Monday, February 23, 2015

Avatar Thought Impression: Missing Shopping Item

How a thought impression works

Quote: "If you forget an item...just listen for the reminder." Frank Andronico

In a previous post, I stated that avatars were everywhere, deeply intertwined in the human world. The challenge was to distinguish what was human and what was avatar.

Let us use a simple example of an avatar thought impression at a grocery store. I shop at Andronico's Store on Solano Avenue in Berkeley. One of the avatars at the store is Frank Andronico, who was the previous store owner, is dead, and now watches over the store. Let's say I forget an item on my shopping list, but I need it back home. I will get a thought impressed on my mind to buy that item from Avatar Frank. The key part is to listen and not throw off the thought, because the thought impression is ever so light. I often miss read the impression and throw it off, only to come home and realize that I needed that item.

To understand how a thought impression works, my avatar and I reviewed together the Akashic record of the event. In the record, Avatar Frank watches over all who enters the Andronico’s Solano store. When I made the shopping list, I had forgotten an item, which now circles me. As I entered the store, he saw an image circle me that I need to purchase. He wrote instructions on his notepad, tore it off, and tossed it towards me. The impression followed me and suggested the aisle I need to go down. Once close to the store item, the impression bumped the circling forgotten item image into my head. The thought of the item crossed my mind and I said, “Dental floss, do I need dental floss?” Hopefully, I buy it.

Next post: "Why are they called Avatars?"

Update - 2016 April 16 - Location, links, grammar, date is from a newspaper in the record.
Updated - 2016 December 4 - added picture, minor grammar corrections, added more text for clarity

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