Friday, February 23, 2024

2024 February - 5% diary

It's a diary of my normal life, the 5%. Just posting my replies to the monthly newsletter questions between the family and cousins. Dragon comments are after, "in the record".

David --
Who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl? The 49ers. I watched the highlights and it was an excellent game. Watch the last three minute at least. The last play of the game was brilliant. It had to do the other team losing track of the player who caught the winning touchdown. See video.
What was your favorite Super Bowl game? A sport commentator said that the 13th bowl was excellent to watch. See video. As mentioned in the last newsletter, the current football is a clean man sport versus the mud and grass of the previous times.

What do you think of the Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce romance as a part of the Super Bowl? As my cousin mentioned, what a great way to advertise football to a wider audience.

Speaking of romance, who is your favorite love couple as humans? Tay and Trav. as fiction or fantasy? in a book? and why? In the Lord of the Rings book, The Silmarillion, LĂșthien's elvin romance with the mortal man Beren always caught my imagination. I mean, how does that work. Let says I feel in love with an immortal being. I know my soul is immortal. So I guess I would keep coming back in a new body to start it all over again?

In the record, I am in love with my voice, Ibol. She is a young teen girl back on Venus. And she is immortal. I am mortal. How do we stay together from here on out?



What is your favorite valentine gift? Chocolate, because it is likely that she would share it with me.

What is your favorite chocolate of all time? Guittard

What is your favorite dish that has chocolate?
Mocha Chip ice cream from Tucker’s in Alameda which had Guittard chips in it. Most excellent, though I have given up on eating ice cream to reduce my sugar addiction.

Include any football or valentine stories.
Dad was so fanatical about football, to the point that, if you stepped in front of the TV while the game was on he would tell you to get out of the way. This also killed any desire to watch the game since he was so possessed on watching it. In the end, he stopped watching pro football and only watch college football because it was the true nature of football for him.

As always, what is going on with you?
It is raining a lot, which slow projects but allows me to hibernate. The bears got this right.
The house does not have gutters, but I still had to climb the ladder clear the roof valley. It is so nice to not have gutters that the Redwood tree clogs up.
My son holds that ladder as I hooked into the eye bolt for the safety harness.
I am also changing my diet in the pursuit of the best bowel movement. Yes. When you get older you get tired of those every changing turds that are hard to wipe up. With my new Mex-Irish burritos, (see pic) everything is coming out just fine.
Speaking of toilet, I replaced my ball float with the Korky complete platinum kit was easy to install and the instruction video was excellent. The tools were minimum, and it was good to get new gaskets on all the connection points. Stay Dry Everyone.



 A very useful video that explain both ways to open stitched bag. Finally those bird seed bags open easily.


Naughyde link is here.

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