement to always get better.

At bedtime, a soul tether is practiced. Slowly the avatar of the day pulls out of my body and wonders about with a tether still attached my body in the bed. I know it works because the body is immovable when tethered.

With each substitution, I notice slight changes in my signature, memory, tone, hold steering wheel, etc...they all vary, but only slightly.

Also, Box man is directing the imps to test the avatar of the days.

New skill: items disappear, sounds are created.

It has been decided that the avatar of the day program will continue indefinitely, until something drastic happens to me. 
Cross training is the exchange of energy between avatar of the week and David. 
Well, it moved to many hands and now it is show pony.
2016 January 11 - added process improvement
2017 April 29 Change the Q&A to avatar of the day 
2017 May 16 - added soul tethering 
2017 May 21 - added spacing 
2018 January 23 - added golems 
2018 February 2 - added slight changes and Box man test. 
2018 March 19 - updated Avatar catch
2018 May 2 - changed catch to hold
2018 May 12 - Added timeline goal 
2018 September 21 - added program and new skills
2020 June 14 - added avatar talk a.k.a. telepathy
2021 March 20 - Moved comment to update, changed font, added dragons
2023 December 17 - added cross training and many hands, and show pony

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