Thursday, November 19, 2015

Avatar Hands: Dr. Rice's Miracle Hands

  Dr. Hal Rice, Photo from the Copper Queen Hospital

Quote: There are no miracles...just your avatar lending a hand.

At the Copper Queen Hospital, Jim Hallsted waits for Dr. Hal Rice to stitch his eye brow cut. The doctor's hands shake back and forth as though the needle was a baton. Moments before contact, Hal's hands suddenly calm as gracefully stitches close the wound. After the final tie and cut, Dr. Rice's hands resume their shake.

Hal's avatar and I examine the record to understand the transition to smooth hands. I view the timeline and decide to pastel four records and show the last two below. The first record shows Jim sitting in a chair in front of Dr. Rice. The next record is a location far, far away, where Hal's avatar observes the wound preparation through a bubble viewer. Right before the first stitch, Hal's avatar inserts his face, forearms and hands into the bubble. Hal's avatar is inside the avatar on Dr. Rice's shoulder. In the last record, the avatar bends down and imposes his face, forearms and hands over the doctor's face, forearms and hands. Dr. Rice's hands immediately calm to stitch the cut.

Left - Avatar inserts face, forearms, and hands in bubble viewer.
Right - Hal's shoulder avatar imposed his face, forearms and hands on Dr. Rice, in blue.

I know of a massage therapist and a painter whose avatar's hands aid their work. Ibol uses her hands when I game online, more on that later.

View bubble pic is from this blog post.

Typically, the large viewing bubble are hidden in caves that all Venusian use to track their humans. In the record, the hidden caves were a standard part off the dysfunctional Venusian culture. They are now starting to bring them out of dark and into their homes.
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